GOSSIP; Tokio Hotel is dominated by the Kaulitz Bruvaz!

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GOSSIP; Tokio Hotel is dominated by the Kaulitz Bruvaz!GOSSIP; Tokio Hotel is dominated by the Kaulitz Bruvaz!GOSSIP; Tokio Hotel is dominated by the Kaulitz Bruvaz!

Tokio Hotel is Dominated by The Kaulitz Brothers

Just like the Oasis driven by Liam and Noel Gallagher, Tokio Hotel is dominated by Bill and Tom Kaulitz brothers. Yup! Although it’s a band, it’s undeniable that just the frontman, Bill and twin brother, Tom, who become the center of media attention and hold control. Will the band, which fills the soundtracks of Alice in the Wonderland movie, end like Oasis too?

Dominated by The Kaulitz Brothers
Try watch various news and interviews about Tokio Hotel! All questions are answered by just Bill (vocals) and Tom (guitar). While Georg Listing (bass) and Gustav Schäfer (drums) pretty much just sort of ‘cheerleaders’. Whereas, it’s the four of them building this German band together in 2001 (when Bill and Tom was only 12 years old!), After Georg and Gustav watched the Kaulitz brothers’ appearance in Magdeburg club gigs. However, over time, the popularity of Bill with the eccentric appearance and Tom’s cleverness in answering questions, show who actually hold the big role in Tokio Hotel. “From the beginning, Georg and Gustav have never wanted anything to do the photo shoot, interviews, and also red carpet. They gave that to Tom and me,” said Bill.

So now although they are not as well known as the Kaulitz brothers, Georg and Gustav that in terms of appearance also choose to look simple, are not jealous at all of the two brothers’ popularity. “Quite the contrary! They’re happy that it’s like this. Gustav and Georg could not imagine to stand in the center of attention and they admire me and my brother Tom, that we can stand all of this,” said Bill who is famous with his androgyny style.

Big Success, Tight Schedule
The English version of the album from this band which is successful since the year 2005, Scream (2007) and Humanoid (2009), generate amazing results! Their presence in the international arena is increasingly well-received after nearly 10 years being formed. The proofs, they had consecutively won awards at the MTV Europe Music Awards 2007 (Best Interact), MTV Video Music Awards 2008 (Best New Artist) and MTV Europe Music Awards 2009 (Best Group).

Their popularity is growing as with the frenzy schedules of ‘1000 Hotels’ tour concert (March-July 2008) across Europe for more than a year, plus added tour dates for the United States! However, this European tour happened to get into trouble. Bill’s vocal cords was in used non-stop during 43 times concerts, he finally had to undergo a surgery. If he was determined to continue with the tour, he will certainly lose his voice forever.

Psst .. Just so you know, due to their really tight tour schedule, Humanoid album which has been released just recently was also made on the road! Not like the previous albums, the music of the album which concept is robotic, futuristic sci-fi extravaganza, has much more electronics nuance. Their good music generates praises, including from the bassist of the famous band Kiss wo is also dressed up at the stage, Gene Simmons. “They have a nice image, make good music”, said Simmons.

Main Cast: Bill Kaulitz
Not just a good voice, this frontman whose music is almost similar to 30 Seconds to Mars has also a super unique look. His daily appearances are never out of a big silver necklace, leather gloves, black painted nails and Mohawk (was once 40 cm tall). For every show, there’s a minimum of 5 extravagant costumes in 1 tour. Twin designers Dean and Dan Caten are the most responsible guys who designed the costumes for the frontman who is also doing voice-overs in the film Arthur and The Invisibles.

As for makeup and hair, this guy who had just survived a crash only believes in his own creation, which he usually made for 1 hour before the show. He’s so fashionable that recently Bill was appointed to do a walk at fashion week show in Milan. Spex magazine’s chief editor, Max Dax, have a comment about this vegetarian guy’s appearance. “The singer is unique, a shimmering and authentic freak. He’ll go his way and he could become a figure alike to David Bowie.”

However, it’s not just recently that Bill dressed like today’s glam rocker. As early as the age of 12 years old, this Virgo guy started wearing eyeliner, nail polish and looking like David Bowie. “Originally from a Halloween party, where I dressed as vampire. Since then, I started wearing makeup and nail polish,” says the guy who was also immortalized in the wax figures museum of Madame Tussauds. Rumor says Adam Lambert who has the same dressing concept to him, copy the hell out of the creativity of this guy who translates his own songs from German into English!

Never Gonna Stop
More and more fans from all over the world is making these the four guy have no more private life. In every exit from a hotel where they were on tour, there would be 20 fans cars ready to follow them. In fact, sometimes they don’t know how to spend their money, except to buy the band equipment or simply a holiday in a quiet place with the closest people. “Tokio Hotel is not a job, it’s our life. Outside of that, there’s Hardly anything left, no more than the family,” confess the frontman.

But when asked whether they regret to be a celebrity, the answer is negative. “Success is a curse and a blessing at the same time. I can not live with it, but I also can not live without it. I need the stage, to be on tour and also all this limelight. All of that gives me strength. But , there are times also where I want to really be a normal person.”

Hmm … whether they would survive, or end up like Oasis who suddenly broke up… “I would never quit Tokio Hotel. Sure, there’ll be times where we’ll take a longer break. But the end of Tokio Hotel? Never!” Bill firmly added.

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Comment by bEe
2010-03-28 09:14:18


Comment by Rocky Rachelle
2010-03-29 17:12:12

I really hope he really means it about never quitting on Tokio Hotel. If they would separate omg it would be sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo saddddddddddddddddddddddddd. I would live a boring life with noe idols.

Comment by MexicanTHfan
2010-04-01 23:22:51


Comment by samantha
2010-03-28 11:38:31

I do think that bill and tom are a little over exposed, no offence but I wish the other two would step in the forfront a little more Im kinda getting bored with bill and tom.

Comment by Magenta
2010-03-28 12:08:05

theyd better last

Comment by Maddie
2010-03-28 13:00:37

LLTH (long live tokio hotel) (L) ily 🙂 I hope they stay togethor 😉

Comment by Iselin from norway
2010-03-28 13:26:10

“…and Tom’s cleverness in answering questions…” HAHA xD I love this article!!!!!! <3<3<3

Comment by Ravyn
2010-03-28 13:45:13

i think thts just wrong…

i mean, i loeve bill and tom
but dont you think georg and gusti deserve a little of the spotlight?????????

Comment by Patti
2010-03-28 14:01:49

if i found out that th broke up that tear 4ever but of course thats never going 2 happen!!!!!!!!

Comment by RedBlooded
2010-03-28 15:06:05

Wait the sec!! It was a magz from my country Indonesia…and I didn’t even realize it when its being published??!! DAMN!!!>_< Thanks to this blog, I have to buy that MAGZ RIGHT NOW!!

Comment by Virginia
2010-03-28 16:13:01

long live king bill!

Comment by Veronique
2010-03-30 16:14:18

and tom.. 😛

Comment by Gabbi
2010-03-28 16:15:23

Yeah but they dominate it in a good way – in a sharing of power way.
The G’s get to have more anonymity and more down time as a result of the twins taking on more of the load. In interviews together you can still they’re close close friends.

Comment by Ali
2010-03-28 20:44:42

I totally agree with you! I think they’ll never break up because of teh fact that they are such good friends. If anyone needs proof, just look at the WBMW video. It’s sooo obvious that they are such good friends. If they didn’t like each other, they probably would’ve been broken up right now.

Comment by TokioTeen
2010-03-29 03:46:47

WBMW? whazzat?

(Comments wont nest below this level)
Comment by MzKaulitz
2010-03-29 14:58:55

She’s talking about the “World Behind My Wall” music video. Behind that “wall” they’re just best friends hanging out and doing what they love. The only difference is they happened to be international rock stars as well. ^_~

Comment by MzKaulitz
2010-03-29 14:51:13

Exactly. They’re not just members in a band; they’re family. Georg said that himself. He also said he wouldn’t trade that for anything in the world. =)

(Comments wont nest below this level)
Comment by Emily
2010-03-28 21:03:02

It makes me feel better that Bill said that. “Never!” :] Once I heard someone say, “Fans aren’t from the beginning; they’re til the end.” Which is very true, but it made me sad to think that there could be an end to Tokio Hotel. Now, Bill has said that there never will be, so, I hope. Also, now everyone who’s been commenting that Tokio Hotel isn’t just Bill and Tom, and that the G’s need attention too, can see that they are just fine with how things are. They don’t want so much attention as Bill and Tom.

Comment by Veronique
2010-03-30 16:16:37

totally agree! 😀

Comment by merci
2010-03-29 00:19:13

wow.. i cant believe they are in indonesian magaize.. hope they come to indonesia soon..

Comment by merci
2010-03-29 00:24:42

i mean *magazine

Comment by Circles
2010-03-29 04:54:35

Gustav has said this several times that hes been shy ever since he was young and georg gets bored easily and just kinda sits in the back round but if you watch TH TV regularly you would see that Bill and Tom are really not bossy at all and gustav is usually quiet so i think it was unfair to compare them to oaisis

Comment by Kaylee
2010-03-30 02:20:53

I love 30 Seconds to Mars and TH its funny they would compare their sounds together cause 30STM was my obsession before TH Haha 😛 🙂

Comment by Veronique
2010-03-30 16:19:59

ME TOO!! omg Im CRAZY about 30stm and th at the same time! 😛 But when I read that hes style is like 30STM! I was like OMG!!! :D:D:D:D:D:D

Comment by BillyZiTaZh89TH
2010-03-30 19:40:09

TH x toda la vida!!!!♥

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