VIDEO; 22.02.10 Tokio Hotel Luxemburg – Esch Alzette

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Comment by lindseeey
2010-02-25 13:15:36

can’t wait for a concert DVD!!

Comment by Ash
2010-02-26 22:02:06

Agree =]

Comment by Kelly
2010-02-25 13:21:57

Oh my god O_O that’s so not fair! They did German songs in Luxembourg? Why did they only sing one song in German in The Netherlands ): They only did Humanoid in German.. and it was acoustic lol, that was a shame too (a) oh well,, better luck next time I guess!

Comment by bianca
2010-02-25 14:27:02

hate to say iit but i think therye becoming to commercial….but then again it could b the quality of the video……….yeahhh toms singing =)

Comment by Lufii
2010-02-25 18:33:01

One thing’s for sure, Bill can’t ‘lauf’ anywhere in those trousers…

Comment by fog_machine483
2010-02-25 21:40:38

Watching this just put a gigantic grin on my face =D
I am literally getting chills!!!!!!!
Tom’s little strut on Dogs Unleashed is phenominal!!!!
10’s 10’s across the board

Comment by Sami
2010-02-25 22:47:04

o.o *dies* ok… ok ok… thats it! Tokio Hotel …no…BILL is the reason i SHALL go to the ER cuz of heart failure if i watch this again…too SEXI! I feel like my heart is gonna pop from beating too fast XPPP

anyone agree??? lol XP (no offense those who ACTUALLY went to the ER for that >.<…figure of speechhhhh dont hurt me!!)

Comment by MzKaulitz
2010-02-26 02:01:07

I was getting a wee bit too excited while watching this. And these are just videos. If I was lucky enough to actually see that live, I’m pretty sure I would have a coronary by the end of the concert. I think it was phenomenal! They really know how to put on a show, especially Bill.

Comment by Kaylee
2010-02-26 00:46:42

Ahh i wish he would puff up the mohawk it looks so much better when its up! Ahh still awesome though 🙂

Comment by Ashleyyy:)
2010-02-26 16:16:33

So….I got excited watching these vids just like you guys and I wasn’t even there…ugh I wish I was though :/

Comment by Sandra
2010-02-26 17:35:56

they are coming to Sweden 4 march!<3 on wednesday, i love you guys für immer und ewig<3!

Comment by RedSkittles89
2010-02-26 20:37:29

aww..i wished i was there…T_T………..

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