NEWS; Moscow show – Cancelled as well?

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The Tokio Hotel Concert in Moscow has been cancelled! .. How sad πŸ™

NEWS; Moscow show - Cancelled as well?

“The local promoter has once again materially breached and violated the contract. Under these given circumstances, it is not possible for us to let the band play the show in Moscow. The band has now brought all meet and greet winners to their Hotel, and met their fans there. After giving autographs to the waiting crowd outside of the Hotel, Tokio Hotel had to leave Moscow. Our heartfelt apologies to all Russian fans and the band”.

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Comment by a
2010-03-10 10:27:16

That sucks! Maybe they will get to party is Moscow after all, the next show isn’t until the 14th. πŸ™

Comment by Rocky Rachelle
2010-03-12 17:46:20

I feel bad for the fans and as well for the guys (tokiohotel). I wonder if this is the real reasoin or if they are hiding something. Wat ever it is i hope everything gets fixed.

-Rocky Rachelle

Comment by MexicanTHfan
2010-03-27 18:29:35

he sweating:O

Comment by concertchk
2010-03-10 10:53:46

I feel bad for the fans.. that didn’t make the St. Petersburg one thinking this one was going to happen… omg!! unreal..

Comment by mrskaulitz
2010-03-10 12:12:27

oh my this is really sad :/

Comment by emelie
2010-03-10 13:12:10

ohh :/ Feel bad for the fans, but it isnt the guys fault..

Comment by Blythe
2010-03-10 14:18:25

how was the contract breached???

Comment by kate bandurina
2010-03-10 14:24:24

It was so cruel……..some of fans have been waiting near olympic stadium since early morning (there was so cold)
but our last hope died when organisators saud that guys left Moscow…..
8 people won meet&greet( and me too) but we didnt see the gyus, it was cancelled too((

Comment by Rocky Rachelle
2010-03-12 17:48:01


Comment by Sully666
2010-03-10 14:39:10

omigod…this is horrible….and that picture makes me really sad!

Comment by stephanie
2010-03-10 15:16:29

this is fucking absurd!!! why cant they just follow there fucking contract!!! im fucking tired of people thinking tokio hotel is just a joke!! i bet if it was nevershoutnever they would make sure they performed!! T_T i hate this!! i luhv TH so much and i hope like me the other fans understand and dont turn there backs on TH…

Comment by Lisa L
2010-03-10 15:22:55

I hope the cancellations stop b’c this REALLY sucks! People need to fulfill their promises b’c if this keeps up some might think badly about Tokio Hotel and blame them for the shows not happening. >_<

Comment by W K R
2010-03-10 21:38:17

The promotor Top Concert was only handling these last two shows I think, so there shouldn’t be problems with the next shows.

Comment by Angel Namerah
2010-03-10 16:06:08

that is just so sad srsly i mean imagine u wait so long and some one just makes the show not happen its so heart touchingly sad i feel sorry too am rlly sorry my russian tokitos *cries for them in a tiny kittys voice*

Comment by Maddie
2010-03-10 16:38:35

aww thats sad πŸ™ they won’t come to Toronto anymore

Comment by SmolderingAshes
2010-03-10 17:10:49

I feel terrible for the fans that were affected by the cancellations, but we all know that it was not the fault of TH …they would never do something like this to their fans. We know better! TH forever!!

Comment by noussa
2010-03-10 17:37:43

this promoter is really dumb to make sth like this to Tokio Hotel
poor fans and the boys too

Comment by HUMANO!D:+Geisha!*
2010-03-10 18:35:32

damn..pretty soon i think more shows are going to be cancelled that really sucks the band is NOT for the blame they have done so much to try to save the shows.

Comment by shugah
2010-03-10 19:07:39

noooooooooooooo! don’t stop believn’.
I love you!

Comment by bEe
2010-03-10 20:41:16

aAAawww tHat wAs sO saD.. πŸ™

wE aLL knOw TH hAs nOthinG tO dO wiTH iT.. πŸ™

pOor ruSsian fAns anD tHe bOys aS weLL..

Comment by sahara
2010-03-10 20:55:59

sound like TH needs a new managment team this is off the promoters website:

Moscow concert is happening. Why we announced that one of the band members was ill? Security asked us to, for people to leave the venue safely. What really happened to the guys is whole different question. I’d like to not discuss it right away, a little later.

As you know the band went to Moscow, so everything is good with the contract and the mysterious violence is not true (I have no idea what he’s referring to.)

Actually even the whole European tour cancellation was discussed.

I wouldn’t come out and rule it all the promoters fault, the managment played a big part in this thing to.
I hope the boys, can figure stuff out its not fair to the fans.

Comment by W K R
2010-03-10 21:36:37

It’s that promotion company ‘Top Concert’ that handled both shows.

Sounds like one of those situations where the local promotor at the last minute, feels justified in asking for more money and skews the meaning of the contract to back them up.

It’s a sneaky business move that borders on black mail, to wait until the last minute hoping the band won’t say no since so many fans are waiting.

If that’s the case, I’d rather the band cancel than deal with greedy promotors. Don’t think they’d enjoy doing a performance while losing money instead of making it under those circumstances either.

Still, it’s really nice of them to keep the Meet and Greet with the fans.

Comment by KatyBlackCandy
2010-03-11 00:35:06

Gyus ! meet&greet was not for all winners( i won but i didnt saw guys(((((

Comment by lexy
2010-03-11 04:04:15

This is so sad! I want they come here in Bulgaria!

Comment by T.T.
2010-03-11 10:36:47

how it get cancelled during the performance????????????????

was the tokyo hotel were upset or something? πŸ™ ????????????????

Comment by W K R
2010-03-11 12:39:14

It’s getting nasty. They’re all blaming each other, but Top Concert has yet to give a date for reimbursement of tickets.

Comment by sahara
2010-03-11 13:56:44

I think tokio hotel really needs to look at there managment, they knew damn well that the people handling St.P was handling moscow! they should have sorted that out before th even got there gggggrrrrrrr I blame both parties managment and the promoters.

Comment by cutiepop
2010-03-11 16:05:15

πŸ™ wow it sucks to live in moscow right now.i hope they come to america in like a year or 2 that would be awesome but i don’t think thats happening. ICH LIEBE TOKIO HOTEL

Comment by Krissy
2010-03-11 17:04:30

OH wow, i feel bad for fans that live in Moscow and had tickets.. πŸ™ i’d be devastated if it were me <3

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