NEWS; Tokio Hotel Concert – St.Petersburg cancelled yesterday!

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NEWS; Tokio Hotel Concert - St.Petersburg cancelled yesterday!

The St.Petersburg show with Tokio Hotel was cancelled yesterday 08.03.10

Due to a very material contractual breach and violation by the local promoter, it was not justifiable to perform the St. Petersburg concert yesterday. The band had tried everything to make the show happen, but with no luck! Tokio Hotel are feeling sorry for the fans, but the situation left them no other option.

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Comment by stuff-ul
2010-03-09 07:36:47


Comment by Candie
2010-03-09 07:43:46

so sad…. πŸ™

Comment by bang
2010-03-09 07:44:38

why was it cancelled?

Comment by Nel
2010-03-09 08:17:37

How sad and obcene.They’re ready to leave 30 000 ppl in the rain for a couple of fucking euros.

Comment by a
2010-03-09 11:07:55

Who said it had anything to do with money?

Comment by MrsxBillxKaulitz
2010-03-09 18:59:02

Cool your jets. They never said it was for money.

Comment by Nel
2010-03-12 07:50:31

something with the conctract was wrong-what else,if not money?
security is something UMG should take care of,not Russia πŸ˜‰

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Comment by MKT
2010-03-09 10:02:47

They said it wasn’t safe.
Look, the band try their best to get show on but
it didn’t work
so….. but don’t worry
it won’t be the end of TH.
As long as we the fans believe in them,
they will always be there.
Ich <3 Tokio Hotel

Comment by W K R
2010-03-09 15:14:29

Who said it wasn’t safe?

Two stories so far are:
-Band said it’s a problem with the venue managers

-The venue said Bill was really sick.

Haven’t heard the “wasn’t safe” story yet.

The stage was completely together and rehearsal completed according to fans who where there.

Comment by a
2010-03-09 15:54:38

This is what I was talking about. So many people are speculating it’s driving me nuts!!! I’m going to trust in TH and know is was a contract breach. I don’t think anyone was sick, my god, they would have said that was the reason if that was the case! Why would they travel all the way there, set up, only to pack up and leave? What they have told us is all ANY OF US KNOW! Anything else you read is rumor or specualtion. I am sure they will further explain in time so please just support the boys.

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Comment by Rocky Rachelle
2010-03-09 20:13:53

YES i completly agree wiht u as long as we believe in them everything will be okay. SUX FOR THE FANS OVER THERE . HOPEFULLY TH CAN MAKEIT UP TO THEM WITH ANOTHER CONCERT.

-Rocky Rachelle

Comment by mrskaulitz
2010-03-09 10:50:29

oh dear, this is sad :S

Comment by Sonik
2010-03-09 11:17:25

How disappointing. I feel so sorry for the fans.

Comment by Coral
2010-03-09 13:01:07

That’w what the official site says, but at the concert they said one of the boys were sick.

The stage was completely set up and ready to go according to the people who were there.

Some are saying it’s because less than a third of the tickets were sold, but the guys knew how many seats were sold well in advance of setting up the stage so that can’t be the reason. And being a massive venue I doubt they expected it to be full.

Everyone is reading into it, but the best explaination is exactly what Tokio Hotel said the reason was.

Comment by W K R
2010-03-09 15:15:30

One site I read said the concert was almost completely sold out.

Comment by shay
2010-03-09 13:14:05

i heared that bill is sick…whatever happened i wish it gets better

Comment by logan(A GIRL)
2010-03-09 13:24:52

wow lots of people are sick nowadays

Comment by Bethany
2010-03-09 15:45:53

Wow, so many different stories. Well, whichever is true, I just hope for the best : )

Comment by Sandra
2010-03-09 15:50:37

No worries. There are already videos up of the boys arriving in Moscow for the next show. So alls good.

Comment by stephanie
2010-03-09 15:53:07

THE REAL STORY IS BILLI WAS SICK AND LIKE THROWING UHP EVERYWHERE!!! ITS IN HIS BLOG ON HIS FAN EMAIL…he tried convincing every1 it was just nervous stomach so they had him drink chicken broth and eat crackers but he just threw those uhp to… =/ its sucks i no…i just hope this doesnt mess uhp humanoid city ='(

Comment by a
2010-03-09 15:57:16

Oh lordy, where did you read that?

Comment by Sandra
2010-03-09 17:14:20

He doesn’t have a blog or fan email. That’s a poser!!

Comment by Rocky Rachelle
2010-03-09 20:15:30


-Rocky Rachelle

Comment by Patti
2010-03-09 15:54:15

im confused they canceeled thier concert cuz bill wuz sick ?

Comment by karla
2010-03-09 17:16:50

omgg i am sick of the same thing this very moment. My mom is making me eat soup and crackers but they keep coming up. πŸ™

Comment by Tanya M
2010-03-09 17:28:30

Hopefully the next show will go ahead as scheduled, because the cancelled show and the one in Moscow are both by the same promotor “Top Concert”.

It may have just been the promoters covering for themselves, when they blamed the cancelled concert on an illness.

Now they aren’t saying anything of an illness, but it appears any difference between the promoter and band have been ironed out as Top Concert stated the Moscow show will be fine.

Comment by Trina
2010-03-09 17:43:48

mann i feel sorry for the people who spent night and day over there waiting for the concert that was doomed to failer, i can’t even imagine the sadness they must be feeling

Comment by Veronique
2010-03-09 17:58:29

I would be crying my ass off!

Comment by Krissy
2010-03-11 17:09:02

i would too… hopefully they’ll make it up somehow..

Comment by MrsxBillxKaulitz
2010-03-09 19:03:30

I would be sooo sad though. I believe Tokio Hotel. They love all their fans and they wouldn’t do it for money. So people just chill out. Bill may have been sick, we don’t know. Concerts get cancelled. We don’t want his voice gettin hurt again, do we?

Comment by a
2010-03-09 19:30:18

They are in Moscow ready to rock!!!!! I’m so happy for everyone!!!

Comment by Maddie
2010-03-09 19:33:50

awww thats sad…. I want them to come back to Toronto πŸ™‚ plz

Comment by Emily
2010-03-09 19:52:52

Yea, I feel sorry for the fans that were going to be at that concert. Hopefully they can get a refund, or better a concert redo. At another time I suppose it would have to be. But, that’s better than nothing.

Comment by Tokio Jax
2010-03-09 22:24:51

I have managed a small local band in my home town.
I know about contract breaches. Contract breaches usually end in lawsuit, but can be sometimes settled outside of court for monetary or non-monetary remedies.

If the venue breached the contract, the band is advised not to perform until the contract disagreements are settled.
It is not wise nor safe to perform if the venue has breached the contract. If anything happens in a breach situation — band/crew/fans get hurt, food poisoning, technical problems, stage or structure collapse, or any other issue or problems — then liability and the person identified as responsible for these problems get difficult to identify or pin blame on.

A simple silly example (that actually happend to us):
A club under renovation contracted my band to play, stating in contract all renovs will be done by play date. It wasn’t. I told the band not to play due to unsafe conditions. They played anyway instead of listening to me and falling back on the contract. One of my nimrods got hurt kind of badly backstage and another one fell off the stage (although that one WAS funny!).
Venue argued the band shouldn’t have played as the venue wasn’t safe and they knew it/I told them as such. Band argued that property liability insurance and breach of contract should offer remedy. It was a convoluted mess that was eventually settled.

TH did the righ thing by not playing. They probably tried their best to get it settled down to concert time, but they couldn’t. TH is big time, unlike my local garage band. They are obligated NOT to play when a contract is breached. They have a BIG record company behind them, and if they say don’t play, then they won’t.
In the big leagues, money IS involved. This is their career. Fans are important but so is the money. Contract breaches always involve more factors and legal issues beyond money. Trust that TH did the only thing they could in that situaion. If that was the situation…

Comment by Natalia
2010-03-09 23:15:39

I heard that TOm was in crutches, but I don’t really think so! I think it was because of the reason the official site said. Some other people say that Bill is sick, but I don’t think so either! I Bill & Tom were sick, they would’ve tell! I don’t believe their sick, but who knows!

Comment by Coral
2010-03-09 23:42:04

Can the fans use their tickets for the Moscow show?
The offical site says they’re in Moscow and ready for the show.

Is Moscow far from St. Petersburg? TH should offer them free transportation if it’s not too far. It’s a big arena so maybe theres room for everyone.

Comment by Yeah Baby
2010-03-10 00:37:39

Sorry for the missed concert guys.
My friends and I were having wild sex with all four of the guys. (Georg’s girlfriend loaned him to me for the evening)

Comment by delilah royal
2010-03-10 08:16:50

i hope its not bill i will be upset i wish i was there to take care of him but i hoping its not bill

Comment by kiby483
2010-03-10 10:34:36

The concert wasn’t sold out. They sold 3500 tichets but the palaces were 11000. Bill and Tom are not sick there is a video in which they are going in tour bus.They are as normally.In Italy the concert of March 2008 was cancelled two weeks before because of Bill trouble. It was sooooooo sad. I think to poor fans that were already into the arena.

Comment by tammy899
2010-03-10 10:45:23

awwww thats sooo sadd i feel badd

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