VIDEO; 18.01.10 Clevver TV – Alice in WOnderland

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Comment by 7sins
2010-02-15 12:10:23

och… cool TH!!!! i knew this for a long time but anyways… TH are playing with Kerli aren’t they?? the song will be called smth like that: tokio hotel ft kerli – strong… it’s how i’ve heard it…, mmm waiting, waiting,waiting….!!!

and 1st comment yay!! πŸ˜€

Comment by sylvia
2010-02-15 13:01:52

its called strange and you can already here it on youtbe lol xx

Comment by penpey
2010-02-15 14:08:53

Yey i love strange it so great!
although i feel kinda guilty because parently it got leaked ..
strange sounded great! ok tell me if u thiknk im wrong but dont you think that it sounds quite like ‘attention’?
not REALLY like yeah

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Comment by ella K.
2010-02-15 19:31:53

that’s what i thought too…i mean it sounds a bit like attention or the begining of in you’re shadow [i can shine]

i thought it will be a totally different sound because is for a movie…but for me sounds like TH sound πŸ™‚ xD

Comment by Emily
2010-02-15 20:13:29

It does! It sounds just like In Your Shadow. I knew it sounded like another TH song, but that’s deffinitely the one.

Comment by MexicanTHfan
2010-02-16 22:00:33

ya thats what i think too

Comment by MzKaulitz
2010-02-15 15:28:37

It was leaked with permission, though. It’s for promotion purposes only. You can listen to the official version here.

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Comment by Iselin from norway
2010-02-15 13:08:33

I saw this video last week or something -.-

Comment by RebekahKaulitz
2010-02-15 13:32:08

I heard the 30 sec clip a couple of weeks ago, and now I’ve got the full version on my cell! I really need to find the tabs and lyrics, although I’ve worked out the guitar intro tabs by ear…can’t wait for the movie!

Comment by penpey
2010-02-15 14:09:43

Oh wow youv figured out the tabs? iwould love it if you could hellp me πŸ™‚

Comment by dead
2010-02-15 13:42:56

i am really upset that it was B&T not TH in the foto.

Comment by W K R
2010-02-15 17:32:35

You and me both!!!

Comment by Victoria
2010-02-15 19:40:12

I totaly agree with you. Tokio Hotel has 4 members not 2!!! But I love the song Strange,going to (buy Almost Alice) just because of Tokio Hotel, If they were not on it, I wouldn’t buy it. I’m not crazy about the rest of the songs on it. But all TH fans should buy it to get Strange to help the Tokio Hotel out!

Comment by alicen
2010-02-15 19:55:41

yeah im also sad theyre missing the G’s

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Comment by Emily
2010-02-15 20:17:56

I’ve decided that I MUST buy it, too. Only for Tokio Hotel :]

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Comment by MsSuziie
2010-02-15 13:56:14

ahhhh they are going to choose..^^

Comment by Immy
2010-02-15 14:06:15

i’ve known this for quiteee a while, but i really can’t wait now for the film. i was really excited anways, but now im like WOOOOO!! πŸ˜€ pre-ordering the album ^.^

Comment by Angel Namerah
2010-02-15 14:48:02

definitly tokio hotel.

Comment by ashlee.freak
2010-02-15 15:36:28

lol yay ! i loove tiim burton … <33
&& tokio hotel (;
buhh lol thiis was on mtv siince lieek, last month.. πŸ˜›

Comment by W K R
2010-02-15 17:32:17

That’s great – but tell me – why do they say Tokio Hotel and only show a picture of Tom and Bill?

Guess they know nothing of the band because it includes two other great musicians!

Comment by alicen
2010-02-15 19:56:10


Comment by kym
2010-02-15 17:42:09


Comment by cutiepop
2010-02-15 18:16:41

is the song going to be on the english alice in wonderland? (ps,
video didn’t show up.

Comment by Tanya M
2010-02-15 18:45:11

I thought it was just Bill not the entire band for some reason.

I’m so excited the tour is going to start soon and we’ll get interview after interview of the guys.

Comment by Victoria
2010-02-15 19:43:59

UH, yeah, Tokio Hotel did this song, I mean Tom, Georg, Gustav played the music like always and Bill and Kerli sang!!! Hello!! LOL Your funny!

Comment by alicen
2010-02-15 19:57:01

same… until i reslized that its tokio hotel LOL

Comment by tinky
2010-02-15 23:37:43

this is going to be a great sound track that i will buy

Comment by emmalovesbill
2010-02-16 16:23:07


Comment by vicky
2010-02-16 17:27:57

AMAZING!!!! πŸ˜€
but why only Bill and Tom in the photo when they say Tokio Hotel??!!!! silly peoples!!! πŸ˜€

Comment by Matia
2010-02-16 19:38:30

πŸ˜€ The Songs’s called ” strange ” isn’t well i received a video that has the full song i actually want to wait for the soundtrack but it just gives you the craves xD (Seriously o.O)

I Heard 1:03 minutes of it *waits for the movie*

ekk the “WELCOME TO HUMANOID CITY” Is almost here Yayyy !!

Comment by Ash|Gato
2010-02-16 20:10:10


Comment by Denise:)
2010-02-16 20:26:47

OMG amazing!

Comment by Carolina
2010-02-17 12:11:29


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