NEWS; The Reason why the St.Petersburg show was cancelled

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Tokio Hotel Pulls Russian Show

NEWS; The Reason why the St.Petersburg show was cancelled

A show by the German pop-rock act Tokio Hotel at St. Petersburg’s 12,000-seat Ice Palace was canceled at the last minute, allegedly due to a dispute between the artist and the promoter.

“Due to a very material contractual breach and violation by the local promoter, it is not justifiable to perform the St. Petersburg show today,” the band said in a statement on its Web site on March 8, the scheduled date. “The band has tried everything to make the show happen, but with no luck! We feel terribly sorry for the fans, but the situation left us no other option.”

Top Concert, the promoter of that show and a second concert, which is scheduled for Moscow’s 16,000-seat Olimpiisky Sports Palace on March 10, refused to comment. In a statement on its Web site, it said the Moscow show is to go ahead as scheduled.

The Russian newspaper Komsomolskaya Pravda reported that the band showed up at sound check earlier in the day but then packed their things and left, while thousands of fans were waiting for the show at the Ice Palace.

The BFM news portal reported that the promoter’s representative addressed the audience from the stage, explaining the cancellation by “a sickness” of one of the band members and adding that the promoter did “all they could to make the show take place.”

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Comment by Amanda
2010-03-10 10:11:37

wow i’m the first one!

it’s too sad that the show cancelled

Comment by purple
2010-03-10 13:10:37

Its really sad because of the fans
but only the band can say what happen.
I mean, they showed up on the local, if they showed up its because they were perfoming on that night.
But, lets see what they say

Comment by Brigitte
2010-03-10 13:29:07

the promoter doesn’t want to look as a bad person and is pretendig that all is fault of a member “sickness” WTF????

Comment by stephanie
2010-03-10 15:13:25

wow…why would they just blame TH like that…dont they no that us fans no better…really guys try a more logical excuse -_-

Comment by MrsxBillxKaulitz
2010-03-10 15:26:07

I love how they’re making itseem like Tokio Hotel’s fault.

Comment by ashlee.freak
2010-03-10 16:38:36

i dont get it, what happened?
why didnt the company give them the place?

Comment by Maddie
2010-03-10 16:41:06

“sickness”? how stupid

Comment by SmolderingAshes
2010-03-10 17:08:12

C’mon, and who of us really believes the promoter! Shame on them for trying to make it seem like TH pulled out. We know better than that!

Comment by angela
2010-03-10 17:58:21

I appreciate the attempt, but that really wasn’t the explanation I was looking for…still too vague. I want to know what exactly happened?!?!

Comment by Trina
2010-03-10 18:26:45

do we honestly know that the promoters are lieing, it could be possible that someone is sick, fuck i hope they’re lieing though

Comment by TC
2010-03-10 20:39:32

Or it could be that this is a lie, nowhere close to the real reason.

Comment by sahara
2010-03-10 20:58:21

anyone ever thought that TH managment may be to blame?

Comment by W K R
2010-03-10 21:43:02

Top Concert is caught in a lie I think, because if the cancellation was due to illness, than the band wouldn’t have had their meet and greet with fans in Moscow after yet another show cancellation.

Comment by Krissy
2010-03-11 17:07:12

🙁 thats just sad..

“sickness”? i dont thinks so.. they had a meet and greet in moscow!

Comment by Matia
2010-03-12 19:05:59

Wow that’s dissapointing u_u the fans that were going to go felt so sad that it was canceled and ??? sickness? please i don’t beleive that Tokio Hotel Doesn’t do those things and the promoters should quit trying to pull off wrong excuses say the truth it way better than just pulling out excuses DX goodness

Comment by RedSkittles89
2010-03-14 11:01:23

ermm,i just want to know what really happened..

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