PICS; Tokio Hotel – 02.04.10 Toulouse

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PICS; Tokio Hotel - 02.04.10 Toulouse PICS; Tokio Hotel - 02.04.10 Toulouse

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Comment by veronique lacroix
2010-04-06 12:15:04

to bad they get fallowed everywere:(….oh well thats whatt fame is allll about!!!!! i love that hat by the way

Comment by 7sins
2010-04-06 12:16:18

i don’t wanna be rude bit*h, but that huge THING between Bill’s legs is soooooooo (i can’t find words to describe it)… πŸ˜€ πŸ˜›

Comment by Emily
2010-04-07 18:21:39

HA! ikr

Comment by Rocky Rachelle
2010-04-07 21:12:57

Haha. EVry looks down there and thoguht i was the dirtyone.Love u Bill and Tom and Georg and Gustav!

-Roxky Rachelle

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Comment by Rocky Rachelle
2010-04-07 21:15:33

Oh shit that isn’t Bill it might be GEORG though.Poor us and we were all getting so excited about wat lies bet. Bill’s legs. LMFAO0oOoOoO.Lol, I was thinking man Bill’s thing grew so much in th elast day or so, weird.Love Tokio Hotel.

-Rocky Rachelle.

Comment by Rocky Rachelle
2010-04-07 21:20:58

Thats not georg’s thing on the 2nd pic cuz GEORG is walkin right behind the guy he is probably a bodyguard cuz he has his police radio in his hand.Smart me.

Comment by Veronica
2010-04-06 16:50:13

loll in the first pic.. loll you only see tom in the background πŸ˜›

wow.. that guy is so sexy.. πŸ™‚

oh yeah and hes mine btw πŸ˜€

Comment by Maddie
2010-04-06 17:57:41

LOL did anyone notice that thingie betweent Bill’s legs its kindda…Distracting….>< They look great


Comment by Melissa
2010-04-06 23:04:23

The 2nd pic is not Bill. The clothes are totally different in the first pic.

Comment by stephanie
2010-04-06 23:48:46

nah that ant bill…it looks like some1 that wrks 4 em or sumin =/

Comment by Nel
2010-04-07 05:22:16

Bill is hot.:D

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