VIDEO; Tokio Hotel Backstage meet and great video

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Comment by Marnie
2010-03-04 13:25:03

Pahaa, they’re not very friendly or talkative are they? You’d think they could just smile a little or hold a basic conversation.

Comment by soew
2010-03-04 23:20:58

hahaha–i know–awkward^^

Comment by Rocky Rachelle
2010-03-05 21:47:39



-Rocky Rachelle

Comment by th_stine_norway
2010-03-04 15:02:02

hehe de var ikke så snakke glade nei XD

Comment by Siv Kaia from Norway
2010-03-04 15:46:24

I wish that I could be there and get an autograph D:

Comment by cutiepop
2010-03-05 15:37:05

me too. 🙂

Comment by shannon
2010-03-04 15:57:30

Wow, that was kinda stupid. i mean i love the band and all and theyre SO TALENTED AND AMAZING but…you’d think that they would interact more with their fans? I mean, they’re not GOD or anything. IDK, it kinda makes me mad because they act kinda high and mighty

Comment by Stephanie
2010-03-04 17:01:35

Wow aki en Mexico si fueron super buena ondaa yo creo q algo tenian normalmente no son asi Bill siempre es al mas talkative and he smiles a lot!!!

Comment by Levanna
2010-03-04 17:35:47

WOW seriously!!! At the end the girl told gustac hi and all and he didnt even say crap!!! You guys it does not hurt to smile!!! Especially for your fans which ADORE YOU!!!! 😛

Comment by Leila
2010-03-04 17:40:00

It’s so quiet . . .

Comment by Amanda Lapthorn
2010-03-04 23:08:35

Yeah it is kind of quiet. But the reason is that they are in awe of Bill’s beauty.

Comment by Veronique
2010-03-09 16:05:30

let me correct you they are in awe of Tom’s beauty 😀

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Comment by Trina
2010-03-04 21:43:34

i know, nd how does she manage to keep the camera so steady, im shocked, id prolly drop it as soon as they came to me and ruin the savory moment, actually id prolly drop dead as soon as i seen bill or tom’s foot come throught the door….who’s with me?

Comment by kt.k
2010-03-04 23:54:27

haha I’m with ya 100%. I would just add pee in my pants if he stands in front of me. I would also babble hahahaha! xD

Comment by Emily
2010-03-05 21:58:07

Hahaha! Just their foot? Yea, probably me, too :]

Comment by Veronique
2010-03-09 16:09:42

Me too! I think just by the thought of seeing Tom that I would drop dead!.. lol Tom walks throught the door and you just see me.. dead on the floor!! bahaha!

Comment by Katie
2010-03-05 09:35:55

Georg’s “bitteshon” is sooooo cute xP

Comment by Claudia
2010-03-05 15:36:33

It’s so awkward……You would think that they would say at least like a “How are you” type of thing, that kinda bothers me, but I still love them, and would probably faint if this happened to me.

Comment by stephanie
2010-03-05 17:24:38

haha…i would make them talk to me…i would be like hey bill i wanna get my tongue pierced did ur tongue really get swollen when you got it pierced and if he just walked away i would follow em down the line and be like so when are you gonna put your mo hawk back up…u all rock man! WOO HHOO!! XP haha that should get em teh talk

Comment by Emily
2010-03-05 21:58:48

AAAAHhhhhhhhh!!!! Hah :]

Comment by Lena
2010-03-06 07:35:14

Bill and Tom smiles, but I never see George ang Gustav smile or talk anymore, dont they like being in Tokio Hotel now? Im sure that if they would talk and smile more, they would be more popular and do more interwiews to. Or maybe they dont want to..

Comment by Lena
2010-03-06 07:48:56

I would be like “HEEELOOO!:D:D:D!!” and asked them a lot of questions, then Georg ang Gustav had to say hi. Bill and Tom says hi and smiles, but Gustav and Georg never talk or smile anymore, dont they want to be apart of Tokio Hotel? They would be much popular and do more interwiews if they talked and smiled more.

Comment by Sandra
2010-03-08 03:54:15

hahaha i love how they say “dankeschön” and Georg went and after a sec like “Bitteschön” hahahahah 😀 they are soo cute, <3

Comment by Stephanie
2010-03-08 17:46:51

Theyre not like that maybe they had a bad day or they are very tired cuz in Mexico city they were very gentle , smiley, and talkative 😀

Comment by Veronique
2010-03-09 16:13:01

Luckyyy! They like NEVER come to ottawa!!! I just wish they would!

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