INTERVIEW; – Interview with Tokio Hotel

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Comment by sarah
2010-03-26 13:38:32

It’s so cute that Bill still prononces “r” as “w”. It’s rweally, rweally cute.

Comment by dead
2010-03-26 16:37:59

Haha, <3 them!
awww, new material ALREADY?

Comment by rose
2010-03-26 16:58:22


Comment by :D_HUMANO!D:+Geisha!*
2010-03-26 18:04:51

this is such a cute ass interview!!!

2010-03-26 18:15:42

Ok I usually ONLY read comments and never post but this time ….WHAT THEY HAVE A TWITTER ACCOUNT!?
which i dont care much(twitter) for but if its for TH…c’mon now…

Comment by Traci
2010-03-26 18:56:23

Tom had mentioned in an interview that a new cd may be out by 2012

Comment by Jamie
2010-03-28 00:29:04

was that the interview in the studio? i think he was talking about humanoid and was kinda kidding, because bill takes so long to warm up his voice. But, i bet an album will come out in 2012, hopefully : )

Comment by Emily
2010-03-26 19:17:55

Ah, I love his voice

Comment by Ascuba
2010-03-26 21:57:40

Megan Fox…
>.< Really now? We’ve had conversations about her in my Literature class. She is a little ‘duh’ and just boobs and butt.

Anyway! XD 4:00 ‘Good’ XD Tom and Bill. Is is weird I search for them talking at the same time? I hope not.

Comment by lucy
2010-03-27 00:11:19

hahah i loved georg
saying hes girlfriend would be the prefect actress thats so cute!

Comment by Kaylee
2010-03-27 05:05:49

So many breakes for songs! lol

Comment by stephanie
2010-03-27 11:04:53

oh man today i my birthday! this is the perfect bday present xD

Comment by katrin0717
2010-03-29 16:37:19

and emm.. yeah;)) no interview without it;) luv Bill:)

Comment by cutiepop
2010-04-01 12:41:26


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