VIDEO; 02.02.10 Tokio Hotel – Humanoid City Tour – Interview

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Comment by sylvia :D
2010-02-04 11:33:27

awww i new something must of happend to bills teeth for him to get them straitend and tom not aww hope he wasnt hurt to bad…. and awwwww love the eng bit bills soo squekkyyy…. and also lmao at “BILL HAS NOT THE BIGGEST BRAIN” gotta love em XX

Comment by noussa
2010-02-04 13:11:39

I loved this interview!!!

Comment by MexicanTHfan
2010-02-06 18:58:12


Comment by Blythe
2010-02-04 13:11:45

ah poor bill, they’re picking on his brain size =(

Comment by stephanie
2010-02-04 13:30:59

bill has not the biggest brai xD hahahaha i lmao when he said that!

Comment by stephanie
2010-02-04 13:50:40

haha her lips…down stairs…what a dirty mind you have bill xD…SEX TOYS REALLY? wtf im thinking tom really wants georg to cheat!! lmao tom is such an asswhole…i luv it xD…DID ANYONE NOTICE HOW BIG BILL’S PAGgage is when he stands up…yummmy 😉

Comment by Katie
2010-02-04 14:15:21

I now! that’s one-heck-of-a-dick! 😛

Comment by Katie
2010-02-05 13:45:41


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Comment by Jimena
2010-02-04 14:34:49

lol i know! after he stood up i was like damn!

Comment by parmida
2010-02-04 18:48:06


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Comment by kayla=)
2010-02-19 02:41:00

haha i thought i was the only one that would notice that lol

Comment by MzKaulitz
2010-02-04 21:00:00

Lmao! When Bill stood up, it was like “Buh BAM!”

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Comment by MzKaulitz
2010-02-04 20:59:09

I love it when they talk dirty. And Tom is Trouble with a capital T! He is sooo going to get Georg into trouble. XD Kudos to Georg for being a very patient man. ^_~

Comment by courtney
2010-02-06 15:45:34

they may talk dirty, but they are super sexy.

i so wouldn’t mind kissing them in the hotel room, but i would not do it for money,. that’s just wrong.

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Comment by MzKaulitz
2010-02-07 00:57:37

I couldn’t care less about Bill’s money. I want HIM!

Comment by Nyaa
2010-02-04 15:00:21

This was so funny. I could have entire conversations aqround this lol XD I love Bill – he’s just so cute!!!

Comment by RedSkittles89
2010-02-04 15:04:38


Comment by Angel Namerah
2010-02-04 15:09:02

XD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11 this interview was like HILARIOUS loved it full time.

Comment by véro
2010-02-04 15:45:49

very very good and funny interview. TOKIO HOTEL!!!

Comment by cutiepop
2010-02-04 16:12:12

omgzz i wish i could go to the concerts in europe.that interview waz so awesome :)!!!!!!! bill and tom r so sexi!

Comment by Sawrus
2010-02-04 17:35:06

AW, Georg is so cute! “She is the only thing for me.”

Comment by Ale
2010-02-04 17:51:36

Hahah, shhhh Tom!!, don’t tell about Bill’s teeth xD

LOL, the best for the last… ;D
Only Tokio Hotel <3

Comment by Tatianna
2010-02-04 18:40:06

i love how Georg goes along with all the jokes they make at him… WHAT A TEAM PLAYER!!! LOL

Comment by HUMANO!D:+Geisha*!
2010-02-04 18:48:03

LOL that is so funny!! Tom is nasty but everyone likes nasty every once in awhile lol Bill is so innocent its cute lol

Comment by kaulitzmonster89
2010-02-04 20:23:48

omg tom is so cute! hes just making fun of bill and loving every second of it. thats why i love tom!

Comment by Emilie
2010-02-04 21:57:35

hahaha i love gustav at the end! and what georg said about his girlfriend being the only “thing” for him was SO adorable!

Comment by Danielle
2010-02-04 22:57:42

How can you not just loooooooooooooooove these guys ;-)) Tom is so funny, he cracks me up 😉 And Bill too and their laughs loll Goerg’s face when he says his gf is ”the ONLY thing for him” ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh so cute 😉 He’s in looove!And Bill’s ”lips downstiars” comment lollll surprising! Tom’s kind of comment lollll Great interview ! Thx for posting and thx to the guys for taking the time to share with us! The new show sounds grrrreat! Hope they come to Montreal ;-))

Comment by Veronique
2010-02-06 21:46:37

yeah!!! or ottawa!! it would be GREAT!!!! 😀

Comment by SandraCologne
2010-02-05 12:24:03

The funniest interview ever !
Gustav with his sleepy mood, Tom’s showy attitute, George being so calm and in love, Bill very giggly with his cute laugh. His comment “kiss her lipps downstairs” was so surprisingly and funny that I laughed so hard I could hardly breathe 🙂
I also had a big grin on my face noticing Bill’s sexiness at the end and especially all the funny comments from you fans about his “crown jewels” ;-))
All of you and the 4 guys made my day 🙂

Comment by kelsey
2010-02-05 13:09:15

Dirty little boys
ahahaa I loved thisss

Comment by Floret_xX_Bill
2010-02-05 13:18:32

the video is no more ?..

Comment by ifreak
2010-02-05 15:49:26

God Bill is so cute i can’t stop staring at him .. tom too i love when bill says :” let’s see” tom is like : hell yeah i’m gonaa rock the tour .. love you guys ;***

Comment by katiekaulitz
2010-02-05 21:24:13

🙂 i love how tom said “i like nice clotheses. i look beautiful anyway” yes he does! that was so cute!!! i love when they speak english. especially tom! his voice is so cute and adorable! i love how deep bill’s is. and when he stood up WHOOSH there his dick was!!!! eeek XD
when bill said “her lips downstairs” and tom did that hyperventilate quick laugh i kept going back to that! bill was resting his elbow right on toms chest 🙂 so cute. georgs girlfreind is so lucky1 hes so sweet. the way tom waved. (sigh) i just love him. I LOVE TOKIO HOTEL! this interview made my day…again! <3

Comment by Kora
2010-02-06 05:35:32

Dude, Bill was trying to get Georg in trouble.

“So, the girl, its a thing for you?”

……….”the ONLY THING”

LOL Georg just saved himself.

Comment by Tanya M
2010-02-06 11:08:08

Gustav on top of Tom’s egg. That just sounds wrong.

“So what do you do for a living.”

“I play drums on top of Tom’s left egg”

Comment by SandraCologne
2010-02-06 14:58:04

LOL !!!!!!!!!!! What a funny comment 🙂
It is a very special job anyway…

Comment by Veronique
2010-02-06 21:58:49

and when tom said he was superman! lmao! that was so funny! I laught so hard when he said that! it was cute!

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Comment by Veronique
2010-02-06 21:54:26

this is AWESOME!!! Tom is just SO sexy!! I love him so much! hes so chill! and hes talking durty a lot! but I like it! I dont like when guys are too serious… wish I could be part of the gang just to hang around with them!

I love tokio hotel! they rock!

Comment by MzKaulitz
2010-02-07 01:05:52

I would love to hang out with them. It would be perfect. We would have so much fun! ^_^

2010-02-07 00:20:59

i absolutly loved the whole interview~~~BILL, BILL, BILL,!!

Comment by lucy
2010-02-07 02:57:01

haha lips downstairs i loved this interview
tom is so mean and how can u not love georg when he talks about hes Gf ad gustav just their geez i loved when bill stoood up

Comment by Rachelle
2010-02-07 23:06:50

This is what I can’t wait for..more of all 4 of them together!

Comment by bianca
2010-02-08 15:01:03

hahaha at gusti just like shaking his head da whole time in the begining wen tom was pointing out bills mistakes

hahahaha ” after the surgery”…luv u tom n georg 🙂 <3

Comment by Dana
2010-02-08 17:25:17

OMG! Tom is like really hot!
Well they all are!
But haha “The big dildo!”
I love you tom! =]

Comment by freakoTH
2010-02-17 05:24:01

OMG.. during the interview 2, is gustav dozing off???? he went wide awake when bill look @ him.. so damn funny… anyway,forever TOKIO HOTEL!!!!!

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