NEWS; Tokio Hotel – Offended Fans!!

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NEWS; Tokio Hotel - Offended Fans!!NEWS; Tokio Hotel - Offended Fans!!

The concert was supposed to start at 20:00 in Ledoviy Dvorets. Two hours after the appointed hour the fans were informed about its cancellation. Fans think that the organizers failed to sell a sufficient number of tickets.

Chocolate of German emo-band in Ledovij Dvorets in St.Petersburg was cancelled.
Fans spent 2.5 hours waiting for the beginning of the Chocolate.

 Tokio Hotel promises to make a great show in Moscow 😀

The concert was supposed to start 08.03.2010 at 20:00 in Ledoviy Dvorets. Two hours later after the appointed hour the fans were informed about its cancellation. On the official web-site the cancellation was: “due to a very material contractual breach and violation by the local promoter, it is not justifiable to perform the St. Petersburg show today. The band has tried everything to make the show happen, but with no luck!”
Some fans think that the organizers failed to sell a sufficient number of tickets.

TOP concert: “We cannot give you any official comment on the situation as at the moment we are very busy preparing the show in Moscow. Everything will be known after the 10th of Balloon. Ticket holders for the cancelled show in St. Petersburg can exchange them for the Moscow show or get their money back. How this will happen exactly will be known in several days. At that time we will reveal the reason for the cancellation.

What fans are doing:
Russian fanclub tries to help fans to get to the concert in Moscow and calls not to be angry with the band
Travel to the Russian capital are at the fans own expense
The Fan Club says that many of those who were going to attend both concerts in Russia are particularly upset
The cancellation was announced at about 22:00 and fans were told that the reason was an illness among the band members.
Management at Ledoviy Dvorets have kept silent

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Comment by Coral
2010-03-13 09:22:07

Top Concert said it was the band’s managers not the band. They said they hoped the band get rid of their managers.

It can’t have to do with low ticket sales because they know in advance how many are sold. It must have been some last minute greed on someones part. In big venues they just move the stage closer the end so the fans are grouped together more.I really think that 8000 seats out of 20,000 like in some places, is still awesome and doubt they expected to fill it. Those venues always seat a large number of people. Tokio Hotel performed all the other other concerts with only 1/2 of the seats sold.

Comment by Rocky Rachelle
2010-03-13 15:00:07


Comment by nikki =]
2010-03-13 09:42:32

By “Chocolate” do you mean “Concert”? ‘Coz the sentence “waiting for the beginning of the Chocolate.” doesn’t really make much scene to me…

Comment by Coral
2010-03-13 09:52:03

Top concert have given the reason already
The translation I copied from another site and it looks very shortened from what I could got in Google Translate, so it may not be exact.
If I’m reading it right, everything happened by phone from the managers who aren’t even in Russia.

MOSCOW, March 11 – Irina Gordon. Promotional agency TOP Concert, which was the organizer canceled concerts in Russia, a popular German rock band Tokio Hotel. She apologized to Russia’s group of fans and promised to return them the money for the tickets.

“Responsibility for the cancellation of concerts Tokio Hotel on 8 March in St. Petersburg and 10 March in Moscow I look at the management of Tokio Hotel, who were only contacting me by phone from Germany. They think absolutely not about the future of this band, about the fans, the people who were involved in the maintenance of the show and so on” – said Dalsky.

Tokio Hotel, reported the cancelation was due to a disrupting speeches breach of contract by the promoter. In turn, the representative of the TOP Concert told RIA Novosti that the fault was “AN INTERNAL CONFLICT BETWEEN THE GROUP ITSELF, BETWEEN THE BAND AND THEIR MANAGERS AND SERVICES FOR THE TOUR.

“What is written on the band’s website on the breach of contract on our part, I think it must identify lawyers. This is being undertaken by my side as well. I think too early to say that violated the contract terms. This should be proven, and we will do “- said Dalsky.

“It will not be a trial with the team. I do not view this as a promoter against the musicians – it’s impossible. It is known that in 2006 I was the first who invited the artist outside of Germany, and I was actually the first who believed in artist and introduced him to the territory.

Dalsky stressed that “the artist began disastrous tour as a result of poor album sales and disgusting attitude to fans because of the conduct of a new management team in Germany.”

“Despite this, my efforts, my business, and those who work with me, and as a result of tight collaboration between me and the fan sites of the group, we gathered a large audience for the artist in Moscow and St. Petersburg than anywhere else in Europe . And all this is abolished solely because of the new management of the artist “- she said.

“I believe that they will pass this difficult path. They were able to break through, when they were 16 years old, but now they have a difficult transition from boy bands to adult actor. I hope they will be able to pass through it. BUT IF THEY ARE NOT NOW SEVER RELATIONS WITH THEIR MANAGEMENT, WHO GAVE ALL THAT WE ARE WITNESSING NOW, THE FUTURE THEY WILL NOT. IF THEY HAVE ENOUGH STRENGTH TO BREAK THIS CONTRACT, I THINK THEY HAVE A GREAT FUTURE.”, – said the agency interlocutor.

She is more concerned not with the loss of the concerts, but with the “loss of emotional and moral character” of the band’s managers, but will work with the band in the future.

Comment by sahara
2010-03-13 11:09:20

I don’t blame the fans i would be offended to! it really makes me mad the way things are developing

Comment by Emmy
2010-03-13 12:11:47

I don’t understand this. I thought the boys had the same manangement since they first started as Tokio Hotel? There has to be a good reason for this. I mean, they performed all the other concerts without issue?

I still feel so bad for the fans that couldn’t see them. And obviously, this woman is not blaming the boys either- just their management. At least she is willing to work with the boys and their team some other time.

Comment by Nienke v. Unen
2010-03-13 13:09:42



Comment by Emily
2010-03-13 13:10:10

This sucks.

Comment by Bill ist mein lieben
2010-03-13 13:46:31

Hmm I feel sorry for the fans.
But tokio hotel will always remain special.
Emo band?
Ha whatever. I hope they get back on track
and make up to their Russian fans.

Comment by Nats!
2010-03-13 14:40:48

y do htey keep canceling shows this is getting weird i hope it doesn’t turn out like the 1000 hotels tour 🙁

Comment by Tante Augustine
2010-03-13 14:53:16

This promoter is coming up with confusing excuses, changing the story all the time, I reckon they re just trying to blame the band.

1. Why would Tokio Hotel bother to come to St Petersburg and Moscow with all their tour staff and equipment if not to perform?

2. so far, they have always performed, no matter how full the venue was.

3. If really, poor sales were the actual reason, then how come the second gig was cancelled too?

Comment by Sully666
2010-03-13 15:50:40

Oh no! Jeez….their promoter is an idiot….

Comment by Xxjaselmen2009xX
2010-03-13 16:44:38

AN ILLNESS!!!!!!!!???????

LIKE WHAT!??!?!?!?!

OH I HOPE THE BOYS ARE FINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Comment by sahara
2010-03-13 17:41:53

I must say I love the band but there managment has been sucking since middle of 2009, some of there managment is the same but they have added more people to there managment team and kinda let them “take over” by request of the label, because TH wanted to go in a slightly different direction.
Plan and simple tokio hotel you managment sucks big time and its at the cost of your loyal fans FIRE THEM!

Comment by Carla
2010-03-13 18:32:19

Tokio hotel has changed I liked it better in old days

Comment by cutiepop
2010-03-14 17:44:42

me too. 🙂

Comment by Melody
2010-03-13 22:40:07

TH is loosing direction. And it’s not the first time this happens!
First time was in Portugal -when Bill got sick and needed to be operated- everybody (their management) already knew he was sick and that he a few days before had lost is voice during a concert in France, but kept pushing it to the last minute and stuffing Bill with medication!
Everybody was already inside the concert venue -some from very far- when the concert was cancelled and there were fans who actually snapped posters right in the face of the rest of the band when they were told about it. People were really mad and made all the TV news and newspapers on the next day. People couldn’t believe how unprofessional they were! Very embarrassing…
Later when everybody heard that he was actually very sick they kinda of forgot about it, because it sounded serious, but this is really unacceptable! Fans deserve explanations from them, and not this legal lingo pretending everything is fine and that they will come back and make for it…

Comment by Melody
2010-03-13 22:43:30

make it up I mean.

Comment by jani kaulitz
2010-03-13 23:39:44

im nervous for tokio i mean i dont trust those productors or whoever they are because first they make them cancel 2 concerts then one of the bandmemebers get sick??!?!!? i feel for the russian fans but im really nervous my prayers got to tokio god bless them

Comment by Jamie
2010-03-14 00:10:51

I’m on the boys’ side. When Bill’s throat started acting up way back when he pushed as hard as he could through it, all they way literally up to the point when he couldnt talk! I bet the other boys would do the same, so that DEFINITELY rules out sickness, unless they were bedridden, but we know for sure its not that because in your previous post it showed them walking out of the russian ritz-carlton hotel perfectly fine! I highly doubt they would show up to 2 cities not to perform.

Comment by MzKaulitz
2010-03-14 02:46:11

Yeah, the guys are way too dedicated to cancel the concert for an insignificant reason. Think about it. The last time when Bill got sick, he had to completely lose his voice so he would be forced to stop. So this is definitely not the band’s fault. I can understand why some of the fans are disappointed and angry, but they shouldn’t take it out on the guys.

Comment by nikki =]
2010-03-14 02:49:57

has eny one else noticed that there hasnt been a TH TV episode in like almost two months… i know its off topic but still…

Comment by Nyaa
2010-03-14 10:52:40

I guess they’re really really busy. I remember that one of the boys said that they get every chance to sleep. With all the stuff going on, I wouldn’t blame them. Lack of sleep will cause more stress. Maybe that’s why.

Comment by HellN
2010-03-14 06:40:35

I feel so sad for the fans and the band members who must be so upset and sorry for their fans because of the cancellations. It gives a really bad image of the band, very bad press too… That’s a shame because the guys do really care so much for their fans…
I don’t believe that there were not enough tickets sold. Even if it were so, it’s better to play than not.

I don’t know who is to blame for this disaster, the management, the concert organisator, but I think it is extremly bad that neither the management nor the band (however, they must have the thunmbs up from the management to say sth) did not issue any clear statement about the reasons of the cancellation. I think the band should also have written a letter to their russian fans and post it online just to say how sorry and sad they are and hope to make a concert in Russia at a later date.
All in all, the management has a very very bad crisis management… That’s sad for the band…

Comment by Nel
2010-03-15 06:54:58

What they did was disgusting.I’ll never forgive TH doing this to the Russian fans…
I mean,guys,imagine if you were one of them,waiting 3 fucking hours infront of the hall and the temperature 4 degrees below zero and you worrying for the boys…and they just don’t come.

Comment by michelle
2010-03-15 12:22:37

OMG COMMON FANS CHILL poor tokio hotel they are tryin their best to satisfy their fans we have to just keep on supporting them.

Comment by Nel
2010-03-16 06:51:17

Then keep doing it 😉

Comment by stephanie
2010-03-18 14:24:49

u dont like this…Tokio hotel is a band that cares about all of there fans as is they were family >( somethings going on and im totes not digging it!!

Comment by W K R
2010-03-20 22:09:07

They should have put their apology to fans elsewhere. No one likes the official site. It’s heavily monitored, everything you say is considered wrong, off topic or an arguement. There is like 1/4 the fans on that site at any given moment compared to all others.

Comment by Gabi
2010-10-17 16:27:56

Here is the way I see it.
Yea, they changed their sound quite a bit on this new album.
Yea, they might have lost some fans due to that change.
BUT their hardcore fans, like myself, will always be here.
AND with this change comes new fans who may not have liked them before and like them now bc of their new stuff.
Therefore, it balances out a little bit.

Next, I’m in a bandmyself and I have a manager and agent.
I’m obviously not famous, LOL, but I know how the industry works and trust me when I say that the boys would NOT have gone all the way to Moscow with all those trucks and buses if they didn’t have the intention of performing, ESPECIALLY if the shows were not sold out or they were lossing success in some way or another bc their goal at that point, if they were lossing fame/success, would be to save money and try a different approach, would it not?

Now, wether or not the ticket sales were low, I don’t that.
We would have to ask someone who was at the concert when it got cancled and ask them how many people were there, or if all the seats were full.

And lastly, it VERY easily could have been (and I think it was) the promoters and managment. It is up to your managment, not you, to find the promoters (good ones) and they tell the promoters what it is that they are supposed to promote and how to promote them, give them all the means they need to do so as well. Then, it is up to the promoter to perform their end of the deal and get all the radiostations out there informed and commercials, online advertisment, Facebook, Twitter, Flyers, contests, ticket give aways, and other things like that, and on top of that to make sure when the band gets to the venue that everything they need as far a security, preperation and stage stuff and things like that are there. Soooo if the promoter sucked, wich would ultimately come down the being the fault of the agents/managers then it very easily could have been bc of contractual breeches on their part.
AND I doubt the boys just sat there and ecepted that they coulnt play their show if they drove all the way out there and knew the fans were already in the venue. I KNOW they would have tried their hardest to play that show for the fans. So no one has the right to be made at them really. Be mad that you spent money and got nothing for it, understandable, but if your a true fan then you should know that they didnt do it on purpose!

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