SCANS; Tokio Hotel Special – Love Rock Nr. 21

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SCANS; Tokio Hotel Special -  Love Rock Nr. 21 SCANS; Tokio Hotel Special -  Love Rock Nr. 21 SCANS; Tokio Hotel Special -  Love Rock Nr. 21

(bad translation)

Tokio Hotel: Check out more excerpts from the interview with the German band

How do you create the songs from the first idea until the song end?

Bill: “I think there’s only one way we write our songs. It’s different every time. So, at times, Tom has an idea and I have some letters, Tom has some guitar sounds …”

What is the time to compose the songs for this new disc, Humanoid?

Tom: “About a year. We were a good time on tour with our old songs and newer material and had to be quick to go into the studio and be creative.”

Bill: “And to see what kind of music we wanted to do at the moment and how each has developed for the shows and everything else. So it was nice just being there and away from the spotlight, just in the studio without the press knowing what was going on, without making disclosure … and was just spending time in the studio.”

Tom: “If you have time, have the opportunity to, like, stay a week without doing anything. It is important to get out, walk around, go to the studio and do nothing. Maybe a drink together, have sex or … (laughs) Do everything in the studio … You can do anything in the studio. ” (Laughs)

Bill: “And Tom and I co-produced the album, the first time. It was a good experience.”

Who influences the sound of you?

Bill: “I’ve never had a band or an artist who influenced us in some way. I think we’re very different and each one hears different sounds …”

What inspired you to compose the songs?

Bill: “I think everything that is happening. We love each other, we hate each other everything …”

Tom: “You have a good day, has a bad day. Sometimes you’re drunk, sometimes happy, sad. You have all this going on in the studio and all that is important for the record. Anything is inspiring.”

Bill: “It was good to travel everywhere. We recorded some stuff in Germany, then in Los Angeles and Miami (USA), to have something else. It was not every day the same studio, so it was a good thing to try things new and have new influences. ”

You are afraid of reactions from people when they hear the new sound of Humanoid?

Bill: “We try to put that aside because we only focus on music. I think it’s important that you enjoy your material and you’re happy with it so that people can love it too. If you love something, whether it likes what you do, people can worship the same way. We had no pressure, just leave this thing alone. ”

Why choose Automatic to first work song?

Bill: “I think Automatic is one of the last songs we wrote to disk. We had the idea in the car and were on our way from the studio. I think it was exactly the sound and feel that we were missing on the CD. It was the right energy to presenting all the style, the album. It was just a good feeling and we were all excited about this song. That’s why we chose it. ”

Can you make while on the road?

Bill: “I think you can have ideas on the road sometimes. I think that inspiration is everywhere and always surrounds us. I always carry a pen with me and the laptop. Sometimes we do some things on the tour bus. But for this disk we just wanted a break in the studio, and did not want to write on the road. We just really wanted the studio and nothing else. But I think, just to gather some ideas, it’s very nice to travel around. ”

What is the favorite memory of you from last year (2008)? And what are the expectations for the future?

Bill: “I think we took that time in the studio. It was more normal than wander along the road. So we spent time with our families and it was great. And we really want to travel to other countries and play live in these places. I think that is the goal. And do not expect anything. Let’s see what happens. “

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Comment by fog_machine483
2010-04-20 12:50:03

Hahaha Tom!!!
“You can have sex in the studio”
hahaha 😀
such a dirty dirty man….me likey 🙂

Comment by Rocky Rachelle
2010-04-20 21:31:19

Tom was talking dirty when there were “(laughs)” in paranthesis. I was blusing. LOL, HE MAD DIRTY HE CAN SURVIVE IN IN MY HIGH SCHOOL. when he said “you can do everything in the studio/ you can do ANYTHING in the studio” he did mean it in a dirty way. LOVING TOKIO HOTEL EVEN MORE THAN B4.


-Rocky Rachelle

Comment by Rocky Rachelle
2010-04-20 21:33:14


-Rocky Rachelle

(Comments wont nest below this level)
Comment by patti
2010-04-20 14:47:24

toms such a manwhore thats why i luv him and because hes awesome and hot and i luv his personality

Comment by Maddie
2010-04-20 15:29:49

Omi gosh LOL Tom!
Tom is such a dirty Boi lol…HAVE SEX in the Studio?
sooooo Dirty lol….

I L0ve it (L) 🙂

Comment by hawaii01
2010-04-20 16:00:00

Ahaha omfk rofl i laughed SO hard when i read that my mom thought there was something wrong with me! Ahh i love Tom and his sexy-hexy perviness XD

Comment by Magenta
2010-04-20 16:49:40

well when you have your mind in the gutter after Tom says you can have sex in the studio Bill says something and then it was a good experience haha lol 🙂

Comment by Clara Kaulitz
2010-04-20 17:35:46

Let’s have sex in the studio. Tom’s such a perv, I love him!

Comment by Veronique
2010-04-21 18:11:13

Tom thinks so wrong!! haha like me! 😛 having sex in the studio! ROFL!!! hes so funny… hes almost a perfect guy.. he smokes so hes not perfect but besides that hes a god!…
I love him so much it hurts

xoox love u so much tom xoox!

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