PHOTO; BIll Kaulitz woooooii wooiii

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PHOTO; BIll Kaulitz woooooii wooiii 

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Comment by Me
2010-05-03 07:59:39


Comment by Rocky Rachelle
2010-05-03 19:53:18



-Rocky Rachelle

Comment by AnyTHa8992
2010-05-03 12:11:20

waaaaaaaaaaaaa m nknta komo se ve supr
se korto maz el kabello vdd !!

Comment by Kirani
2010-05-03 12:11:42

wow he’s been looking more masculine these days

Comment by Hannah_Kaulitz97
2010-05-03 12:33:52

-melts- the fauxhawk is back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I know he didn’t get rid of it, he just left it flat.

Comment by patti
2010-05-03 13:13:39

omg!!!! bill looks sexier then ever ..dont change bill that faux should so stay on u …damn i want to do so many things to bill now …*hot*

Comment by river
2010-05-03 18:42:19

<_< uh, keep it in tha bedroom?

Comment by Magenta
2010-05-03 18:47:21

haha nice one or the could just not do any thing and let us do the stuff

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Comment by Maddie
2010-05-03 13:54:41

that looks cute I like that faux hawk… I didnt like the who humanoid look tho ;( I like it likr that 😀

Comment by holly
2010-05-03 14:25:33


Comment by Sable
2010-05-03 16:04:18

WOW…..he looks so great…UGH I WANT HIM!!!

Comment by Lilith
2010-05-03 16:31:41

wow!! amazingly beautiful!

Comment by :D_HUMANO!D:+Geisha!*
2010-05-03 18:41:35


Comment by river
2010-05-03 18:43:00

that shirt makes him look cowboyish..


Comment by patti
2010-05-03 21:44:30

OMB!!! he does look cowboyish i so want to ride on bills pony

Comment by alicen
2010-05-04 00:53:42

wheres his bangs/fringe?

Comment by emmalovesbill
2010-05-04 15:38:51

im guessing he spiked them up with the rest of his hair.

Comment by Sully666
2010-05-04 10:15:56

yummy 🙂
tho he does look like a cowboy XD

Comment by samantha
2010-05-04 12:31:38

he is so gorgeous i like the hair but i really miss his sexy long puffy hair :'(

Comment by emmalovesbill
2010-05-04 15:37:03

omg he looks sooooo fucking delicouse!

i would just….. omg hes HAWT.

Comment by emmalovesbill
2010-05-04 15:39:53

oh and abou the cowboy thing i would loove to ride his pony off!!! lololol XD

Comment by emmalovesbill
2010-05-04 15:40:57

i cant wait to meet him…… ill prolly fall on the floor and be yelling halleluja like i juss met jesus. bahahahaha XD

Comment by ThtgrlnamedAmy
2010-05-04 15:57:10

Yay! Fauxhawk! I still really miss the dreads, but I still love him!!! <3Kaulitz<3

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