GOSSIP; Who Looks Better…Bill Kaulitz og Ke$ha?

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GOSSIP; Who Looks Better...Bill Kaulitz og Ke$ha?

Who looks better?
Two stars, one trend. But in whom looks better the rocking studed-boots from Bess NYC (cc. 500 euros). Singer, Ke$ha (23) combines the boots with tight leggings and trendy biker gloves. A super combination! The Tokio Hotel’s singer, Bill’s lumberjack shirt doesn’t matches to the luxury shoes.

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Comment by Lollie
2010-05-07 10:09:24

Im not just saying this cos I love Bill xD (LOL) but I actually do think that Bill wore them better than Ke$ha. I’ve got nothing against her or anything and I think her music is pretty good but I just think Bill’s fashion sense in better than her’s…just my opinion 🙂

Comment by Mz. OKAY
2010-05-07 10:18:57

Kesha’s cool, Bill’s hot, but the shoes are ugly!

‘Nuff said

Comment by breannie
2010-05-08 16:23:52

I definately agree.
The shoes are gross, the man wearing them…mmm♥

Comment by alicia
2010-05-07 11:37:34

I still think bill looks better

Comment by Rocky Rachelle
2010-05-07 18:44:59

Bill looks better cause of how he has his jeans! If kesha had worn jeans too she would have look nicer!

Comment by penpey
2010-05-08 07:55:53

hmm i like Bill’s better i think Kesha has to mutch black .
silly people not knowing who is hotter 🙂
Billll nomnonmonm

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Comment by Kourtney-Anne
2010-05-09 01:30:11

I think Bill should be the winner. Bill’s more put together where Kesha is more throw it on and go

Comment by poprockprincess
2010-05-07 12:10:11

THey obviously didn’t ask us before they posted the winner!!! Bill’s HOT

Comment by MrsxBillxKaulitz
2010-05-07 12:14:06

Bill is alway better. 🙂 plus he doesn’t look like sloppy trailer trash…

Comment by mara
2010-05-07 12:49:29

SH*T! They still sees Bill as a girl. Damnd u ppl!.

Comment by kaylie
2010-05-07 13:05:03

really? cuz i think ke$ha loosk like sh*t….

Comment by Alicia
2010-05-07 13:10:03

Still Think Bill looks like a winner1 😉

Comment by Sable
2010-05-07 13:10:16

Uhh Bill looks better. He always looks better!

Comment by lexy
2010-05-07 14:21:17

ya. Bill always looks better!

Comment by Lala
2010-05-07 13:11:19

Ke$ha isn’t talented, is a drunk, and looks like she would smell. Plus she made out with Adam Lambert ew! No offense.

Comment by hawaii01
2010-05-07 13:18:52

What the f*ck. Kesha’s disgusting. Her hair looks like it’s never been washed. I like her music sortof but come on ppl her and Bill are so far beyond different it’s not even funny. Definitely Bill looks better, why is this even a question?

Comment by LYDIA
2010-05-07 14:51:38

I think ka$ha should feel privliged to be compared to Bill..
but she better keep dreamin if she wants to ever look as good as him!!

Comment by nelia
2010-05-07 13:19:10

BILL BILL BILL!! Why is this even on this website? of course its bill! Kesha is a fat ass

Comment by Alex
2010-05-07 13:27:25

I almost puked when I saw Bill’s name next to ke.. Whatevers. Bill is amazing. She is trash. Nuff said

Comment by marrta
2010-05-07 13:52:10

how is that a question? the answer is obvious, its Bill!!

Comment by jana
2010-05-07 13:53:34

ke$ha looks like a homeless person, and bill looks smokin’!

Comment by Maddie
2010-05-07 15:29:28

LOL … agreed Ke$ha is a druken, love sick version of Taylor swift just saying lol 😀

Comment by fog_machine483
2010-05-07 15:46:27

Hahaha kudos to you 😀 hahahaha

(Comments wont nest below this level)
Comment by Iselin Wamstad
2010-05-07 14:26:14

The shoes, On Bill: Hot, On Kesha: NOT!

Comment by cutiepop
2010-05-07 14:46:47

deffently BILL♥

Comment by michelle
2010-05-07 14:50:16

Bill always looks sexy lol 😉

Comment by Melanie
2010-05-07 15:00:47

Bill looks better <3:)

Comment by teamtom
2010-05-07 15:05:59

bill, of course

Comment by BiLl kAuLiTz i am addicted to you
2010-05-07 15:14:32

i dont understand why they totally dont ask any of US first
Bill rocks them wayyyyyy better

Comment by patti
2010-05-07 15:27:42

omg!! wtf??? first adam and bill now ke$ha and bill?? ppl r fu*ked up seriously and duhhh bill looks way better… luv bill and tokio hotel 4ever

Comment by Ali
2010-05-07 15:41:45

um Bill fer sure!!!!! Ke$ha looks like a retard, whereas Bill always looks amazing! They obviously weren’t thinking too clear! >:(

Comment by fog_machine483
2010-05-07 15:48:29

Bill, duh!!! Bill is amazing beyond amazing beyond amazing times infinity. There is no competition when you’re competing with Bill, when are they gonna get it through their thick skulls??

Comment by Kelli
2010-05-07 16:50:54

I’m looking at this and trying not to be biased 😛 and I still legit think Bill looks way better:D

Comment by Anne Kaulitz Depp
2010-05-07 16:54:28

Bill… 🙂

Comment by :D_HUMANO!D:+Geisha!*
2010-05-07 17:11:17

wtf?! what kind of a fucken question is that??!!(excuse my french :D) Bill obviously ke$sha is trashy (sorry for fans:/)

Comment by isa
2010-05-07 17:34:56

I think both of them look good Ke$sha her out fit match and Bill looks soooooooooooo HOT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Comment by Tanya M
2010-05-07 18:13:05

Bill makes it work better with his outfit, the other one looks to 80’s like.

Comment by perla kaulitz
2010-05-07 18:34:59

bill looks waaaaaay better (:

Comment by river
2010-05-07 19:17:43

*sigh* okay we deserve this. We ask to stop with the Glambert/Bill shit so we’re forced to look at this….
alright *sigh AGAIN* bring back glambert….fuc*ing poser…. >.<

Comment by hawaii01
2010-05-08 17:45:47

ick…agreed. at the very least, glambert’s a guy…to compare Bill to a girl is QUITE a bit much…

Comment by MzKaulitz
2010-05-08 19:07:53

At least Glambert was a somewhat relevant comparison. Now they’re just finding any ol’ poser. Bill and Ke$ha are from two different planets, and there is no comparison. Personally, I prefer Planet Bill. U_U

Comment by nina emilie
2010-05-07 19:57:39

I would’ve worn what Bill is wearing.
Simply because the shoes doesn’t just have to match the outfit, they have to match their body, face and.. yeah, their personality, too.
Ke§ha doesn’t look BAD, but Bill is matching those boots well with his attitude and facial expression (or however people spell expression)..

So.. Bill wins!

Comment by Ashley
2010-05-07 20:44:38

Pfft.. no competition.. ;D

Comment by Janice
2010-05-07 20:49:18

Bill. Because he can work the jacket AND the boots at the same time.

Comment by kikki
2010-05-07 21:04:08

its bill all the way…i wish people would stop treating him like a girl open ur eyes!! hes a fucking sexy guy

Comment by MIKEE!
2010-05-07 21:04:14

psh. bill looks better……if only his jeans were a little it darker in color though. Ke$ha looks great too 🙂

Comment by Jumper
2010-05-07 21:26:10

I’m not saying that this is Bill’s best, because it’s really not, but Kesha looks like shit, as always, but the way Bill has the boots’ tongue folded down looks like crap…so yeah…

Comment by guadalupe
2010-05-07 21:30:01

duh who else bill of coarse. bill all ways look sexier

Comment by lim
2010-05-07 21:49:04

Bill always looks better…

Comment by Sara
2010-05-07 22:20:40

do you even have to ask? Bill definitely looks better in them

Comment by _Minorka
2010-05-07 22:29:13

Bill, of course o_o omg.

Comment by ashley
2010-05-07 23:12:32


Comment by Black Rose (Bill's wife)
2010-05-08 00:19:47

of course my husband does!

Comment by Shadow
2010-05-08 00:31:08

bill definately looks better!

Comment by Shadow
2010-05-08 00:31:57

bill definitely!

Comment by twizzy
2010-05-08 02:17:36

holy shit lmao this has the most comments then ive evr seen b4…hehheh anyway people need to stop fucking comparing him to posers and girlz i mean really….just stop…

Comment by Layla
2010-05-08 06:48:50

BILL!!! Ke$ha probably stole his style…BILLL LOOKS 100% better

Comment by Dae
2010-05-08 09:59:04

i mean, i love Kesha, and Adam.
but holy shit man.
Bill is just extremly fashionable.
I love Bill with all my heart and soul- but i think he gta stop wearing shoes made for ladiess! DD: these are okay, (but the heels (boots) got to go T_T )
furthermore… i think Bill looks really good with it (:
and so does Kesha.
but- i don’t really care who looks better.. as long as Bill stays alive- happy- and healthy, im fine ^__________^

Comment by merci
2010-05-08 11:17:46

so agree with you

Comment by MzKaulitz
2010-05-08 18:51:04

I’ll agree to that. ^_^

Comment by whitney
2010-05-13 07:33:49

i totally agree with you there!!!

Comment by merci
2010-05-08 11:16:21

why do they even compare bill and kesha?

Comment by Angie
2010-05-08 13:06:03

Bill should have worn a better shirt, he looks weird with the lumberjack shirt. Lumberjackers have muscles, Bill has none. Kesha wore the shoes better.

Comment by yanelhy
2010-05-08 17:54:58

bill looks better he is so hot anyway kesha i don`t like.

Comment by MzKaulitz
2010-05-08 18:57:17

I’m so tired of this Ke$ha chick. She has no talent or originality, and comparing her to Bill just crossed the line for me. Not even close! Of course, Bill looks better. But why are they comparing them in the first place? Those outfits aren’t that similar.

Comment by mrskaulitz
2010-05-08 19:59:31

bill to the max!!!

Comment by Isabelle
2010-05-09 00:46:16

Ke$sha is a benal, trashy whore.

Comment by Wenchtokiohotelprincess
2010-05-09 01:53:11

YaAh!itS True…
OwH Can thEy coMparEd btWEen kESha n Bill_?
Bill is toTAlly dE MosT BtTer thEN KEshA!
I Love tokio hotEL 4eveR…!

Comment by Nikki
2010-05-09 06:27:07

I love Bill, he’s so so HOT, but he should be wearing those shoes, they dont do him good… But this isnt me admitting that Ke$ha wore them better… no comment on her

Comment by Jill
2010-05-09 21:44:38

OMG Bill for sure…..he can make anything look HOT!!!!

Comment by Teresa
2010-05-23 20:07:19

idk bout yall…..but i dont really like kesha or her music. i just dont like her voice, it sounds so wierd.

Comment by Emily
2010-08-10 13:05:24

It’s hard not to be biased. I wonder who decided this.

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