INTERVIEW; Tokio Hotel Vanity Fair 11/10 – Special

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INTERVIEW; Tokio Hotel Vanity Fair 11/10 - SpecialINTERVIEW; Tokio Hotel Vanity Fair 11/10 - SpecialINTERVIEW; Tokio Hotel Vanity Fair 11/10 - SpecialINTERVIEW; Tokio Hotel Vanity Fair 11/10 - SpecialINTERVIEW; Tokio Hotel Vanity Fair 11/10 - Special

In bed with Tokio Hotel
The German band who drives little girls crazy (but for how long?) is coming to Italy on tour. Guess where we interviewed them?

Hands up anyone who remembers a Tokio Hotel song. If you attend middle school you’ll probably be appalled right now since you know by heart every single word. If you are older than 15, you’ll be perplexed. At most someone could sing “na-na-na-na monsoon”. If you belong to the first group you’re impatiently waiting for one of the next four Italian gigs. If you belong to the second one, prepare yourself to see well-known scenes in the newscast: little girls screaming for four guys in their twenties (one with make-up and a strange haircut, one with braids who looks like a rapper, one with short hair and one with long hair). They are Tokio Hotel, the German band who’ve sold the most records during the last few years (three millions of albums sold all over the world, 700.000 just with the most recent one, Humanoid, released last October). Even if insiders say that the band’s popularity is dwindling (the four dates are not sold out like two years ago), even if the American Rolling Stone has reviewed their new album saying that it is “melodically anemic and strangely low-key”, even if Google Trends (a feature which provides insights into broad search patterns on web) testifies that the search of the word “Tokio Hotel” is decreasing and even if on Facebook the group called “this aubergine has more fans than Tokio Hotel” has accomplished its mission – the four boys from Magdeburg are still conquering thousands of infatuated teenagers who are ready for anything.

The boys fit their roles perfectly. When we meet them in a luxurious hotel suite, Bill Kaulitz – the singer – enters, greets, comes to an halt, widens his legs and he starts posing in front of the photographer with a continuous change of facial expressions (enigmatic stare – a little less enigmatic stare – cryptic stare – a little less cryptic stare) – even Ben Stiller in Zoolander can’t do better! Too bad the photographer is still maneuvering with flashes and computers. The manager tells Bill that the photoshoot is yet to start. Bill says “Ok” and heads toward the make-up artist (Nathalie) who retouches his foundation.

In the meantime – knowing that Nathalie plays a key role for the band thanks to her skills with hairspray, blush and pencils – we ask her how long she has been working with Tokio Hotel. She moves away laughing and ending the conversation with a “No comment”, “It’s a secret”, “It’s a mystery”. As if it were the fourth secret of Fatima… I’m told it’s normal. An urban legend tells that she had a relationship with Bill – someone denies it and says this is just a covering for his alleged homosexuality which would let his young female fans down, whereas others say it’s true but he doesn’t admit it for the same reason, namely not to disappoint his fans. After all, in every single interview it’s told that he is looking for a girl to fall in love with, Tom falls for a different girl every night, Gustav is single and Georg is the only one who’s had a girlfriend, for a year.

After the photoshoot – which they undergo with seriousness and compliance, with a German-Japanese attitude which fits their name – they lie down on a double bed in the room next door. They invite me to sit with them and to make the interview on the mattress every fan would kill for.

Bill, you’re the girls’ idol, but the songwriter of your lyrics as well. The second single, World Behind My Wall, says: “Wanna wake up in a dream”. How is your world behind the façade?

Bill: A very lucky world. I’ve got a family, my four dogs, my brother Tom, the band and my job. But at the same time it’s difficult to find the same happiness in the world outside – I realize mine is quite an ecceptional case.

Your album is called Humanoid, on its cover there’s a Bill-robot and in many songs you underline this theme: you’re not robots, but people with a heart.
Bill: Many people just looked at the cover and thought that we wanted to play “robots”. Honestly, we thought to name the album like this because we feel like “humanoids”, i.e. “human-like”. We feel strange, different. In Alien I sing “There’s an alien in me”, but – to be honest – I’m singing about the search of love, about the union with your other half. In every song we talk about emotions and childhood memories, we’re sentimental and totally human.

Talking about aliens, you have said you believe in Martians.
Bill: I believe in many things, even if I don’t follow a specific religion. I’m sure that there’s life beyond death or on other planets. And I strongly believe in fate. Me and my brother doing this job was written in fate, we’ve loved music since we were kids.

Apart from yours, what music do you like? Where does your inspiration come from?
Tom: I like Stereophonics.
Gustav: I listen to Metallica. But on the right calf I have tattooed a sentence by Johnny Cash, whom I really like.

Tom: You know, honestly, we’ve got little time to listen to music. We’re always on the road playing our music and at the end of the day our ears can’t take any more.

Do you ever have any breaks?
Bill: Never. Actually, even reading a book or a magazine its impossible.

Talking about readings, Bill, you left middle school. Aren’t you interested in learning something more?
Bill: I’ve not taken a diploma because at that time I was already writing our first album and I don’t know if I’ll ever take the diploma. Now I’m Tokio Hotel frontman, that’s what I’m doing and I have a lot of fun.
Tom: I don’t feel like getting one right now, I’m not interested. But I assure you we can write, read and count.

Gustav: I’ve taken my diploma in professional studies through an online-school. Maybe one day I’ll continue my studies… But at the moment we’re focused on the band, you know. It’s like our dream has finally come true and we want to carry it out. For our fans, too.

Gustav, last year you were attacked in a club, whereas Tom allegedly punched a girl who asked him for an autograph. What’s happening to you?

Gustav: It seems incredible, but even I get recognized like a Tokio Hotel member. That’s why that night a guy in a club wanted to express how little he liked the band – let’s put it like that – and he smashed a beer mug on my head.

Tom: As in my case, lot of lies have been written. I’ve never hit a woman. Actually, I’ve had an argument with somebody on my way back home. However, they weren’t fans asking for an autograph, but girls I knew and they didn’t exactly have good intentions. You know, it was a private matter. This is also the proof we can’t go out without bodyguards, even when we’re not working.

Well, to avoid being assaulted, now you should…
Bill: Set your heart at rest: we’re not going to give up.

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Comment by Sofia
2010-03-18 11:01:24

Don’t like this interview, it sounds like the interviewer hates Tokio Hotel… Dumb ass.

Though, the pictures are great! :D<3

Comment by Rocky Rachelle
2010-03-19 18:06:21

I agree with u who ever did the interview is makin them look bad. Fuck the inteviewer.

-Rocky Rachelle

Comment by MexicanTHfan
2010-03-29 22:29:09

what???? are they saying tokio hotel isnt as popular as before and dont have much fans anymore??? if this is true it might be cuz they changed their music…. but i still think they have alot of fans…but maybe the number has decreased but not by much i hope

Comment by sahara
2010-03-18 11:04:09

oh god here we go again getting everybody riled up ove absolutly nothing……

Comment by Sandra
2010-03-18 13:48:44

What are you referring to?
You’re the first comment girl!

Comment by sahara
2010-03-18 15:17:43

i am huh? lol, I just hate to read these articals that get all the fans riled up about nothing,
I read the article it didn’t offend me that this interveiwer didn’t like TH though I did wonder why TH would wate there time on an interveiw like this.
Its like nobody can have a bad opinion about tokio hotel.
Just the other day I was talking to a group of fans and I told them I do not think the kaulitz twins where hot what so ever, sorry totally not my type of guys at all well needless to say that I wasn’t a real fan blah blah blah.
and I hate the fact that most girls only care about bill and tom its not the bill and tom band its tokio hotel for god sakes let it be so and for future reference Georg is the hottest thing around lol sorry for ranting just getting a little fed up with the immaturity of some people.

(Comments wont nest below this level)
Comment by Kierstichen
2010-03-18 19:27:06

I agree, I really miss when they were a full band and all the guys were included. Poor Gusti. Personally, I can’t even look at Bill or Tom anymore, not unles it’s old photos, because it’s too much. Georg and Gustav are the only ones that aren’t changing, and I like that. There’s a large fan base at my school… One a friend and I started and I was actually booted out because I said that I wasn’t pleased with the new look and I was told I wasn’t a real fan. How’s that for irony? Haha.

Comment by sahara
2010-03-18 20:45:51

oh wow hun im sorry, you started the group and they kicked you out! I went to there concert in hamburg and the fans there are really mature. We got into a friendly debate about bills sexuality and if tom really sleeps with as many women as he says and why th gs don’t talk all of that!
It was a nice comfortable converstion and we all agreed in the end it didn’t really matter none of us where there to try to date the boys and we’ll never know cause noone knows the boys personally, they also stated how they where sick of the people that complain when one bad thing is said about them new flash stop giving the negitive attion to the bad stuff and for god sake liten to the music and no the image if bill and tomm where ugly would youfeel the same way about there music no I dont think so

Comment by W K R
2010-03-21 08:36:24

Agree with you on most points Sahara and it woulnd’t make a difference to me about Bill’s sexuality either.
But it would make a difference to over 99 percent of his fans. They’re in love with Bill thinking he’s interested in girls, if that turned out not to be true you’d see his fans base take a nose dive. Just reality I guess. I got in an arguement with a fan about this topic once too, saying I wouldn’t care and she’s like yeah but you wouldn’t be as attracted to him cuz sex sells.
Music is only part of the package, as great as their music is, it’s image and sex appeal that keeps people coming back for more.

Comment by Krissy
2010-03-18 11:20:37

well that made me feel bad/sad/ and at the same time happy :S

Comment by tom's sweety yO
2010-03-18 11:35:44

ohhh!!!!!!!! :D:D

Comment by Nel
2010-03-18 11:53:26

Sometimes i just think i hate Nathalie 😀 she’s so perfect 😉

Comment by Raniss
2010-03-18 23:37:16

yeah.. well i totally hate her.. but she’s kinda perfect, and it hurts to know that 😛

Comment by mari
2010-03-18 13:29:40

nice (;

Comment by Lisa L
2010-03-18 13:39:42

is it just me or did Gustav act like he wasnt a member of tokio hotel merely back up for Bill and Tom?…so strange but I love them! ;p

Comment by Sandra
2010-03-18 13:53:07

He was just saying he was surprised he got recognized as part of the band, since he’s rarely seen. Sounds like what he meant.
Georg and Gustav are really not including in anything anymore, even creative decisions, like they were at first, so maybe he does just feel like back up.

I’m just glad to hear him talk for a change. Usually it’s just Bill and Tom, over and over and over. Would have been great if George talked to, but it’s a short interview.

Comment by Lisa L
2010-03-18 15:08:35

good points. it was just funny to me that it seemed like he was back up.
yeah it is nice to hear from Georg and Gustav from time to time.

(Comments wont nest below this level)
Comment by Jamie
2010-03-18 19:45:31

There was an interview once that they said they didn’t mind not being in the spotlight and not talking as much, but it came out of Bills mouth, so I don’t fully believe him. I agree with you, dont get me wrong. They should really speak up because now bill and tom are the only ones getting the interviews or words in 🙁

(Comments wont nest below this level)
Comment by alicen
2010-03-18 22:00:40

@sandra.. are you a real fan.. since you cant even spell Georg properly

Comment by Sandra
2010-03-18 13:47:34

Bill boy is just gonna have to put up with more and more gay speculation for as long as he remains single.
Simply human nature for people to wonder what’s going on especially when his brother can find a succession of woman to more than talk to, Bill should be able to at least find a date now and then.

Kinda like poor Michael Jackson. He said single for so long people started calling him a perv.

Comment by Nadia
2010-03-18 13:55:05

They can’t mean high school Diploma can they? Didn’t Bill and Tom finish they’re high school thru correspondence?
Maybe they mean college type course.

And Gustav said “professional studies” is that like a business course?

Comment by W K R
2010-03-18 13:56:37

Um excuse me! I’m in my twenties – where the hell do they get off calling all Tokio Hotel fans little girls?

Comment by Lisa L
2010-03-18 15:10:19

Exactly. I’m 24 and …well I may be shorter then most teenagers…lol. I know pretty much all the songs by heart, english and german. They shouldn’t have generalized us all as little girls. ;p

Comment by JC
2010-03-18 18:34:56

I’m 21, you’re not alone 😉

(Comments wont nest below this level)
Comment by Magenta
2010-03-18 14:46:24

my sister is 16 and she knows some lyrics to songs because i just got her on Tokio Hotel. I am 12 turning 13 soon and i know every word german and english

Comment by stephanie
2010-03-18 15:31:28

ur my best friend now lmao xP my sister is 17 and im 12 turning 13 this month…lol i got my sister into tokio hotel to also my cuz who is turning 16 in absolutly in love with them xP

Comment by Angel Namerah
2010-03-18 14:46:54

sounds touchey and mysteriosu some what on the nathalie case who knows he might be dating her gosh cant beleive is said that.

Comment by cutiepop
2010-03-18 15:00:32

wow,so did tom ever get charged for that soposivly hitting that one chick?cauz personaly i think thats a bunch of stupid sh*t cauz tom has said like tons of times that he would never hit a girl and that the girl and her friends were like stalkers or somethin.

Comment by Jojo
2010-03-18 22:39:37

Of course he hit her. It’s there on film. they were able to get most of the videos pulled saying it damaged his character/couldn’t prove it was him, etc.
Now he’s just doing damage control as instructed by PR reps and lawyers.

He hit her alright, but not 4 times like she said, only once and she deserved it. She’s just a lying turd is all.

Comment by Patti
2010-03-18 15:04:20

i am fuking 13? i luv tokio hotel iam so not little ish

Comment by haleyy
2010-03-18 16:41:38

if your 13, yes, you’re a little girl lol.

Comment by kaylie
2010-03-18 15:23:52

im 20 and I love it, haha. actually, while the article was a bit rude, the only thing that offends me is the way he acted about age. lol

Comment by stephanie
2010-03-18 15:36:44

omg…everything it said b4 bill and tom offends me!! 1 BILL IS NOT GAYY!! BILL IS NOT GAYY!! BILL IS NOT GAYY!! BILL IS NOT GAYY!!! 2 IM TIRED OF PPL SAYING TH IS A TEENIE BAND! i mean really if u luk @ the concert pics most of the group ar adults! 3 THIS REPORTER CHICK IS REALLY RUDE >( I DONT LIKE HER AT ALL!

Comment by Traci
2010-03-18 16:46:42

They say Georg & Gustav dont like to do interviews they would rather Bill & Tom each thier own I guess I love all 4 of them equally they r amazing 🙂

Comment by noussa
2010-03-18 17:04:48

I love the pics
but I hate the article

Comment by RedSkittles89
2010-03-18 19:38:24


Comment by W K R
2010-03-18 22:22:16

She’s not married. I think she used to be but she hasn’t had a wedding band on in like over 2 years. The kids thing is a rumor as well.

I think they are dating and she was person Tom picked up the night of April 15th, at the gas station.

Comment by Raniss
2010-03-18 23:41:43

OMG I love you!! Wow, knowing that Nathalie is married totally made my day, tnx!
And btw, ur totally right,I agree.

Comment by Jojo
2010-03-19 23:50:02

Natalie isn’t married though.

But why would her being single bug anyone. Bill’s gonna meet someone someday so we can’t go around like 10yrs praying everyone woman in his presence is married or taken.

(Comments wont nest below this level)
Comment by Matia
2010-03-18 19:39:37

The pictures are great !! and the article needs to lighten up so much i don’t like it how They could be interveiwed with such interveiwers and questions thats a waste .

Comment by Maddie
2010-03-18 19:54:44

omig gosh bill looks so hot on the 2nd pic 😉

Comment by Sully666
2010-03-18 20:21:13

ugh! this interveiw pisses me off…
no comment.
except for the hot pics…niiiice why the fuck do why have a robert pattterson photo tho…i hate that guy…

Comment by tinky
2010-03-18 20:25:08

there will always be things said about this band because they are so popular and the good thing is that they are not listening to people. Bill is unique and like they say don’t judge the book by its cover. Time will tell.

Comment by Emily
2010-03-18 20:29:55

I can’t understand why people would not like the guys. Not liking there music is one thing, not everybody will, that’s just how every band is. But, they’re such sweet guys. I have yet to hear or read or see anything that they could have done wrong to make some people hate them. Not saying that this interviewer did (although there was a clear, unexplained disliking), but there are definitely haters. Reading stuff like this makes me slightly sad :[ They are suchhhh a great band. And they have fans of all ages. I’m 16. We’ll see how long I’m a fan for c(: I predict, für immer :]

Comment by Sully666
2010-03-18 21:38:22

good point! they are amazing! i have a bet with my mom that i will still like the band when i graduate. i have three more years….haha
i cant wait till i get that fifty bucks…XD

Comment by junie
2010-03-20 18:59:00

You’re right – Tokio Hotel are terrific. My husband and I have taken my son and his friends to three concerts, and I play both cds in my car while driving to work. As far as the guys being nice – they were nice enough to sign my son’s eighteenth birthday card. Pretty cool.

As far as Tom and Bill being the ones who speak a lot – some of you are probably too young to remember Rolling Stones (I am referring to the band) interviews, but Mick and Keith were the ones who spoke. People at times didn’t think the other two could speak – never heard them. So, people shouldn’t get too crazy about Georg and Gustav.

Comment by TokioHotelObesessionX100
2010-03-18 20:43:46

ohkay done with my spaz fest now. I’m allright *breathes breathes breathes* (thought I would tell you that Mom in the other room asked “Bill in an Escalade?” {I do love my Escalades… soo sexy} ‘No’ “Bill naked on an Escalade?”
*sigh* *happynesss*

Bill, don’t be such a diva.
But its cool that they had some of the other staf on there.
I liked how they discribed his faces. hehe

Comment by alicen
2010-03-18 22:03:51


Comment by W K R
2010-03-18 22:23:21

I loved that interview with Gustav. Even though he talked through it all, you could tell he was really shy about it. That’s okay cuz Bill loves to talk.

Comment by Jojo
2010-03-18 22:41:27

Kind of a rude article. The twit who wrote it should have rambled less, did his homework and let the band speak more.

Comment by Melody
2010-03-18 23:07:12

My opinion about this interview is that this ‘reporter’- who knows nothing about TH – looked for info about them in all the wrong places, worst, on places where a non-TH fan would; gossip/rumours sites and magazines! And is deliberately trying to show them as facts in a ‘digging up dirt’ way…*yawns* Unfortunately for them this is neither original nor new for TH fans (rumours about Nathalie and Bill and him being gay), so I don’t think their ‘bombastic revelations’ will make them sale more…Actually this interview had potential, because it is TH first Vanity Fair interview together (that I know), but even the question were so boring, had nothing new and or had interest …*Yawns again*

About the subject itself; I have no clue if it’s true or not, but I have my doubts that it is. I totally understand if Bill has or had secretly a girlfriend ( I think he is the type of person who could do that ) and I understand why. But if is true it would be very disappointing…I mean one thing is knowing someone and trying keeping it low key, other is lying for so long about something everyone always commented, and that’s why I don’t believe that it is. I don’t see him doing this …I may be wrong though…

Comment by mise
2010-03-18 23:39:56

i love you bill

Comment by Ash
2010-03-18 23:45:39

Y do I get da feeling dat everything dat has 2 do wit TH is falling apart??

Comment by Ash
2010-03-18 23:47:45

Btw LOVE the pics Hate da article who ever wrote this need to do his/her hw

Comment by Ash
2010-03-18 23:51:15

N y do everybody hate Natalie?? U dont know her leave tha poor chick alone i mean its not her fault dat she’s gud at wat she does n da guys like her work besides put urselves in her place i bet none of you would like 2 be hated or called a ho or something like that couz ur with TH geeezz

Comment by Jojo
2010-03-19 23:51:44

Agree. Natalie is really nice according to fans who’ve met her and if she ends up with Bill we should happy for him.

(Comments wont nest below this level)
Comment by Raniss
2010-03-18 23:45:55

Oh My God almighty! The interview kinda made me sad.. the spic who wrote it knows nothing really about the guys. Ugh, I hate when reporters -if they can be caled that- just want to get the dirty laundry… it is just mean, and fans don’t like it. And ugh, I totally hate Nathalie, and when they say her and Bill were together it just pisses me off!

Comment by ima15
2010-03-19 03:58:31

I’m 20,not a big fan but I like some songs and I think this interwien is disgusting and made to show tokio hotel in a bad way ,it’s sad but is normal that some people don’t like them because you don’t like everbody and some people don’t like you too.

Comment by ima15
2010-03-19 04:06:04

I’m 20,not a big fan but I like some songs and I think this interwien is disgusting and made to show tokio hotel in a bad way ,it’s sad but is normal that some people don’t like them because you don’t like everbody and some people don’t like you too. : ()

Comment by T.T.
2010-03-19 10:24:12




Comment by iiStar☆
2010-03-20 16:54:01

this interviewer needs a b**** slap!

Comment by MzKaulitz
2010-03-22 17:12:50

Sign this petition as a complaint to Vanity Fair about the false, bias, and stereotypical remarks in the article they published. Raise your voice and stand up for TH by signing the petition below!

Comment by Lexie
2010-12-29 19:08:17

So frikin rude god well I guess it’s a gud thing TH is so amazing stupid reporter…

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