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VIDEO; Leute heute – Tokio Hotel at Oberhausen

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GOODIES; Tokio Hotel Avatars

Post by         Avatars credit to AdoraBella && Emcy?

PICS; Tokio Hotel – Bill Kaulitz – 26.02.10 Oberhausen Performance

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NEWS; Tokio Hotel fans? – The best fans ever!

Post by 26.02.10 Brisant Here at Brisant, we notice ofter that stars make fans go crazy, but hardly any band makes streams of fans like this move like Tokio Hotel. Students skip school for a moment, make tents in front of the concert, and the singer Bill Kaulitz is even afraid for attacks on […]

VIDEO; Tokio Hotel Concert – 26.02.10 Oberhausen Videos

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VIDEO + AMAZING PHOTO; Tom and Bill Kaulitz – sound checking

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VIDEOS; Tokio Hotel Concert 25.02.10 Brüssel videos

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VIDEO; Tokio Hotel Performing – Human Connect To Human

Post by Check out this sexy beast, performing Human Connect To Human 😉

GOSSIP; “Tokio Hotel Loser Fined For Hitting Female Fan”

Post by Who the hell goes around punching girls?! Tokio Hotel had been followed for several month by a crazy group of girls who dubbed themselves Afghans on Tour. They continually harassed the band and it officially became enough for guitarist Tom Kaulitz. Tom allegedly punched 21-year-old Perrine D. when she put her cigarette […]

PEREZHILTON-GOSSIP; Adam Lambert, Is That You?!

Post by Ha! Purely For Your Entertainment, kids! The very pretty Bill Kaulitz of Tokio Hotel was looking like the spitting image Adam Lambert while performing in the Netherlands on Tuesday. Truly hawt!!