PICS; hot vacation tokio hotel pictures

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PICS;  hot vacation tokio hotel picturesPICS;  hot vacation tokio hotel pictures PICS;  hot vacation tokio hotel picturesPICS;  hot vacation tokio hotel picturesΒ PICS;  hot vacation tokio hotel picturesPICS;  hot vacation tokio hotel pictures

PICS;  hot vacation tokio hotel pictures

PICS;  hot vacation tokio hotel pictures

PICS;  hot vacation tokio hotel picturesPICS;  hot vacation tokio hotel picturesPICS;  hot vacation tokio hotel picturesPICS;  hot vacation tokio hotel pictures

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Comment by Alyssa
2010-02-07 08:54:26

Looking at both of them makes me sweat (really!). Tom’s looking hawwwwt as always. :DDD

Comment by Bianca
2010-02-07 14:52:48

ikr!………….ther r like no words for da 8th pic………its gotta b the best shot of tom ever………gos he looks so smexi…i luv him <3!!! :DD

Comment by MexicanTHfan
2010-02-08 23:13:27


Comment by MexicanTHfan
2010-02-08 23:13:56


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Comment by Veronique
2010-02-10 20:25:33

I know!! It makes me want to puck

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Comment by zulema
2010-02-10 21:08:39

I know, but there still sooo f**k**g HOT!! <3 <3

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Comment by laiila
2010-02-07 09:18:30

love bill’s messy hair and toms body xDD

Comment by Samiii kaulitz
2010-02-07 09:28:38

Tom is sexxxy as usual<3<3<3<3<3I’d tap that and bill looks funny XD

Comment by leahbieberkaulitzbabyy
2010-02-07 09:28:52


Comment by Sarah22
2010-02-07 09:40:43

And here you can see that Bill is not anorexic. He is only not as muscular as Tom.

Comment by me
2010-02-07 15:07:43

LOL.. totally agree with you.. but how r these picts considered “old”..they look pretty recent to me.. lol and oh man! it makes me upset they still smoke… super sucks! bill needs to take care of his lungs and voice, especially after that surgery, hes only ruining it little by little.. but oh well, hes old enough to know wats right.. buy other than that does any body else notice that tom is more tanned than bill meaning that his hot self goes wandering around under the sun shirtless?? lol…

Comment by Sarah22
2010-02-08 13:43:31

Yeah that are new ones. And I just notice that both are very muscular and not only Tom.

I donΒ΄t know if that is better. Bill muscular or thin.

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Comment by sylvia :D
2010-02-07 10:23:58

woooooooooooooooo bill looks soo hot his hair in that walking pic windswept love ittt πŸ™‚

Comment by Marnie
2010-02-07 10:55:18

Look at the picture of Bill on the chair – NOW do you see what I mean when I say that he’s too thin? Look at his legs.

If you think that’s normal then you either need your eyes tested or you’re an ignorant fuck. No apologies.

Comment by noussa
2010-02-07 11:47:34

I agree he needs to put on weight, but the legs are not the proof, I mean Tom has the same exact thin legs
and I think he needs to work out, Tom was as thin as him and became more muscular with working out

Comment by tina
2010-02-10 20:29:55

true. i wish bill did put on some weight (maybe like 20lbs?!) but most guys have skinny legs tho anyways or they dont really have much leg muscle.

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Comment by kaylie
2010-02-08 02:42:24

yes. I saw these pictures as painful reminders….not pleasant photos. it hurts to see how skinny and frail he is. Tom looks amazing and healthy.

Comment by bang
2010-02-07 11:10:32

okay… im sorry for seeming very disturbed but I am SO HAPPY that they smoke! I know its bad and all… but im also a smoker.. and i find smoking sexy!

Comment by Gabriella
2010-02-07 12:00:13

Not last year but the year before, Bill was much healther looking and not nearly as pale white.

He’s looking like he did back in 2007 when he first when bone thin and pale as a ghost. But still a bit better then the Athens concert.

and omg Tom’s sexy!

Comment by Jojo
2010-02-07 12:16:11

Tom is like an orgasm on legs! My god he’s sexy

Comment by Angel Namerah
2010-02-07 13:12:15

bill is soooooo weak i worry for him =( but am glad tom luks really well toned =)

Comment by mara
2010-02-07 13:41:49

The first pic is so tricky, you can say they almost holding hands. LOL!
Bill skin looks paler then Tom. Maybe he needs more sun.
Now he is a vegetarian, he lost more weight.
Bill go and eat some red meat to gain weight!
Be a vegetarian is NOT good for you.

Comment by angelicamarie483
2010-02-07 13:43:21

but tom’s a vegitarian too. and look at him compared to bill

Comment by mara
2010-02-07 14:05:54

Yeah!, ik,

the veggie weight loss does not work on Tom,
only on bill. that’s why he has to eat red meat.

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Comment by angelicamarie483
2010-02-07 13:42:36

haha tom has the hotter body!! <3

Comment by sylvia :D
2010-02-07 14:06:24

they both look perefect and look okay yh bills thiner then tom but you ave to consider his hight and stress i think when higs calm down he will get healthyerr πŸ™‚ dont woorrie about him he has loveling people around him who will always look afterr him πŸ™‚ e.g tom georg and gustav we have to give them more credit πŸ™‚ xx

Comment by T
2010-02-07 14:27:27

I hate that they are smoking…

Comment by Mikii
2010-02-07 14:36:02

The first picture, I thought they were holding hands.
I got all excited, that would’ve been cuteee.
Damn. =____=
Bill’s hr is really short. :L
He’s still as beautiful as ever though<3, and Tom’s hotttt.

Comment by Penpey
2010-02-07 14:55:36

Hehe same
Ahh sweet XD
Hehe there both exstreamly hot

U have to love the pants!!

Comment by MzKaulitz
2010-02-08 18:20:53

I know! It looked so cute, but then I realized they weren’t actually holding hands.

Comment by tina
2010-02-10 20:30:40

right?! i love the brotherly love idea, just not the incest thing -__-

Comment by alissa
2010-02-07 14:38:49




OH so many DIRTY thoughts just went threw my head!!!!!

Comment by june
2010-02-07 15:03:49

eating meat will not make you gain weight. if anything itll make you loose weight guys. its pretty much straight protein. der. if anything being a veg will make you gain weight since all you can eat is veggies and CARBS. so thats not why hes so skinny

Comment by HUMANO!D:+Geisha*!
2010-02-07 15:24:03

yum..beach babes lol

Comment by Vy
2010-02-07 16:01:11

is bill wearing speedos in one pic?

Comment by Sarah
2010-02-09 19:11:53

they’re BOTH wearing speedos. I’m not suprised for Bill but Tom. I think it’s the tighest thing he will never wear. Btw, speedos are really usual for europeans.

Comment by amari middleton
2010-02-07 16:18:13

omg they look so hot

Comment by GAIL :D
2010-02-07 16:25:03

oh my god major druel fest!

Comment by SandraCologne
2010-02-07 16:38:07

Why do people always shoot photos of the twins even on holidays when they are half naked? I don’t like it because I think especially Bill will be embarrassed when he sees the photos afterwards. They both can nowhere relax and just be the way they are. This isn’t sexy (in spite of Tom’s hot looking body), this is just sad πŸ™

Comment by Rachelle
2010-02-08 18:53:11

Someone took their picture when they were at dinner and since they quickly sold it to Bild, I’m sure Bild got a professional photographer down there in a heart beat.

Such is fame. Now if only we can see some of Gustav and Georgs vacation pictures.

Comment by Xxjaselmen2009xX
2010-02-07 16:38:52

this was like one of my dream! …to see tom topless….but bill..he is starting to look to skinny..i am getting worried….but he will get better! we all no he will…with our support nd love he will get better!

Comment by Tami
2010-02-07 16:43:50

is he wearing speedo………? lmfao
old? when were these pics taken?

Comment by sylvia :D
2010-02-08 11:06:57

not spedos tight boxer shorts πŸ™‚

Comment by laiila
2010-02-07 17:00:34

does bill have a nipple piercing??
i cant see it..

Comment by chuchii22
2010-02-07 17:35:23

ok, annoying things first: these are not that old…and it makes me sad that they still smoke:( i really don’t want them to die or get cancer or anything. good news now!!!! could they be any hotter?????????? i am like literally shaking right now, they’re so attractive. omg. and like i think everyone should relax…yes bill is really thin, but that’s just the way the twins are built. tom’s only so much buffer, because, obviously, he works out. that’s not bill’s thing, tom would be just as skinny as bill if he didn’t. damn, they are just beyond hott. we need a new word to describe their level of beauty. oh, and i absolutely adore their swimsuits!!!:) so cute

Comment by Veronique
2010-02-10 20:49:09

I dont want them to have cancer ether!.. it makes me so SAD!! its not sexy!! and they will start looking older and older.. that meens uglier and uglier! NOOO!! do you imagine bill starting to sing and then start cough when he is at like half the song! it would be horrible! And imagine kissing that! GROSS MUCH! its a total turn off!

but tom is just so hot…, its sad seeing him die and do nothing.. just watch πŸ™

My Uncle die of lungs cancer but he did not nodice and it spread at 3 other places so when he nodice he did not felt well.. it was too late. So he die a week after.. he died at 40 years old. so its like if the twins will die in 20 years… half there age already.

so for me, smoking is a bigger problem then beeing thin(bill).

I love tokio hotel and I want there best.. I really love them so plz bill, tom, stop smoking… its really not hot!

Love you! -XooX-

Comment by adena
2010-02-07 18:50:19

i thought bill would be skinnier than this, actually… he looks bigger than i thought? skinny, true, but not anorexic. newspapers exaggerate. you can’t tell me he’s the only tall skinny boy on earth… it’s just his chicken legs that make him look even more skinny, and tom has the exact leggies. he could gain weight, yeah, but i really don’t think there’s anything wrong with him. being skinny does not mean you have a disorder. some people just can’t gain weight. tom used to be AS skinny and so he probably decided to buff up to get bigger.

Comment by chuchii22
2010-02-07 19:11:48

amen. i mean for real. i know ppl who just eat and eat and eat alllll the time, and they have the same physique as bill. he’s fine:)

Comment by Lisa
2010-02-07 19:14:29

I just can’t stop staring at Bill…He look HOT!!!

Comment by Jamie
2010-02-07 20:29:56

OMG OMG OMG billie looks so hot with his messy/wet/short hair!!!!!!But, he is looking thin. Not anorexic like tabloids say, but thin. Tom too, but not as thin. He’s worrying me a bit with this pic. He needs maybe 5 more pounds, then i’ll be happy : )

Comment by soew
2010-02-07 21:01:56

Bill’s awesome, but he needs to work out with his brother and take care of himself(stop smoking, boy:))His body is strong,and he just needs to realize that soon before he wastes away:(

Comment by Tanya M
2010-02-07 22:58:12

Agree with you on that.
Bill would loook smexy with some pecks. And the close ups from the Maldives Bill looks just as gorgeous without makeup as with it.

Comment by soew
2010-02-08 22:31:45

Word!:) He’s totally divine^^; he just needs to be stronger, not emaciated like this photo clearly depicts.

We love you Bill<3

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Comment by RedSkittles89
2010-02-07 21:13:28


Comment by OLIVAROSE
2010-02-07 23:13:56

my comments.

1. dayum tom. dayum.

2. i wish they would stop smoking.

3. SEE bill is not anorexic.

4. oh no he didnt. BILL IS WEARING A SPEEDO

Comment by Ashley
2010-02-08 01:56:21


Comment by Veronique
2010-02-10 20:56:23

I dont get it, bill is a vegie but smokes.. do you know what kind of thing there is in a cigarette?! so all a long they thought they where vegies but there not! because there smoking, bill cares about animal and if he smokes around them, they will kill there dogs.

(Comments wont nest below this level)
Comment by Tori
2010-02-08 18:53:52

NOT anorexic?
You’re blind girl!!!

Comment by Kelli Lynn
2010-02-08 19:21:36

Hahahahaha ya i wish they wuld stop smokn i hav a bf who smokes nd NO DNT EVR SAY THT BOUT BILL HE IS NT ANOREXIC!!!!!!!!!! nd Tom looks sooooooooo hott i wish i wuz their age nd at tht location at th time he wuz walkn dwn th beach.

Comment by queen kaulitz
2010-02-08 04:33:28

yeah..Bill is thin..super..I just hope that-that was the last time he smoke..coz its not good for him..nd Bill also works out..i watched some videos of Tokio Hotel nd I saw Bill afterwards he Work out and the THstaff says-“Thats enough Bill,thats too much work out” then bill says “Yeah,look i gain a little breast *holds his little breast* ” ..see? he works out !!..

Comment by queen kaulitz
2010-02-08 04:34:38

whats wrong is just he gains weight a little slower but he’s not anorexic..

Comment by Vasimira
2010-02-08 09:10:09

Bill IS verry skinny but anorexic?! I don’t think so!
About the smoking and putting-on-weight thing – let him decide what to do with himself! We can’t do anything to prevent him from anything! Plus he hates s.b. to tell him what to do!
Btw how “old” actually are those pics? And can we find them with better quality?!

Comment by MzKaulitz
2010-02-08 18:32:22

Yep, I agree. And I’m guessing they went on vacation sometime after Bill cut his dreads. Maybe that’s why his hair is short.

Comment by Vasimira
2010-02-09 07:33:34

Yeah sure the pics have been taken after Bill had his dreads cut. But there is a huge difference if the pics have been made in the ealry fall or around Christmas!?

(Comments wont nest below this level)
Comment by queen kaulitz
2010-02-09 20:25:37

i agree !! πŸ™‚

Comment by tom's sweety yO
2010-02-08 09:11:19

IN 6 PIC bill and tom remembers me my cousin and me when we are in the beach and we make Plunges huhuhuuhuhuhuhuh so so so so so so sos os os sos CUTEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!! :):):):):) :):):):) πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ AND TOM HAVE THE SAME FACE LIKE ME WHEN HE COMES OUT FROM THE WATER HUHUH!!!!!!!!! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

Comment by JumbieGirl89
2010-02-08 11:58:08

Way way 2 sexy wow!!!! *Fainting*

Comment by Ash
2010-02-08 16:21:41

The scuba diving pic had me cracking up…xD That looks like fun though!

Comment by nena
2010-02-08 16:52:52


Comment by cutiepop
2010-02-08 18:17:00

awwww it makes me sad seeing them smoke but tom is freakin sexi!!!!!!!! πŸ™‚

Comment by MzKaulitz
2010-02-08 18:21:53

Too much sexy! I love Bill’s hair all messy and wet. He is tall and thin, but he looks good to me. And Tom is burnin’ it up with his hotness. Well, I hope they had fun. I only have one complaint. I hate seeing those cigarettes.

Comment by queen kaulitz
2010-02-09 03:56:01

yeah me too. i hope Bill and Tom would stop smoking for their health..and i dont wanna see Bill sick again : ( .. and he’s not anorexic,, people !!!…

Comment by queen kaulitz
2010-02-09 03:56:33

and bill wears speedos????? omg

(Comments wont nest below this level)
Comment by tinky
2010-02-08 23:02:25

both of them look great but, bill need to start training and build muscle to look like tom. But his body is great.

Comment by sylvia :D
2010-02-09 14:13:21;
hers some more beach pics let me no what you tink found them on this randon site and if i my sy so bill looks fine in these shots looks health as a houres but better looking πŸ™‚

Comment by 7sins
2010-02-09 16:23:19

omg…, thanks a lot…, very good quality…, really appreciate :*

Comment by sylvia :D
2010-02-09 17:23:47

its okayy i wanted to sharee their really amazing and in almost HQ lolll i think bill looks sooo cutee πŸ™‚

(Comments wont nest below this level)
Comment by ashleyyy:)
2010-02-10 19:36:45

I love this pictures! But I HATE that they smoke! ughhh πŸ™

Comment by EmilieMichelle
2010-02-11 09:21:51

Awww, Bill and Tom is HOT ! πŸ˜€

Comment by Nel
2010-02-11 09:53:32

Bill is such a malDiva XDD
He looks almost ugly with the tons of make-up in comparison with his “natural beauty” ,like Georg says XDD

Comment by courtney
2010-02-11 15:54:25

omg i would so love to go skinny dipping with one of them (or both)!!!!!!!!!!

Comment by fog_machine483
2010-02-11 20:49:59

My God! how can you look at this and not faint!!!!

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