SCANS; Tokio Hotel Special – Archivo de Fantasmas 07/10 ( with translation )

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SCANS; Tokio Hotel Special - Archivo de Fantasmas 07/10 ( with translation )SCANS; Tokio Hotel Special - Archivo de Fantasmas 07/10 ( with translation )SCANS; Tokio Hotel Special - Archivo de Fantasmas 07/10 ( with translation )

With an androgynous look along with a velvety voice in 2007 the pop scene was shaken by a quartet compose of German boys filled with energy, with Bill as their enigmatic leader they let themselves be known with their single Monsoon. These new idols were transform into a musical phenomenon on Austria, France, great Britain and Spain.

Just to mention some of their success, they have a Double Platinum Album in Germany with Schrei, a Golden Album in Switzerland, Platinum Album in Austria and have played for 20,000 people in their homeland, selling to this date over 4 million albums. After their success in Europe they embark to conquer the Occident with a recompilations of their hits: Scream, with this material they got consolidated in the United States and Latin America.

Bill the front man of Tokio Hotel, calls the attention of whoever sees him. But is not by less, is because of his heavy black makeup, rebel hair, piercings, tattoos and singular black clothing. This vocalist and lyricist is adore by hundreds of girls, for his originality, audacity, egocentric, represents a live homage of his own personal philosophy “ Live every second” , which reflects in every single one of their lyrics and interpretations. Bill already has walked the catwalk in Milan for designers Dsquared2, and has announce his interest in designing his own clothing line title Bill Future, registered under his name.

On the other hand, Tom, although identical to him, he is much more introverted. Inclusive the guitarist with dreads has never kissed a girl until Bill asked his ex-girlfriend to kiss him so he can experiment the feeling. Gustav and Georg are key pieces to complement the quartet, they also help with the composition of their music. Both are fans of Green Day, Oasis, Fall Out Boy, Metallica, Guns N’ Roses, Red Hot Chilli Peppers and Yellowcard. Although Tom and Gustav are the calm ones contrary to Bill and Georg being the loud ones, they share the idea of fighting for their dreams, which is reflected in their music, creating this unique style in the group, characterized by the combination of pop and rock with touches of electronic and punk sounds.

Even if their style is alternative in some way, it contrast with their music creating this unbeatable combination which is always innovative. It all started when the Kaulitz twins since their childhood dedicated themselves to music and to give recitals and gigs in clubs, then they met Gustav Schäfer ( drummer) and Georg Listing ( bassist) during a presentation in Madgerburg.

They formed the group Devilish and recorded their debut album. But it was not until 2003 when they signed with Sony BMG ( although they ended up with Universal record label), they changed their name to Tokio Hotel, when they confess that the original name was not of their pleasing. Instead they decided to change it in honor of a large and dynamic city, as they wanted to be their trademark and added hotel because they love to travel, is where they spend most of the time while on tour. “Furthermore, a successful group is always on tour, so we also wanted it to be good luck, “said Tom. Some of their musical influences are Linkin Park, Placebo and Muse. As for Bill Kaulitz’s look is deeply marked by David Bowie, the inspiration for his peculiar appearance.

The monsoon arrives to Mexico

Tokio Hotel have visited our country on several occasions: Their first signing on mexican lands was on August 29th of 2008 in Plaza Cuicuilco; The members assisted to the MTVLA Awards in Guadalajara and they also participated at the 97.7’s concert, shaking the audience with their first appearance. A year later, the returned to present themselves at the event of Los 40 Principales and be awarded at the Telehit Awards at Acapulco.

The most exciting of their visits were the signings, ’cause since the moment the first was announced, thousand of fans were attracted to the state and no one expected such response, more than two thousands of enthusiastic fans (the sign was limited to de two thousand bracelets to meet the band) were there to see their idols. At the second time the access was limited only to five hundred bracelets, so several girls arrived weeks before to guarantee their places, armed with CD’s, T-shirts and even electric guitars that bought exclusively for the guys to sign. Nowadays we wait anxiously their promised return at 2010 to promote their new album.

Welcome to Humanoid City

For their most recent material, Bill was the one who picked the title of “Humanoid”: An androgen, like his image, product of science fiction, hybrid between human and machine. This word is written the same in English as in German, something that the group was also looking for. In this new project, Bill plays the violin in some songs and, even Humanoid it’s “sweeter” ha expected (in previous interviews they declared that they would change their style to another more metalhead), with Automatic, their first single they already reached the Golden Record on sales.

Their last album continues with their pop-rock-punk ultra juvenile and commercial, so besides the army of girls in love with Bill, more fans with me tendencies had been added, thanks to sounds than combine the guitar with the drums on an emotional tear accompanied with deep and sad letters like Pain of Love. Their tour for 2010, Welcome to humanoid City, of 32 concerts in total will visit 19 european cities beginning February the 22nd.

-As a bonus, Tokio Hotel recorded a special theme for the highly anticipated Tim Burton’s film, Alice in Wonderland, to be premiered in March. IWe are talking about Strange, performed with Kerli, a singer form Estonia.

-At 2008, after Bill surgery due to a cyst on his throat, fans al over the world worried a lot for the singer’s voice. Fortunately, he recovered in a shot time.

-Emily Kay, a famous german writer, will base her new trilogy of book on Tokio hotel, most of all on Bill Kaulitz.

-Soon, Tom will be the image for the brand Reebok for sport shoes.

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Comment by MrsxBillxKaulitz
2010-03-21 13:18:20

This is sooooo awesome

Comment by MexicanTHfan
2010-04-02 22:56:49

bill plays the violin?

Comment by TokioT
2010-03-21 13:18:50

That’s Not True…
Bill Got His First Kiss After Tom…

Comment by Iselin from norway
2010-03-21 13:25:27

Some wrong info, but that’s ok ;D Atleast they didn’t wright shit about the band. BRAVO!

Comment by stephanie
2010-03-21 13:30:36

ohi luhv this =D i cant believe tom is gonna be the face of reebok shoes!!

Comment by Veronique
2010-03-21 16:14:20

loll i know… I think that im ganna bye the shose only to see toms face! loll

Comment by TanyaU
2010-03-21 13:46:25

What the heck?? I like that they are being supportive of the band but they got tons of info wrong!! I mean Tom never kissed a girl till BILL asked his ex um other way around people!! And Bill is loud but so is Tom!!!!

Comment by Veronique
2010-03-21 16:16:36

Tom is WAY more wild then bill… no offence guys! but really I thought that georg was a calm guy.. not wild… maybe im wrong or its just my perspective.. oh well.. we know the truth at least 😛

Comment by bEe
2010-03-22 01:02:24

i heard they kissed the same girl.. i think that was right.. i mean their first kisses was from the same girl, right?.. correct me if wrong people.. 🙂

anyways… i love to have that book of Emily Kaye.. 🙂 and i would buy rebook (even if im a fan of converse) just to see Tom’s face.. lol..

btw.. i love this article.. 🙂 awesome..

have you visited this site lately?.. : ..
you can see lots and tons of videos of them.. 🙂

(Comments wont nest below this level)
Comment by Angel Namerah
2010-03-21 15:02:16

wow brand for reebok bill in a trilogy and wow this is like amazing ust wish my story could go that far who knows but i dnt thnk i shud keep mu hopes up high through this.

Comment by Veronique
2010-03-21 16:18:18

I glade for them.. there going more famous every year.. wonder if they will be the most famous band one day..? XD

Comment by Maddie
2010-03-21 17:34:39

😉 xD luv u Tokio Hotel and IM getting A Tokio Hotel cake for my B-day

Comment by Rocky Rachelle
2010-03-21 18:41:54

I love this whole article its full of positive things for the band. I can’t wait for them to come to New York. Hopefully I am allowed to go!

-Rocky Rachelle

Comment by lucy
2010-03-21 22:40:06

but when are they coming to mexico!!!
on like their tour darn i wish they could let ppl know…

Comment by mikee!!!
2010-03-22 05:44:12

i dont get this part : On the other hand, Tom, although identical to him, he is much more introverted. Inclusive the guitarist with dreads has never kissed a girl until Bill asked his ex-girlfriend to kiss him so he can experiment the feeling

please help me analyze this..

Comment by Tanya M
2010-03-22 23:31:40

Some wrong info, but given there is a lot out there about the band, it’s forgivable.
The author really went out of his/her way to find lots of little tidbits of info, which is rare for journalist today to even TRY to research an artist.

I’m a big fan and never knew a writer was inspired to write about the band.

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