VIDEO; tokio hotel 20.02.10 Luxemburg

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Comment by Boo!
2010-02-22 11:10:31

Was that Tom in the airport vid? He looked strange.

Comment by shay
2010-02-22 13:12:34


Comment by ashton
2010-02-22 14:10:12

ya second
luv you guys bill,tom,georg and gastav
so sexy keep rockin

Comment by RedSkittles89
2010-02-22 19:01:22

Bill..I truely Love you..

Comment by Kourtney-Anne
2010-02-22 19:20:05

Didn’t anyone notice when they arrived at the sirport that Tom, didnt even look up? He kept his gaze down and his face hidden.

Whats going on Tom?

Comment by ☆iiStar
2010-02-22 19:26:31

why are the girl flipping off to them?
WTF!!!!!!??????? are they da ones who didnt get to go or wtf?they jealous haterz rite there, no doubt a straight out bitch, brings shame to us loyal fans, nd its da truth, they acting like bitches -.- i wudnt be doin dat, i wudd be happy for the ppl who went on the contrary (:

Comment by W K R
2010-02-22 21:37:43

They are mentally challenged and didn’t know better. The fans who were normal weren’t flipping the winners off.

Comment by MzKaulitz
2010-02-25 23:08:48

Exactly. Those girls aren’t real fans. They have shitty attitudes, so they are unworthy. U_U

Comment by kaulitzmonster89
2010-02-22 20:19:57

god people are so annoying! they stand there and film them every second they can. i mean the people in Europe have a greater chance of seeing them then we do cos tokio hotel performs in their native continent, but us here in america rarely see them cos they dont come her often. I understand that we film them, but tokio hotel has been to..say Oberhausen 2 times already and this will soon be a third. their schrei tour and their zimmer 483 tour. the people there couldve gone to see them.

Comment by za
2010-02-22 22:04:45

this is so weaird i dont get it is there any guy that like tokio hotel

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