INTERVIEW; 8 Days Magazine 02/10

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INTERVIEW; 8 Days Magazine 02/10

Despite naming themselves after the Japanese capital, German rock band Tokio Hotel knows zilch about the Japanese culture, so says its androgynous frontman Bill Kaulitz.

8 DAYS: You guys were originally known as Devilish. Why the name change?
BILL KAULITZ: We were really young and just thought Devilish sounded cool and a little bit devil. But it was a stupid name. When we went pro, we wanted a name which makes sense. ‘Hotel’ represents our dreams: to perform around the world, living in hotels. ‘Tokio’ is obviously from ‘Tokyo’, which represents something far away that we’ve never been to, but would like to visit some day. Plus it is a cool city name.

8 DAYS: Are you guys Nippon-philes?
BILL KAULITZ: We don’t really know that much about Japanese culture. All I know is the young people there are kind of crazy when it comes to style and fashion. We recorded our first English single, ‘Monsoon’, in Japanese. It was really hard. I had a coach – a Japanese girl – in the studio, and I didn’t know what I was singing. I just learnt the sounds of the words.

8 DAYS: Bill, with that big hair and make-up, have you ever been mistaken for a girl?
BILL KAULITZ: It’s a normal reaction for people to think that I’m gay or feminine. I’m not bothered at all. I like to play with such rumours. This is my style, my personality. And by the way, I’m straight.

8 DAYS: Are you like this at home?
BILL KAULITZ: I’ve been like this since I was 10 in school. But now our lives have changed completely. In my private time I try to go incognito, so no make-up.

8 DAYS: Are you single because you can’t find a girl prettier than you?
BILL KAULITZ: (Laughs) I believe in true love. I don’t have much free time to spend with someone really important. I’ve been single since I was 15. Maybe I’ll find my big love in 2010.

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Comment by noussa
2010-02-12 09:48:45

the last question is funny!

Comment by Vasimira
2010-02-12 10:42:31

Yeah! =D

Comment by MexicanTHfan
2010-02-12 22:03:57

hahaha ya

Comment by Angel Namerah
2010-02-12 13:54:07

hahah i like the last quetion of the interviewer hehehe too cute and funny lols

Comment by Madalina
2010-02-12 14:44:23

and ofcourse..kinda true….IS THERE SOMEONE PRETTYER THAN BILL??? come on…no there isn’t…ok I know he is skinny and Tom is so hot whit his abs…but I love Bill so much♥♥♥♥♥♥
srry for my not-that-good english 😉

Comment by amarimiddletonam
2010-02-12 15:11:27

the last question was funny and i sometimes think is there anyone prettier then bill lol

Comment by No one important
2010-02-12 15:18:50

He will find his love…. it will be toward the end of this year… after september….

Comment by jaxx(luvs you)
2010-02-12 15:25:59

xD all my friends say that they wouldn’t date bill because he’s prettier than them

Comment by bianca
2010-02-12 15:48:48

exactly proving da damn freakin point dat hes not dating that girl pinkie or watever her name is!!!!

Comment by RedSkittles89
2010-02-12 19:40:56

Bill..I hope you find me…T_T… Im in Chicago Illinois….
I truely Love you..

Comment by cutiepop
2010-02-12 20:36:09

bill iz so sweet ♥♥♥♥ i hope eventually finds true love.

Comment by caitlyn m
2010-02-12 21:16:46

yeah i wish he could find someone to love. someone who doesnt want his money and isnt playing him for fame.

Comment by tinky
2010-02-13 13:41:51

love the comment that he has his own stlye and that is great not to care what others think of you and as for a relationship he once again says that he has had a girlfriend since he was 15 and that proofs the lye of the other story

Comment by MzKaulitz
2010-02-14 18:37:52

Nice interview. Bill may not be aware of it, but he fits right in with the Japanese culture. They’ll go to Tokyo one day and when they do, it’s gonna be awesome!

Comment by stephanie
2010-02-16 15:11:24


Comment by ashley
2010-03-03 22:31:24

i think bill will find ture love when the time has come

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