INTERVIEW;Dsquared2 Channel – Interview with Tom and Bill

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Dean/Dan: You guys must remember who we are
Bill: Yes
Dean/Dan: And they are rockstars.

Dean/Dan: So..what would be a perfect stage outfit? I mean I don’t even have to ask but
Bill: The perfect..I think the most important thing is that you feel just,you know good and you feel ready for the stage.
Dean/Dan: It’s about shape and silhouette
Dean/Dan: Next question…What’s a perfect day outfit?
Bill:Hmm..I think pretty much this.

Dean/Dan: Do you guys work with a stylist or do you pick what you like.I mean you both have distinctive…
Tom: I am the stylist of Bill and Bill is the stylist of me.
Bill: You know for me…I was kinda free just to be myself and it was always a nightmare for me to have a stylist.

Dean/Dan: Does it take long you to do your hair and pick your outfit?
Bill: Aarrrrrrrrrr
Tom:I need sometimes longer than Bill. I know it sounds sad but it is like it is.
Bill:You know I have always 10 bags with me so I think it’s easy to find an outfit
Tom:Oh I oil my whole body after showering and all that and aa you know what I mean.

Dean/Dan: You both are distinctively different but at the very same time distinctively brothers.
Dean/Dan: You both giving strong look,you both giving you.
Dean/Dan: If there was one thing that you could steal from each others wardrobe what would it be?
Bill: It would bee….your sunglasses.
Tom: Yeah that’s a hard question..I am not really sure.Maybe his sunglasses.He’s not wearing sunglasses right now but he has great sunglasses so…

Dean/Dan: Individuality…
Bill and Tom: yes,right.
Dean/Dan: Dare to be different,free to be and do as you please.
Two fashion icons,two fashion icons.It’s a modern generation it’s a modern era. It’s a but newness,it’s about ?,it’s about opinion
Bill and Tom: Dsquared.

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Comment by K.C.
2010-01-23 10:13:19

LOL now, Dean and Dan are really identical, down to their dressing and voices.

Comment by L.C.
2010-01-23 12:34:54

Lol, Dean and Dan are SO gay!

Comment by Veronique
2010-01-23 13:36:13

And gay acting.. 😛

Comment by stephanie
2010-01-23 13:54:51

xD sunglasses?! really tom & bill? sunglasses? thats the best u could come up with?? dean dan luk slammed…

Comment by SandraCologne
2010-01-23 13:58:12

I bet Dean and Dan are in love with Bill 😉

Comment by Sami
2010-01-23 14:04:33

ya i bet they are in love with bill and my cousin is getting thoughts tht bill is gay now and she is like in love with him he is just modeling because eveyone loves with style and sense of fashion but bill and tom are not gay they cant find the right girl 😉

Comment by MzKaulitz
2010-01-24 01:33:53

Lol! Haven’t you heard? Only gay people can model and have fashion sense. I’m being sarcastic of course, but some people actually believe that.

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Comment by perla kaulitz
2010-01-23 16:18:09

hahaha, those guys dean and dan are gay and maybe in love with bill 😀

Comment by Tonami
2010-01-23 16:18:29

haha :p When Tom said that he oiled hihs whole body after he showered.. 😀 And Dean and Dan where like Oohh.. Aahhh..

Comment by mae
2010-01-23 19:57:18

dean and dan sure sounds a bit of drunk or something..

Comment by aliii
2010-01-23 21:04:39


Comment by aliii
2010-01-23 21:07:25


Comment by Kora
2010-01-23 21:43:58

LOL I like how one of them is touching Tom’s hair.
Dan and Dean seem very childish, I don’t go touching random peoples hair xDDD…sometimes…

Comment by MzKaulitz
2010-01-24 01:35:19

It’s cute, right? Aw, I love these guys. ^_^

Comment by m00se
2010-01-23 21:56:22

he sounds like a chihuahua <3

Comment by Erin
2010-01-24 09:16:30

Awww! I love at the end how Bill is just looking down to see Dean (i think…) Cuz he’s so dang tall!

Comment by Emily
2010-01-24 12:18:27

Awww! I love it. Their English sounds flawless now :] Soso cute

Comment by Sarah
2010-01-24 12:19:43

Does anyone notice that Tom said that he oiled his whole body. He shouldn’t let us create mental image like this, it’s damageable for the brain.LOL Dean and Dan are so gay!!!

Comment by tom luver
2010-01-27 02:10:54

its not damaging lolz

Comment by Mickey
2010-01-24 15:53:12

whats the song in the background?

Comment by HUMANO!D*+:Geisha*!
2010-01-25 18:23:58

lol Bill said arrr! lol but the other two have funny squeaky voices lol but its what gay guys do so its ok lol

Comment by tom luver
2010-01-27 02:09:15

OMG tom oils himself (EVERWHERE)
haha so funny
love you tom

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