NEWS; CoolMensHair.Com – Tom Kaulitz Cornrow braids hairstyle

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NEWS; CoolMensHair.Com - Tom Kaulitz Cornrow braids hairstyle
Tom Kaulitz cornrow braids hairstyle

Tom Kaulitz is a guitarist from the German Democratic Republic and one of the founding members of the band, Tokio Hotel. His identical twin brother, Bill Kaulitz, is the singer for the group. Kaulitz was born September 1, 1989 in Leipzig. He is an avid fan of hip hop music and enjoys watching β€˜Scrubs’ on the television. He speaks three languages, German, French, and English.

NEWS; CoolMensHair.Com - Tom Kaulitz Cornrow braids hairstyle

Here, his hair is dyed black and is styled in cornrow braids that hang to the middle of his back. This hairstyle looks good on him and is easy to maintain.

The process of making the cornrows probably took quite a bit of time, given the length of his hair and the number of braids he wears.

NEWS; CoolMensHair.Com - Tom Kaulitz Cornrow braids hairstyle

In order to achieve this look, one must first have very long hair. The hair needs to be wet or damp to style the braids. A little bit of hair oil can be useful avery long hairs well, to make the hair easier to handle. Starting in the center of the forehead, one should part the hair leaving a half inch strip at the very top. Braid this strip a couple of times in front, then pull a small amount more hair from the strip into the braid and continue. Then work down each side in the same manner, keeping the same number of braids on each side of the head.

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Comment by bEe
2010-03-28 09:38:13

seeing their unbearable beauties really made my day.. hmm.. i have a very long black hair,let me try that hairstyle.. πŸ˜€ LOVE THEM ALL.. and oh.. that Kaulitz smile *faints*

Comment by Rocky Rachelle
2010-03-29 17:04:25

He looks so freakin HOTTTT in the first pic. Tom CAN PULl any here style. LOVE U TOM!

-Rocky Rachelle

Comment by MexicanTHfan
2010-04-01 23:25:01


Comment by T.T.
2010-03-28 12:12:40

the twin brothers iz super duper cute.
they should keep thier hair down when they’er young.

Comment by Nienke
2010-03-28 12:35:05

I luf it, and it’s funny because it is bald between the braids, Hahaha! ;’)

Comment by Maddie
2010-03-28 13:06:07

I like Tom’s new style…but I dont like the whole Bill Kaulitz Humanoid short hair look….and the outfits are over the edge with Bill….BUT GUSTAV AND GEORG…there just awesome πŸ˜‰

Comment by fog_machine483
2010-03-28 13:23:19

Can Tom get any more gorgeous!!!! Just looking at him in pics gets my tummy doing flips πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

Comment by Patti
2010-03-28 14:03:55

damn tom is fine………..hes so hot but so is the rest of TH!!

Comment by 7sins
2010-03-28 16:17:24

ha ha ha… i didn’t know that Tom speaks french… (sorry frenche fans)… cool they look smexy …

Comment by 7sins
2010-03-28 16:17:44

*french πŸ˜€

Comment by angelicamarie483
2010-03-29 02:25:27

no thats right. Bill only speaks two languages, and Tom speaks three.

Comment by Gabbi
2010-03-28 16:17:51

He’s can’t speak French but these articles can get a bit confusing. journalists should visit fan forums for all the facts.

Safe to say the cornrows are part extensions. Sometimes when it starts to fray a bit you can see the divid at about mid-neck level. He must have cut off a lot of dreds to get his hair back to normal.

Comment by perla kaulitz
2010-03-28 20:01:45

awwww, tom looks so cute & love him smiling πŸ˜€

Comment by Emily
2010-03-28 21:05:27

French? Not uhh. ( These pictures are so cute :] )

Comment by tinky
2010-03-29 10:20:06

i would love to see tom with a new hair style maybe with his hair being lose and not in braids. I know he looks good but maybe a change would be good for him too.

Comment by Merna
2010-03-30 13:48:05

I don’t think he will, that’ll be similar to Georg, looking like Georg is a taboo for Tom πŸ™‚

Comment by MzKaulitz
2010-03-29 15:13:07

Fresh to death! Tom is lookin’ fine, cornrows and all.

Comment by Candie
2010-03-29 16:24:04

ur hair dont have to be wet to get braids or have oil…its pretty easy…im just sayin
but he does look good with um πŸ˜€

Comment by Merna
2010-03-30 13:49:38

SEXY! but Tom doesn’t speak French, i’m sure he can curse in French (he curse in pretty much every language) but i don’t think he speaks fluint french.

Comment by cutiepop
2010-04-01 12:45:46

omgzzz tom iz soooo sexi!!!! πŸ™‚

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