SCANS; tokio hotel special – Kawanku 71/10

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SCANS; tokio hotel special - Kawanku 71/10 SCANS; tokio hotel special - Kawanku 71/10

The Dangerous lives of Tokio Hotel.
The risk of being successful musicians is being chased by fans. But fans who dare to send threat letters to them? Whoaa!

Aaaah… Tokio… Hotellll….. Bill! Georg! Gustav! Tom! These gorgeous boys from Germany fit right onto our list of boys that make us drool. As a German band, Tokio Hotel’s greatness needs not to be questioned. Their newest album, Humanoid, which is a mixture of English and German lyrics, has sent out a virus to the whole world, from America to Indonesia. It’s pretty rare for a German band to be so successful in America. Even Lady GaGa admits with ease that she’s a Tokio Hotel fan.

Cyst Surgery
Bill was so busy with his tour that he forgot about his own health. A cyst formed in his throat and he had to undergo surgery. 10 days after that, he was unable to speak. “I was so scared, we had to postpone 16 concerts. I look at the clock in my room, we should be on stage at a time like that, not in my room. It was really, really hard.”
During this short rest, Bill got lots of inspiration to write. Typical twins, when Bill has a feeling he can’t express with words, he turns to Tom. During this time, Tom was also always there for Bill.
“When I want something written, sometimes I don’t make sense. Luckily, I have Tom, he knows exactly what I mean.” says Bill.

Long-Distance Learning
What’s praise-worthy is that event though they’re busy with music, they still put studying first. They used a long distance learning system. Last year, they both received a 2009 Youth Prize award for best achievement by use of the system. In Germany, the work of students who use the long distance learning system is checked by the Forum DistancE-Learning Association. Bill and Tom got lots of compliments for getting good scores. How awesome, being a successful musician while still being a great student!

English Please!
Through their album, Humanoid, Tokio Hotel tried to get closer to their fans through their English songs. “It’s a big challenge for us, since my English isn’t very good. I’m a perfectionist, and I want every word that I say to sound as natural as possible.” says Bill, who is still sometimes accompanied by a translator during interviews. “We want everyone who hears our songs to be able to understand what we’re saying.” adds Tom.

Chef on the Road
Tokio Hotel’s schedule of spending nights at different hotels is just getting longer, since they’re on tour. What’s funny is that wherever Tokio Hotel goes, there’s always a chef who follows. They once had a bad meal which affected their concert schedules and tours.
Since they had a chef, Tokio Hotel never have to worry, they always have fresh salad, hamburgers or schnitzel (meat with a fried bread layer served with bread or potato salad) They also love waffles. Wherever they go, they always have a waffle-maker with them. Whenever they want some, all they have to do is make some!

Fanatic Fans
Wherever Tokio Hotel go, they’re always trailed by fans. These four guys happily provide their fans with photos and autographs. But, there were some fans that scared Bill, causing him to report them to the police. They are four fanatic French fans who call themselves ‘The Afghans on Tour’. They follow Tokio Hotel wherever they go. They also sent threatening letters saying “We are not satisfied, we are getting impatient now.” They have a motto, which is “We’ll make other people lives a nightmare!”

They hang out in front of Tokio Hotel’s apartments and what’s even scarier is that they even followed Bill’s mom. Since they failed to get Tokio Hotel’s autograph, they got even braver. They threw eggs at Tokio Hotel’s cars and stalked them at their houses, until they had to hire a security guard for Bill’s mom. “They aren’t fans anymore, they’re stalkers!” says Jost, Tokio Hotel’s manager. These over-the-top actions of these so-called “fans” made Tom pretty angry as well. When The Afghans on Tour followed him, Tom punched one of them in the face. In his defense, Tom said that the girl put a cigarette to Tom’s car, while the girl said that all she did was get close to Tom’s car to ask for a photo. Because this happened, Tom was fined a total of 1000 Euros. This problem is still unresolved, and Tom has to go to court to declare in his defense.

15 more about Tokio Hotel
1. Bill needs about 45 minutes to do his hair.
2. George takes the longest to do make up
3. Bill burps the loudest
4. Bill loves Caramel-Brownie ice cream
5. Gustav loves vanilla ice cream with chocolate sprinkles.
6. Georg likes strawberry ice cream
7. Bill never liked exercising.
8. Tom likes basketball and Gustav likes soccer.
9. Tom only takes off his hat when he sleeps.
10. Georg has worn traditional German clothes to an Octoberfest once.
11. Tom likes to bother Georg when he’s bored.
12. Gustav likes photography.
13. The last book Bill read is ‘Willst du mit mir gehen?’
14. Tokio Hotel love their dogs to death and would cry if anything ever happened to them.
15. Gustav’s favorite concert was a Metallica concert in 2006 in Berlin.

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Comment by sarah
2010-04-23 12:18:56

“Willst du mit mir gehen?” is Nena’s autobiography book. Looks like Bill still a huge fan.

Comment by Rocky Rachelle
2010-04-23 17:04:45

I LOVE THEM, BUT I HOPE US THE FANS COULD GIVE THEM SOME PRIVACY. They have a life of their own. Just try to be in their position and we would go crzy cuz it would be toooo much but they do it not to disrespect us their fans.

love tokio hotel 43v3r!

-Rocky Rachelle

Comment by MexicanTHfan
2010-05-14 23:45:55


Comment by fog_mahine483
2010-04-23 13:25:50

😀 😀 😀
“Tom likes to bother Georg when he’s bored.”

Comment by immy
2010-04-25 04:34:34

:L HAHA yeaah i lol-ed at that one loads XD

Comment by Alison
2010-04-23 13:56:33

I love them! They are the best.

Tom<3 =)

Comment by patti
2010-04-23 15:27:24

tom i luv u !!!!! i hope tom gets that dumbass stalking thing out of court!!! go tommy

Comment by Kay
2010-04-23 20:38:05

Praise to Lady Gaga!! this is awesome the journalist must like them cause its all good stuff xD

Comment by merci
2010-04-24 00:20:31

yay!! another indonesian magazine!! TH is getting more and more popular in indonesia.. hope they come soon.. 😀

Comment by Angel Namerah
2010-07-12 13:39:12

XD the thrd one was the hilarious i laughed alot readint it suddenly XD XD XD boys will b boys even if they seem to be like divas XD

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