GOSSIP; Bill Kaulitz from Tokio Hotel has a girlfriend after five years!

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Post by www.tokiohotelrocks.com

 Bill Kaulitz from Tokio Hotel has a girlfriend after five years.

Translation below

Welcome! Bill Kaulitz from Tokio Hotel has a girlfriend after five years. This headline has two sides: a good and maybe a bad one. The good one is: they are supposed to got to know each other through a fan letter. So there’s hope for all fans of the world. The alleged bad side: Bill is supposed to have stolen this woman from someone, and this guy speaks now exclusively with all his rage in our interview. Sven Wagner reports;

He calls himself musician. Admittedly he looks a little bit like Tokio-Hotel-frontman Bill Kaulitz and he claims that Bill pinched his girlfriend and that in a mean way.

Dennis: “Bill intervened in our relationship. Well, stirred up hatred against me and so on. He dissed me quite badly.”

If this assertion from Dennis K. is really true, then the statement from Bill Kaulitz which he always repeats, can’t be true. In November Bill said the following to the topic “girlfriend”:

Bill: “I’d love to tell something different and to tell the people that I’m in love. Unfortunately it didn’t happen in the last five years. I don’t think that it will happen as well. Actually I’m quite glad about that because I know what this would kick off.”

Since the end of last year, Bill is supposed to be the new guy by the side of Pinky, she is 20 and her real name is actually Wencke. Allegedly the popstar himself contacted her through the internet.

Dennis: “She wrote him a letter two years ago and then he answered last year, at the beginning of 2009. Of course she didn’t believe it first, she thought that it was just a weirdo or something. Until they chatted through webcam and so on and then they met each other as well. Secretly of course.”

Has Bill Kaulitz a relationship with a 20-year-old girl? Or so claims Dennis K. Because of that he’s still cross. But not with Pinky, but with Bill, which he even describes as bad choice.

Dennis K.: “Well, I would definitely have been the better boyfriend, and she knew this at that time, because I could give her much what Bill couldn’t give her, like for example to go out together, to take a walk together on the streets, and all the things which you can do when you have a relationship with someone. Well, it’s not possicle to do something in the public in his case. She could never go through the park with him or yeah… it’s not possible.”

How trustworthy is this story with the stolen girlfriend through the singer of Tokio Hotel? After all Bill neither has commented on Pinky alias Wencke nor confessed to her. But this won’t take long anymore, claims the ex from Dennis.

Dennis: “And then he once wrote in the chat to me that he doesn’t care what she thinks about it, he wants to make it public. He doesn’t give a hit about her opinion on that score, someday she’d like it anyway and that he will do it regardless, even if he told her something different. Well, just… really crummy.”

But now Dennis also has a band. The story that Bill Kaulitz of all people has cuckold him doesn’t come at an inconvenient time for him.

Dennis: “Well, I think she let herself get carried away. I have the feeling that she was torn between us and she didn’t know what to do anymore.”

If PR or truth – with his public blames on Bill Kaulitz he achieved one thing: to get attention.

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Comment by naty
2010-02-12 09:28:53


Comment by TokioHotel4eva
2010-02-12 11:58:18


Comment by Rocker
2010-02-12 12:21:56

okay .. don’t be sorry for such girl at the end she will be dumped by her famous

Comment by Marnie
2010-02-12 12:45:45

Aww I’m so happy :’D
If this is true, Bill will be truly happy!
I also think Dennis is rather good looking 😉

I’m very surprised I’m not really angry.

Comment by kaylie
2010-02-12 16:09:59

yahh, it is starting to seem rather unlikely, but it would be cute if it was true, apart from denis’ part. but he’s cute, I could console him 😉 haha

Comment by Jamie
2010-02-12 19:20:32

me too! i always thought, “The day bill finds a girl, ill be so upset!” but now im so happy for him! im so glad he found someone : )

Comment by vikkix_x
2010-02-12 21:14:30

its not true this guy is just trying attention.Bill had no idea about this >_> get a life dennis XP

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Comment by Kaylie
2010-02-13 14:30:45

me too! I thought it would bother me a lot, but I’m fine…well, i hope he did find someone, since this one is starting to sound a little off.

(Comments wont nest below this level)
Comment by SandraCologne
2010-02-12 12:56:33

These news are sooo old…and sooo wrong…it was just a fake of a stupid girl and her silly boy-friend to become attention of the media and press. I feel sorry for Bill that he must stand such f***ing rumours again and again..and that his feelings will be abused.

Comment by waffles
2010-02-13 16:31:39

u r soo right this news iSSSSS old its confired that shes not bills girlfriend dennis jus wants attention

Comment by MzKaulitz
2010-02-14 19:41:52

I knew that Dennis and “Pinky” were just looking for attention. So once again, Bill is being exploited. This is why he’s still single. How can he possibly trust anyone? He’s such an amazing person, but people just wanna use him to get famous. That kind of thing pisses me off. =(

Comment by toki
2010-02-12 13:27:24

oh gosh, i’d say m fuckin jealous! idk wheather its true o not but i feel really pity for Den 0:
+Pinky’s not pretty at all! what did they find in her? its so embarasiin!

Comment by Kelly
2010-02-12 13:35:29

Okay this is so weird..? Should I believe it or not? 😡 At this moment I surely don’t.. I wanna hear it from Bill if it’s true or not, otherwise I’m not gonna believe it xD

Comment by Angel Namerah
2010-02-12 14:02:13

i am speechless i wud like to hear Bill’s say for once.

Comment by sereena
2010-02-12 14:58:05

omg i cant believe it unless i hear if from bill his self or from tom other than that this can be some scame there are playing

Comment by amarimiddletonam
2010-02-12 15:05:46

if this is true im happy for bill but still im a little mad hopefully this is not

Comment by bianca
2010-02-12 15:06:13

ok 1. idont think this guy is legit cause what he sasy at the ned of this interview is def. not sometin bill would say

2. in very recent interviews he has said hes still lookin for a girl, and he would say so if he did but with the girls permission first.

3. he wouldve been spotted with her by now

4. n lastly if he has been meetin her for a while then y is this guy finally talkin bout it after mths of this alleged “relationship”

until bill confirms it i wont beileve it

Comment by Ella
2010-02-12 15:28:44

If it’s true and she makes Bill happy more power to her and I’m happy for him! Fans can’t think that celebs should stay single and lonely, true fans want the guys to be happy.

Comment by MrsxBillxKaulitz
2010-02-12 15:31:22

I’m not believing it till Bill confirm it. I highly doubt he’d steal someone away and not care about her opionion on making it public. Bill would be the person to make a compromise(excuse spelling). Plus, didn’t this happen like, a month ago with that bitchy chick? Nothing was true about that.

Comment by ella K.
2010-02-12 16:03:31

i don’t think this at all!!! bill will never say that he doesen’t care at all about what his gf thinks!!!!!

agree with me?:(

Comment by RedSkittles89
2010-02-12 23:49:00


Comment by Forgotten One
2010-02-13 21:08:58

i agree. it doesn’t sound like something Bill would do.

Comment by Bethany
2010-02-12 16:08:05

nuh uh. Wrong, end of. Bill wouldn’t be uncaring and such

Comment by Dana
2010-02-12 18:15:33

Honestly, do NOT believe any of this okay!
It may be true.. idk.. im not saying it isn’t!
idk.. but if it’s true i mean come on.. we have to be happy for him!

Comment by ella K.
2010-02-13 16:36:12

right, usually i do not belive interviews [text] i only belive a video interview…okay if it is an interview from a magazine i belive….

and if it’s true all of this i am happ fr him…but first i dont think bill would distroy a relationship between 2 people..is not him…

Comment by Virginia
2010-02-12 19:35:23

i dont think its true,

but if there is a slight possibility that it is true, ill die

Comment by Laurel
2010-02-12 20:27:52

Hmmmmm,WAT THE FUCK!!!!GAH,I don’t know wat to believe anymore(sigh)So frusterating.

Comment by cutiepop
2010-02-12 20:27:52

yeah unless i hear bill say that hes dating this girl then im not going to belive this cauz there iz still no true proof that he iz dating her.

Comment by chely
2010-02-12 20:35:15

OMG this totaly pissed me off when i just heard about this like in a million of years i never thought that bill will do this im sorry to say that poor dennis but he needs to move on and for my opinion his pretty cute

Comment by BillyZiTaZh89TH
2010-02-12 20:42:23

This is not true!
Dennis say that he do that cuz he want more fame for his band or something like that..and Pinky do not even know Bill!!

Comment by OLIVAROSE
2010-02-12 22:47:07


Comment by xDlies....
2010-02-13 10:55:15

Alright, i know some ppl don’t believe it and im sure some ppl might be scared thinking- i rlly hope this isn’t true! But rlly guys, its not true, think about it, Dennis has some band he was talking about- all this publicity can make his band more noticible- what do u think? Kinda like how it was with Chantelle and Tom, her band wasn’t so famous… but going out with Tom- suddenly- EVERYONE noticed her! This guys pathetic xD He rlly is an attention whore!

Comment by tinky
2010-02-13 13:30:54

maybe he does know her but she is a friend and if he is going out with her that was not a great way to get a girl first she knew she was in a relationship and when things start with lyies they don’t last and end up hurting people but i don’t believe this is true because in past interviews bill has said that he wants to give the relationship the full attention it deserves and now is not the time for that since he is on tour and he has said this. I think bill once again will come and be truthfull and tell everyone this is just someone wanting attention.

Comment by Aliya
2010-02-13 14:57:42

i think its fake! i mean come on! really??? Girls…….dont worry about itt! im quite upset with those stupid fakes but im gonna post a video on youtube about this! It will be: Aliya Mas- “Dennis, RUMOR” Tokio HoteL. Comment and rate! tell me what u think 2! dont worry eeverything will be ok! im actually a singer 2!

Comment by Carly
2010-02-13 15:55:03

dennis admitted this was fake
olllllllllld news

Comment by wow
2010-02-13 19:40:34

wow all of this is crazy i cant belive that sum 1 wuld do sumthing so low 2 hurt bill shame on u dennis

Comment by Bailee
2010-02-13 21:42:01

okayreally? nah i dont believe it Bill said he’d make his relationships public cos he wouldnt want to be un fair to who ever she was if he was with some one and wahst so special about her then he would all of asudden start talking to her what makes her so specail and stand out? this is just a guy trying to get attention for his band by blaming Bill for something not true

Comment by PrincessKaulitz
2010-02-14 09:11:56

I’m still lost and confused, i’m not going to believe this untill bill says something…

Comment by Matina
2010-02-14 11:29:28

Just imagine yourself in Pinkie’s position: It’s easy to take a picture with a friend and make people know that he is your boyfriend when he’s not. Then make your ‘supposed’ boyfriend (who has a band and wants to be famous) spread some random rumour about you and Bill being together and him pretending to be hurt, putting the blame on a very famous person… C’mon guys… We all know Bill is so stressed and busy at the moment he’s starting his Humanoid concerts with the band, how can he find time for a girlfriend right now?? And he doesn’t have a private e-mail or something, he has announced that together with the other members on their offcial page. Just think that anyone could spread such rumors and the most ridiculous it that there is NO SIGN, NOT A SINGLE PROOF! Neither picture’s of Pinkie and Bill, nor Bil’s confession, nothing!

Comment by alexandra
2010-02-17 06:06:07

this is getting stupid.first kim that pinky…
i cant talk anymore

Comment by Samantha .V.
2010-02-17 13:14:32

I’m very mad and jealous of the girl(whoes kind of ugly)
The one that SAVED ME is happy!!!!!

Comment by Cynthiaa ^.^
2010-02-26 16:43:42

Bill has said over and over that love is sacred to him so why in the world would he break up a couple in LOVE??? I don’t know Bill like, personally but, from interviews and such this doesn’t sound a bit like how he’s portrayed.

Comment by ashley
2010-03-03 22:23:30

i think this is 900000% fake i mean the dude is in a band i think he just want the press to be around and if it is ture i man a lil sad put very happy bill is happy

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