PICS; Bill Kaulitz without makeup = A Piece of Heaven!

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Slowlyy, please undress me <3 <3

PICS; Bill Kaulitz without makeup = A Piece of Heaven! PICS; Bill Kaulitz without makeup = A Piece of Heaven! PICS; Bill Kaulitz without makeup = A Piece of Heaven! PICS; Bill Kaulitz without makeup = A Piece of Heaven!

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Comment by hawaii01
2010-04-25 14:03:30

i’m speechless. truly, honestly speechless <3

Comment by Rocky Rachelle
2010-04-25 16:24:29

BIllGASM right now. SOOOOO HOTT.

-Rocky Rachelle

Comment by GAIL :D
2010-04-27 18:30:58

bahaha that was fantastic xD and i totally agree! he looks gorgeous!

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Comment by lauren
2010-04-25 15:12:44

wow hes so perfect <33333

Comment by Sofia
2010-04-25 15:47:17

Wow. He is perfect. Just perfect <3

Comment by aris
2010-04-25 17:29:26

he’s so perfect !!

Comment by Alison
2010-04-25 19:08:39

Perfect,beautiful,handsome man<3

Comment by MzKaulitz
2010-04-25 19:41:07

Ooh, he’s so gorgeous! He really has given us a piece of heaven because he’s our angel.

Comment by Lily
2010-04-26 03:52:38



2010-04-26 08:07:27

Pshhyeahh xDD

Comment by merci
2010-04-26 05:43:25

1 word: WOW

Comment by CarolineKaulitz
2010-04-26 07:45:14

Wow, he’s so perfect<3

2010-04-26 08:06:50

Wowwww. I Don’t Care Who You Are ; Bill = Sex.


Geez, He’s Freaking :O

Comment by Nyaa
2010-04-26 09:08:53

No words. Nothing compares. I’m speechless.

Comment by Roxi
2010-04-26 13:05:18

I like the first pic the best perfect profile

Comment by romana
2010-04-26 13:06:23

he is such a natural beauty ! ( envious^^ )

Comment by sarah
2010-04-26 13:09:57

wait…Bill without makeup, in concert!!!

Comment by Mafinha
2010-05-13 15:53:21

It wasn’t a concert, it was the rehearsals for the first concert of the Humanoid City Tour πŸ˜›

Comment by tinky
2010-04-26 13:11:52

He looks so much like tom without the makeup and he looks great amazing . I love either way he looks handsome.

Comment by Bethany
2010-04-26 13:47:33

Wow. Bill Kaulitz just makes me speechless (In a good way) he’s so perfect and amazing in every way : D

Comment by patti
2010-04-26 14:41:18

gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! almost as hot as tom but still hotttt

Comment by Ella
2010-04-26 14:52:23

He doesn’t need makeup to be beautiful, he just is naturally. πŸ™‚

Comment by ifreak
2010-04-26 15:29:21

WOW is this tom or bill ? O_o really perfection

Comment by Katelin
2010-04-26 19:06:57

hes all mine ladys <3 i call dips!!! lol i really do…. no rude comments plz!!!

Comment by Veronique
2010-04-26 19:41:04

plz bill stop the makeup bill! look how beautiful u are! πŸ˜€

Comment by Veronique
2010-04-26 19:41:42

plz bill stop the makeup bill! look how beautiful u are! πŸ˜€

Comment by River
2010-04-26 20:19:20

D: hes not wearing makeup anymore???

Y_Y i knew this would happen one day.

Comment by Simone
2010-04-27 09:15:40

so beautiful!
i love you, Bill <33333

Comment by marcelina
2010-04-27 09:55:52

plz bill dnt wear make u luk BEAUTIFULLL and hot without it

Comment by kaulitzmonster89
2010-04-27 21:49:48

he looks hottest when hes natural. <3 love ya bill.

Comment by :D_HUMANO!D:+Geisha!*
2010-04-27 21:58:19


Comment by RedSkittles89
2010-04-28 10:06:11

I truely Love you Bill <3

Comment by georgina
2010-04-29 00:48:53

i think he’s starting to be comfortable without make-up, and i must say he looks so manly and absolutely handsome!!!

Comment by ktiusk
2010-04-29 23:37:43

ooo …he look good …^^

Comment by georgina
2010-04-30 05:18:06

he perhaps tired of wearing make-up

Comment by prittykitty
2010-05-12 01:10:51

I like the make-up…he looks gorgeous without but I like him with it.

Comment by :D_HUMANO!D:+Geisha!*
2010-06-03 21:16:20

BILLGASM!! :DD….SEXY!! oh please, oh please undress me Bill lol

Comment by Emily
2010-08-06 00:34:52

i like him :]

Comment by Nicole
2010-12-06 14:38:27

With his make-up he is dangerously beautiful. But without the make-up he looks himself, very handsome.He should go without make-up more often, be free, have some fun once and a while.

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