NEWS; Tokio hotel fans: Four days before the concert in Oberhausen

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Four days before the concert in Oberhausen
We shiver for our Tokio Hotel

NEWS; Tokio hotel fans: Four days before the concert in Oberhausen

So this is a Tokio Hotel! Not far from the Köpi-Arena in Oberhausen, 50 fans have already camped to stand in the front row on the Tokio Hotel concert. Which is actually will be on Friday!

Tatiana (16) sits thickly bundled up in the tent and eats cold ravioli, Jessica (17) leafs a „Bravo”, Sarah (15) trails an acne.

Tina (15) comes from Gelsenkirchen with her rolling suitcase. She gets #53 on the coveted list. This fact determines the order in which fans will be allowed to the concert. Everyone wants to stand in front!

Vivien (18) from Duisburg was already with 40 degrees fever in a concert. She travel to Warsaw for the band. Also French and Spanish fans are still there.

And how about the parents about this madness, Iszy Stern’s (17) mother to BILD: „I can not understand this vortex though. But the most important thing hat Iszy goes to school.”

Not all parents are so strict. For many hardcore fans, school is a marginal thing – they tails for Tokio Hotel! Soon, the teens have to move with their tents.

Reason: The owner of the private parking, in which they have pitched their camp, allowed the camping only for the weekend. And right in front of the arena, they are not isolated…

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Comment by kaulitzmonster89
2010-02-25 13:20:32

omg i wish that i could do that. if they ever came close to me i would camp out for ever just to see them. im a fan of 4 years and i would give ANYTHING to see them live in concert. i live in New Hampshire and they never come close to here. 🙁 i still love th though!

Comment by lexy
2010-02-26 02:36:24

well it’s true i live in Bularia? This is soo=… OMG ! but Bill old sweet Bill i want him. not this model in pictures…

Comment by Katie
2010-02-27 06:10:38

New Hampshire? I lived in Lebanon for 6 years, when I was a child… Now I live in Prague where I was born and I can’t wait for the concert on 15th of March xP

Comment by bianca
2010-02-25 14:14:43

talk about the most dedicated fans in the world…..and im one of em:)))!!!!!!!

Comment by Maddie
2010-02-25 20:34:41

they wont flippin come to Toronto anymore like wtf lol I wANT THEM BACK

Comment by Rocky Rachelle
2010-02-25 21:35:12

I wished i could go see them in April 11, 2010 in Rome, Italy the day of my 15th birthday but i live in New York and Rome is ver very far away. PLus my parents would never allow it cuz they’re tooooooooo PROTECTIVE! I LOVE TOKIO HOTEL 4EVER!!!!!!!!!OCTOBER 02, 2009

-Rocky Rachelle

Comment by Teresa
2010-03-06 16:46:28

i hear you girl! my parents are the same! :/

Comment by MzKaulitz
2010-02-26 00:03:22

Yeah, they’re some dedicated fans. I would love to do that with my friends. Hopefully they’ll come to LA and all of my dreams will come true. There’s one really big dream that I doubt will come true, but here’s hoping! XD

Comment by preeti
2010-02-26 13:34:56

wow! i wish tokio hotel comes to INDIA to perform……….
would travel N-S-E-W any where doesnt matter 😀

Comment by preeti
2010-02-26 14:58:56

Tokio Hotel is my favourite band…….
i wish someday they come to INDIA 😀
North, South, East, West… doesnt matter!
i will travel to see them LIVE *yipeee* 😀 😀

Comment by Emily
2010-02-26 21:49:04

Yes, of course everyone wants to stand in the front row. I always said that if I didn’t get to be in the front row, I’d be very upset, with my bad eye sight and all. But, anywhere’s better than not at all, :]

Comment by Prittykitty
2010-02-28 04:11:39

How fun! What true fans they are! I’m sure we all would be following them too if we could!

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