VIDEO; Leute heute – Tokio Hotel at Oberhausen

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Comment by Kelly
2010-02-28 12:01:37

what were they showing the NYC signing for?!?!? im so curious because i was there!!. ahh. WE NEED A TRANSLATION!!!!!

Comment by Iselin from norway
2010-02-28 13:24:43

TRANSLATIN please! 😀

Comment by W K R
2010-02-28 13:35:52

Is that pronounced Loot Hoot?
If so, it’s sounds funny

Comment by Lufii
2010-03-01 12:09:45

It’s pronounced Loy-ta hoy-ta

Comment by Maddie
2010-02-28 15:33:24

holy moly!!! Tom looks hot! he’s workin that scarf

Comment by Veronique
2010-03-02 19:40:53

hell yeah!!!!

Comment by Rocky Rachelle
2010-02-28 20:11:15

We NEED the translations.

Comment by cutiepop
2010-03-01 15:51:05

i can’t understand!!!!i know very little german. 🙁

Comment by Leanna
2010-03-01 21:41:19

Bill says he has a girlfriend, finally but they aren’t serious yet and mostly communicate by text message.
Tom joked they will marry soon.

Comment by lucia
2010-03-01 22:46:20

!!!! O_o

what you say?? BILL HAVE GF already


Comment by kimsela
2010-03-02 15:17:31

no that is not what they have said. they talk about the musik and the first time they come to back to america was in the new york signing. and of course , the bodyguards.

Comment by MzKaulitz
2010-03-01 23:10:00

Goodness, Bill is stunning! I love what he’s wearing. How can a person be so beautiful? But yeah, I wanna know what they’re saying. I think they mentioned America, and I wanna know why.

Comment by anonym
2010-03-02 13:07:13

leute = people
heute = today

Comment by RedSkittles89
2010-03-02 13:20:56

Translaton Please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Comment by Cory
2010-03-02 16:35:48

yada yada yada, Bill can’t find love being so famous, but his twin can and does on a regular basis. The G’s stand and say nothing like under orders to keep their mouths shut.

I want a more entertaining interview!

Comment by mily of kaulitz
2010-03-02 18:36:36

plis ¨? no entiendo ¿ se algo en el aleman pero no mucho=( deberia traducirlo plisssssssssssssssssssssss tom kaulitz ich liebe dich………..

Comment by mily of kaulitz
2010-03-02 18:43:05

tom ich liebe dichhhhhhhhhhhhhh:::::::::::::: mily und tom

Comment by nena
2010-03-05 18:17:15


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