INTERVIEW; Bill Kaulitz – Bill Kaulitz: “Eigene Projekte? Klar!”

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“Own Projects? Sure!”
INTERVIEW; Bill Kaulitz - Bill Kaulitz: “Eigene Projekte? Klar!”

At the fashion week in Milan, Bill Kaulitz surprised the music industry with an appearance as a Model. In the Interview with Gala he revealed what this means for his Band Tokio Hotel.

The apperance lasted only for a few minutes, but he could have changed his life with this persistently: Dressed in tight Nappa including a feathery-sleeve, which the Designer-Twins Dean and Dan Catan tailored on the model-like slim body, Bill Kaulitz, 20, opened the Dsquared-Show. A highly acclaimed Performance. And the beginning of a new career?

INTERVIEW; Bill Kaulitz - Bill Kaulitz: “Eigene Projekte? Klar!”

Did the Tokio Hotel Frontman try to shake-off his image as a Teenie-Band-Idol? Max Dax, Chief Editor of the music magazine “Spex”: Tokio Hotel are one of the few Bands, who have the potential to transform and develope themselves. But at the moment all the signs are speaking of a Solo-Career of Bill Kaulitz.” The singer is unique, a shimmering and authentic freak: “He’ll go his way and he could become a figure alike to David Bowie.” “Bravo”-Chief Editor Tom Junkersdorf, who established the Band, also sees potential risks: “Bill feels incredibly attracted to the world of designers. But none of his young fans can identify with him like this.” In an exclusive interview, Gala found out what Bill Kaulitz thinks about his future.

You’re developing more and more into an other direction, away from the Tokio-Hotel-Image, with which you’re internationally successful since years. Does the Band stand at crossroads?
I think that we’re currently at a very interesting point of our career. We’re also getting older and develope. Fact is: I always try to do what makes me happy. My look got more extreme within the years which is, especially for young people, harder to understand than in the days of “Durch den Monsun”.

Is there a strategy with which the Band wants to leap towards a more mature audience?
No, But we know that in peoples minds we’re still a Teenie-Band. It will probably take some time until this will change.

Your Catwalk-Appearance in Milan has been highly acclaimed from the Fashion World. Was this the beginning of your Model career?
Since it was a lot of fun for me, I could imagine to model in the future. But just for fun.

Were you nervous?
I was really nervous. But I’m always nervous, even at all of our concerts.

INTERVIEW; Bill Kaulitz - Bill Kaulitz: “Eigene Projekte? Klar!” INTERVIEW; Bill Kaulitz - Bill Kaulitz: “Eigene Projekte? Klar!” INTERVIEW; Bill Kaulitz - Bill Kaulitz: “Eigene Projekte? Klar!”

INTERVIEW; Bill Kaulitz - Bill Kaulitz: “Eigene Projekte? Klar!”

How did the preperation go? Did you have a runway-Coach?
That would have been nice! Naively I thought that there would be some test runs, where I could get some tips. But unfortunately this was not the case. No, I was thrown in at the deep end. (laughs)

You’re a member of the Band Tokio Hotel, but you’re always in the center of attention. Is there a rivalry with your twin brother and the other two musicians?
Quite the contrary! They’re happy that it’s like this. Gustav and Georg couldn’t imagine to stand in the center of attention and they admire me and my brother Tom, for being able to stand all of this. And also Tom is glad that I’m the stage hog.

Do you have any plans regarding a musical solo career?
I would never quit Tokio Hotel. Sure, there’ll be times where we’ll take a longer break. I could imagine to get some own projects started in this time. But the end of Tokio Hotel? Never!


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Comment by SandraCologne
2010-01-29 11:54:31

Oh, I need to have the GALA magazine !! Amazing photos and an interesting interview. I hope I can still get one as I do not know from which week this edition is….

Comment by Rocky Rachelle
2010-01-30 13:15:57

Bill has a nice ASS.

-Rocky Rachelle <3

Comment by michelle cuenca
2010-01-29 14:44:28

I Love bill but i can’t help to say that he was become thinner than wat he was,:( i mean yes bill has always been thin but not this thin :(I hope he is ok? I no he says he is fine but and i believe him but yea i just really hope he is ok

Comment by jaxx=]luvsyou
2010-01-29 15:24:28


he’s not gonna give up the band.
He loves music too much.

Comment by Trina
2010-01-29 18:21:19

OMG i’m so in love with the third pic

Comment by immy
2010-01-29 20:35:55

” an end to tokio hotel? NEVER!” Yaaaaaaaaaay!!!!!!!!! tokiohotel <3

Comment by Ash
2010-01-29 21:49:25

Good for Bill. I was nervious reading that. I got scared for a moment…the end of Tokio Hotel? I would cry honestly.

I’m glad he said no. Tokio Hotel is a very amazin’ band! I’m 20 and can relate a lot to the guys, but I know many fans who are so young…Haha. Yes, Tokio Hotel is still a teenie band, but it’s cool once and a while to find older fans. =D

Comment by Emily
2010-01-30 01:14:38

I would cry, too. I almost cried just thinking about it. Thinking that there would never be any new Tokio Hotel songs. :'(

Comment by Emily
2010-01-30 01:13:16

I love that one with Bill and Tom standing up. With Tom wearing that shirt with the pink dog on it. For a second, I thought Tom’s nails were painted. Because Bill’s finger looks like it’s coming from his hand. Hhaha. I was like, OMG! :]

Comment by Tanya M
2010-01-30 01:43:43

Tokio Hotel wouldn’t end. It’s Bill baby, his dream come true! I can definitly see him becoming a fashion designer as well.

Comment by RedSkittles89
2010-02-01 10:42:46

I truely Love Bill

Comment by MzKaulitz
2010-02-01 16:35:44

Of course, this isn’t the end! It’s only the beginning. These guys have a lot more to accomplish, and the sky’s the limit! =)

Comment by Balar kaulitz
2010-02-04 07:24:37

Bill is fuckin HOT!!!!!!!!

Comment by Balar kaulitz
2010-02-04 07:28:55


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