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PICS; tom kaulitz – hamburg pictures

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PICS; Tokio HOtel Comet Backstage Interview 2010

Post by Comet 2010 – Backstage Stage fright? Bill: Well, we have stage fright of our own concerts.. I’ve always thought that we’re the most nervous band. I couldn’t imagine that there are other people who are that nervous as well. Tom: But if you just take a look at the backstage area here, […]

PICS; tokio hotel pictures – 21.05.10 Comet

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INTERVIEW; Exclusive but long, interview with Tokio Hotel – Bravo Web TV

Post by Sascha: Well, then tell me what you experienced in the last weeks… Bill: Well, we were in Asia, and uhm… yeah, we had a concert there, a small one, and we met our fans there for the first time, so to say it was the very first start.. Tom: Oh yes, that […]

INTERVIEW/SCAN; Tokio Hotel – Bravo 22/10

Post by Hungry for success Great honor for the boys – Gold award/record in Taiwan! But the stomach grumles… Taiwan – An island before China’s coast, 11 hour flight from Germany. Also here, our TH boys are mega stars! A few days ago, the band from Magdeburg got gold record for their album, „Humanoid”. […]

PICS; Tokio Hotel Pictures – 27.04.10 – Singapur

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PHOTO; Tokio Hotel Message to their fans!

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NEWS; Buzznet – Tokio Hotel Viva Comet Awards

Post by Tokio Hotel keep it cool at the 2010 VIVA Comet Awards on Friday (May 21) in Oberhausen, Germany. Joining Bill Kaulitz, Tom Kaulitz, Georg Listing and Gustav Schafer on the pink carpet was teen singing sensation Justin Bieber, who recently hit his head on a revolving glass door at a hotel. If […]

VIDEOS; Tokio hotel part – 21.05.10 Comet Awards

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PICS; Tokio HOtel Comet Awards pictures

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