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Sascha: Well, then tell me what you experienced in the last weeks…

Bill: Well, we were in Asia, and uhm… yeah, we had a concert there, a small one, and we met our fans there for the first time, so to say it was the very first start..
Tom: Oh yes, that was really good.
Bill: ..that was very exciting because you fly so far and then it’s a totally different culture and totally different people, and the people can sing along though.
Tom: We had a good show.
Bill: ..yeah, we had a good show.
Tom: In Malaysia we had a real show, how long did we play? An hour or something..
Georg: Yeah..
Tom: ..and then, uhm.. then we were in Taiwan, we had a small acoustic session there. It was really good.
Sascha: What is the craziest thing which happened to you in the last time?
Bill: The craziest thing… Well, Sascha, I don’t know it!
Sascha: But was there one thing in Asia, which happened to you, where you thought “Woah, crazy!”?
Tom: We ate crazy things..
Bill: Yeah, we ate some weird stuff.. well, once we went to a Chinese restaurant for dinner with a colleague, and there we tried some desserts. Some weird stuff, which you actually don’t get here and…
Tom: We’re vegetarians, so we had been discussing the whole day with all the people there and yeah.. we ate Chinese food and tried vegetarian stuff, some vegetables and fruits, which you just know there and which are also growing just there, and I also don’t know anymore what kind of food it was, but the one or other tasted really weirdly.
Bill: So, they were really things which you don’t know here.
Woman: Did you also have diarrhea once? *laughs*
Bill: That is Georg’s special topic.
Georg: I can’t remember anymore, actually.
Tom: I can remember that something … (sorry, I didn’t get it, Tom is mumbling too much) … But he always has a bit diarrhea …
Sascha: Are you careful with the food then?

Bill: Uhm.. well, as long as it’s vegetarian, I’m really willing to try it, but of course I was a bit afraid in China, we actually weren’t there, but there you eat cats and dogs and so on as well, which is really a no-go for me. Of course I informed myself why this happens and so, and I find it really really horrible, but as long as I knew what it was and that it wasn’t an animal, we tried it, so we were really… But you know us, we’re always really usual, we always eat just pizza, pizza and pasta, and there [in Asia] it was like that, too, actually. We tried some things out…

Tom: It was just once…

Bill: In a TV-Show we also drank such a weird drink and

Georg: … tea with milk or something..

Bill: ..yeah, tea with milk

Georg: ..and such small jelly balls..

Bill: ..but it was really cool, because we had a kind of big drinking straw and the small jelly ball came through this..

Tom: Speaking of crazy things… the craziest thing which happened to us in Asia was at the arrival. As soon as you arrived you have to sign something which says that you get punished with the death penalty if you bring along drugs..

Bill: They cut your head off! *laughs* No…

Tom: No.. but kinda.. means that you have to sign something which says that if you bring drugs along with you, and you also don’t know exactly what is allowed and what’s not allowed, then they cut your head off..

Georg: You just have to bring along the wrong medicament with you, then it’s over..

Sascha: Okay.. but you didn’t have something with you, right?

Bill: No, we didn’t have drugs..

Woman: Did anyone offer you something?

Tom: Well, you stand there in Singapore and they’re very very strict, so all in all it was the cleanest city I’ve ever seen..

Bill: You barely get out there..

Tom: You’re also not allowed to spit chewing gums on streets and so on..

Bill: But I made it anyway!

Tom: Really?

Sascha: And nothing happened?

Bill: I didn’t think of it in that moment! I really didn’t think of it! Everybody told me first “Don’t do that!”, but then I was sitting in the car and…
Tom: But I’m gonna make a phone call and at the next trip…
Bill: … but Singapore was really impressing, all of us didn’t expect that, it was really the most beautiful city I’ve been to in a long time. It was really really beautiful, we had a great hotel and a really good time, so… yeah, it was really good.
Sascha: What are you planning to do in the next time?
Bill: Next we’ll go to Asia again, we’re gonna do another MTV Worldstage there, and we’ll be in China for the first time, we’ll be in a TV show there and yeah, first we’ll be in Asia again.
Tom: Besides we’re always planning. Currently we’re having a rather relaxing time, we’re just back from our tour, so to say…
Bill: And of course our Tour DVD will be released, in July, but don’t ask me about the exact date…
Tom: In summer, definitely
Bill: In summer… and the Live album… Tom and me just released the final cuts of the Live DVD, it will be really good, we recorded the concert in Milan. And it just goes on.. we want to play a tour in South America this year, and there also will be more concerts in Asia…
Woman: Do you even get around to do sports, do you have hobbies or so..?
Bill: No, but we never have been doing sports so far, well I have to say that I’m totally unathletic. I went on the treadmill for the tour, but it was unnecessary.
Georg: 2 times?
Bill: No no no, this time I did it really intensely. I have to defend myself, I really pulled it through, I was with Tom…
Tom: For two weeks…
Bill: … I was even on the treadmill in my vacation..
Tom: But Tom doesn’t go running…
Bill: I see.. no, I just wanted to get condition and… but you totally can forget that..
Woman: But doesn’t it have a bad effect when you can’t do sports that extremely..?
Tom: Well, it’s simple, of course I just look better…
Bill: Well, I never have been doing sports, so I don’t know that, but I’m living unhealthy anyway.. I smoke like a chimney and eat pizza all day long..
Tom: You smoke?!
Bill: Nah, just now and then…
Sascha (to Tom): But you do sports?
Tom: Just when I get round to do it.. I’m not a sport fetichist.
Georg: Nah, but Tom is.. he’s actually everyday at McFit’s.
Woman (to Gustav and Georg): And what about you two? Are you doing sport?
Tom: Georg just waited for the moment in which you’ll ask him about that… And yes, Georg works out…
Georg: Now and then..
Tom: We actually call him the thoroughly fit Leonardo di Caprio.
Sascha: And Gustav?
Bill: With Gustav the question arises..
Tom: Gustav is “Dickie” (like “tubbo” or something)
Sascha: But why are you actually dissing him [Gustav] all the time?
Bill: Him? Just see what Georg gets..!
Sascha: But Gustav always gets dissed and you say that he is too fat.
Bill: In fact, Tom and me get discriminated all day long in this world!
[…] (they’re just mumbling a bit, I can’t understand it)
Bill: But as soon as the door closes, it’s us who get dissed and then there’s a lot going on!

Sascha: Then you shellac them?
Georg: Yeah..
Sascha (to Gustav): Is it mean if they’re dissing you in interviews all the time?
Georg: That’s totally mean..
Gustav: That’s “doofi” (doof = dumb), I find it really “blödi” of them.. (blöd = stupid) [He always puts an “i” to the end of the word, it sounds more childish)
Tom: But.. but.. but what else.. Bill has a girlfriend..
Sascha: What’s her name?
Bill: Oh Tom, man!
Sascha: What’s her name?
Bill: …Jacqueline. *laughs*
Woman: From Magdeburg?
Georg: Jacqueline Chantal.
Bill: She has short, red hair. *laughs*
Bill: No, it hasn’t happened anything new..
Woman: Why doesn’t it work?
Sascha (to Tom): What about you?
Tom: No, sam here.. not a solid relationship, at least… I want to have a solid relationship, I told it already once…
Bill: But Georg is still in a relationship with his girlfriend *claps hands*
Sascha: Wedding? Engagement?
Georg: Well…
Bill: Jaja, he’s been planning it all the while!
Tom: He’s urging for it, because he can have sex for the first time after wedding.
Bill: Maybe we can give here a hidden message that actually Georg wants to get a wedding proposal. He doesn’t want to propose to his girlfriend, he actually wants to GET a wedding proposal.
Georg: Nah, first we’ll shoot “Georg and … in love” and then…
Tom: But to be honest, we’re actually thinking about what we’ll do when Georg becomes a father..
Bill: Yeah… it could happen..
Tom: In the studio I play the bass anyway.. but on tour it will be a problem..
Sascha: Do you actually want to have children soon?
Georg: No, not soon.
Sascha: But somewhen..?
Georg: Somewhen… with 40.

Woman (to Bill): Will you babysit then?
Bill: Huh?
Woman: Will you babysit then?
Bill: No way!
Georg: For God’s sake! … I won’t give them my children!
Bill: But I think I’m actually not capable to do it.. I have to say we’re fully stretched with our 4 dogs, in principle that’s like to have children..
Tom: But I have to say, I have very good names for my own children.. I actually don’t want to have children, but I would have good names for them..
Bill: Yeah, but you don’t want to say that name, so why do you tell it?
Tom: No no no, I won’t tell it, I’m just saying..
Bill: We actually often talk about the names of our children, but we don’t want to have children..
Tom: I’m creative when it comes to finding names..
Georg: Tom Junior!
Sascha: Bill Junior… Billette
Sascha (to Gustav): And you’re single, too?
Gustav: Yes..
Sascha (to Bill): So, Adam Lambert is totally in love with you, how do you find that?
Bill: I actually don’t know about that exactly.. I have to say that I actually don’t know him..
Sascha: But he told me that
Bill: I don’t know him exactly.. or rather I don’t know him at all.
Tom: We always get asked about Adam Lambert, but we don’t know him..
Bill: No, we don’t know him, I’ve never met him, so far. I don’t know a lot of his music at all, I just saw his a bit of his video and the song, but I don’t know him at all.
Woman: Would you actually like to get to know him?
Bill: Uhm.. I can’t say that.. It depends on how he is.. well, if you meet somewhere, then of course, why not.. but it hasn’t happened so far.
Sascha: Okay, then…
Woman: Thank you.
Okay, this was the last part. I’m sorry for mistakes, feel free to correct them if you find some.

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Comment by noussa
2010-05-27 07:49:57

very nice interview

Comment by Rocky Rachelle
2010-05-27 20:01:50

This was a really good interview. Tom is creative with babies names but doesn’t want kids now. Just like me. I am always making names but i see how parents struggle with raising their kids.No thanks.

-Rocky Rachelle

Comment by merci
2010-05-27 09:05:36

bill got girlfriend………………??

Comment by Yukichan
2010-05-27 10:31:19

I think they were just joking

Comment by Karla
2010-05-27 10:37:17

no he does not!

Comment by noussa
2010-05-27 16:05:37

no they’re joking
then he said there’s nothing new

Comment by River
2010-05-27 20:40:00

O thank GOD!
i had a heart attack


but then, I would be happy for him cus then he would be happy ^-^

(Comments wont nest below this level)
Comment by Tanya M
2010-05-27 20:56:43

That’s like me, I’m be happy for him but filled with grief if he’s no longer available.
To be completely honest, If he got a girlfriend then I’d just remind myself that relationships at his age don’t last long and I’d secretly hope they break up. X)

Comment by hawaii01
2010-05-27 21:23:28

@ Tanya M, lmao that’s how i am XD

that was an awesome interview, i luv those boys. all 4 of them, they’re just so irresistible 😀 but especially my Bill <3

Comment by Savana
2010-05-28 20:50:49

Oh my god definately!! I missed the one part where Bill said he was joking…that scared me so much!!!!

Comment by MzKaulitz
2010-05-29 01:20:47

Tanya, I know what you mean. It didn’t take me long to discover that he was joking, but that brief second of uncertainty filled me with grief. I don’t know why it matters though. It’s not like he’ll ever be “available” for me. =(

Comment by Jaslynn
2010-05-27 09:21:48

Bill: She has short, red hair. *laughs*
Bill: No, it hasn’t happened anything new..

Nope, I thought he did, but he didn’t mean it.

Comment by Allie
2010-05-27 09:52:11

they are so cute and funny! they make this world a better place. thanks for the interview.

Comment by Karla
2010-05-27 10:36:45

nice….. and no bill does not have a girlfriend it was a joke tom did. i guess its kind of a inside joke… gosh tokio hotel needs to come to america soon and tour i cant wait 🙂 and i am glad that they finally got to go to asia they always wanted to go. but have they gone to tokyo? ummm i wonder

Comment by Savana
2010-05-27 14:43:19

I hope it’s a joke!!!! I’ll die if so!!! and no they haven’t gone to Tokyo yet, they want to.

Comment by Xxx
2010-05-27 11:47:22

I’m half Asian so I love that tea and milk with sth like jelly bubbles in it!!! LOL btw it was a nice interview hope they come back to Asia when I’m there!!

Comment by soew
2010-05-27 21:02:04

it’s called bubble tea, right? I really want to try one:)

Comment by Xxx
2010-05-28 00:31:14

Ya it is and there is all kinds of brands for it like “hop hop” or “quickly”… But I like it more without the milk just the tea and the flavour (like iced tea) hope you try one soon!!!

(Comments wont nest below this level)
Comment by patti
2010-05-27 14:41:13

omg!! they scared me when they said tht bill has a girlfirend!!:P

Comment by Ashley
2010-05-27 14:52:54

Oh my gosh, me too!!! Hahah!

Comment by Jamie
2010-05-27 18:33:54

haha this interview is so funny 😀

Comment by River
2010-05-27 20:38:05


Georg: For gods sake i wouldnt give them my children!

best part of the interview. .. XD XD XD

Comment by Tanya M
2010-05-27 20:53:58

Are they referring to Bubble Tea?

Comment by thfan...
2010-05-27 21:16:38

the guys are so adorable….
its better i you watch the video here
it has subtitles…

Comment by humanoid
2010-05-28 00:15:32

Another hilarious interview! I love when they are in silly moods like this. Tom and Bill and their “dog children” always crack me up. They are so crazy and adorable, lol!

Tom looked REALLY annoyed when they brought up the Adam Lambert stuff.

Personally, I think the twins won’t get in a serious relationship anytime soon because they are too codependent on each other. I don’t think they put any true effort into finding lovers because they are already filling each other’s emotional needs. Which is fine with me, because I think it’s adorable that they’re so close!

Bill wants to fall in love “at first sight”, which to me just means he doesn’t want to have to spend time not being glued to his brother’s side in order to meet a lover. He wants to suddenly lock eyes with some beautiful stranger and magically be in love, lol.

Comment by noussa
2010-05-28 03:27:07

well I agree with you, them being always together all the time doesn’t really help
and about love at first sight it’s really rare that it works later and the person doesn’t deceive later you when knowing her/him better

Comment by Lily
2010-05-28 05:10:22

LOL OK I’m Chinese. The tea bubble thing is called Tapioca or Boba. The way white ppl describe Chinese cuisine is so cute. However, I don’t believe BILL and TOM got the full experience. The best Chinese food has some kind of MEAT in it.

Comment by shalonda
2010-05-28 09:34:32

i love it how bill and tom always look so mad everytime someone brings up adam lambert. they’re like ” are you seriously talking about him in our interview”. Did anyone else notice?

Comment by humanoid
2010-05-29 01:05:12

I definitely noticed it. I think they are tired of the same stupid rumors and questions. I would get sick of it, too!

Also, Bill and Tom are both SICK AND TIRED of the whole “Is Bill gay?” debacle. The bottom line is that it’s nobody’s business! Bill says he is straight, so people should stop asking about it. I cannot say I would be surprised if he came out as bi-sexual or gay someday, but there are plenty of celebrities who a lot of people thought were gay until they married women (like David Bowie and Hugh Jackman, for example). Gay, Straight, Bi-sexual, Asexual, etc. I don’t care! I love Bill no matter what!

Comment by Tokiovka
2010-05-28 12:23:58

Wooow, it´s great interview…and great translation too, I understood almost everything 🙂

Comment by riyo
2010-05-28 14:14:48

atleast he didnt say tht he has a boyfriend lol girls u shuld be lucky with dat 😀 .Its nt tht i dnt lke tokio but i thnk smethngs rong wid bill may be hes an alien who knws LOL

2010-05-29 01:51:04

but ma heart was outta ma chest when i heard bout Bill’s gf! but when i realized he’s jokin i wanted to punch him!!! i was almOst died! tell Tom nOt tO dO that again!!!

Comment by riyo
2010-05-29 13:38:13

atleast bill didnt say he has a boyfriend LOL he is sooooo GAY!!!!!!

Comment by Yuli:)
2010-05-29 14:17:42

hahha luv this:P..Have u guys noticed that
tom always has something 2 drink in an
interview??…and he always has his own
opinion about everything:P..hahahah thats y
i <3 him so much:P

Comment by Haliunaa
2010-06-07 04:30:45

want to be Bill ‘s girl friend

Comment by BetterThanItSounds
2010-06-19 23:55:35

Yum =] That tea they were talking about with the milk and jelly-ball things is really good! It’s called Bubbley Tea and the ball things are tapioca, like in tapioca pudding, just bigger, so you need a bigger straw to suck ’em up! It’s sooooo yummy =]

And this is a fun interview! I think the interviews that aren’t really planned for or set up are a lot better than the talk show ones, ’cause they open up more and are more like themselves!

(p.s. – Tom looked super gorgeously hot in that sweater =P)

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