PICS; tom kaulitz – hamburg pictures

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PICS; tom kaulitz - hamburg pictures PICS; tom kaulitz - hamburg pictures PICS; tom kaulitz - hamburg pictures PICS; tom kaulitz - hamburg pictures PICS; tom kaulitz - hamburg pictures PICS; tom kaulitz - hamburg pictures PICS; tom kaulitz - hamburg pictures PICS; tom kaulitz - hamburg pictures

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Comment by Alicia
2010-05-31 10:14:08

D’aawww!! X3

Comment by Rocky Rachelle
2010-06-01 18:06:32

he is hot and so is his dog!

Comment by Kayla
2010-06-01 21:00:48

U r calling his dog hawt 2 r u sick or
something !!!!!!!

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Comment by Lee
2010-05-31 10:59:44

I luv him!

Comment by yourmum :)
2010-05-31 12:15:18

duuuude he’s walking his dog!
Save something for his private life!

Comment by Iselin Wamstad
2010-05-31 12:33:01

I don’t like this… Paparazzi pics, BIG nono!

Comment by Mz. Schäfer
2010-05-31 18:15:32

either that, or stalker pics.
But those are still nice anyway

Comment by Rocky Rachelle
2010-06-01 18:05:45

me neither but he looks so hot. Its wrong but then i wanna see him . aAGGGG!

-Rocky Rachelle

Comment by patti
2010-05-31 12:36:36

wow him and his doggy match in color so cute….:)
and wow i luv tom but he looks wasted in alll of these luv tom!!:)

Comment by romina
2010-05-31 12:39:09

yes hes so hot but bill is better

Comment by romana
2010-05-31 13:12:09


Comment by beasty.
2010-05-31 13:14:59

hootttt. 😀

Comment by beasty.
2010-05-31 13:16:23

hootttt. :DD

Comment by Liz
2010-05-31 14:54:09

He looks really annoyed… Hot, but annoyed! Poor tom.

Comment by Maddie
2010-05-31 15:11:43

AWWW~ LOL ♥♥♥♥♥

Comment by Xxjaselmen2009xX
2010-05-31 15:14:02

he looks kind of pissed 🙁
oh what kind of dog is that?…

Comment by Sophia
2010-05-31 16:07:56

i think he was the carema thats why
because if you look at some pics you can see him looking right at the camera

Comment by Jumper
2010-06-01 00:01:38

His dog looks kind of like it’s at least part Bluetick Hound, however I am not entirely aure…

Comment by Sophia
2010-05-31 16:05:57

i dont like that like paparazzior like new’s people took these pics
thoughh he looks ssooo cute in them
he’s dogs cute too
[poor Tom and band they cant go anywere that people wont take pics of them =( ]

Comment by Jamie
2010-05-31 19:16:01

im happy tom isnt afraid to go out without a bodygaurd but I hate how the paparazzi take photos of him enjoying the peace and his dog 🙁

Comment by MJ
2010-05-31 19:44:21

Woww..he is kind and gentle to his dog..
How lucky the dog..

Comment by Savana
2010-05-31 20:02:33

I feel bad for the dog and tom!!! Can’t they have some peace?!?!? I mean when you walk your dog I’m sure you wouldn’t want someone following you around!!

Comment by SmolderingAshes
2010-05-31 20:09:30

I’m torn! The pictures are adorable, but I feel like I am intruding on his personal time. I guess, when he is on stage, sure let’s all look with abandon, but I feel like the guys can never have any time to themselves without people taking photos. Life in the proverbial fishbowl.

Comment by Octavia
2010-05-31 21:15:24

Dang! even when walking his dogg he lookx lyk a freaqin sex god!

Comment by MzKaulitz
2010-05-31 21:29:14

I know, right? And the scenery is beautiful. I hope the paparazzo didn’t annoy him too much.

Comment by MzKaulitz
2010-05-31 21:26:26

Yeah, I’m kind of torn too. I appreciate these pictures, but I also disapprove of them. I crave the guys like drugs, so my face lit up when I saw these pics. Then I saw the irritated look on Tom’s face and it feels like I’m imposing on him. 🙁

Comment by hawaii01
2010-05-31 23:48:25

That’s exactly how i feel too. Thrilled for more pics but devastated that he can’t get a few personal moments to himself. 🙁 at least he should know he’s loved tho if he ever sees all these comments 🙂

Comment by Sully666
2010-05-31 23:03:22

Awwww!!! 🙂 but Tom looks a little stressed 🙁

Comment by noussa
2010-06-01 06:58:10

when will paparazzi and stalkers leave them alone
this is invading their privacy

Comment by veronique lacroix
2010-06-01 12:33:00

ohh i think hes sad:S i kinda feel bad:(

Comment by Allie
2010-06-01 13:11:38

He is a good dog owner.the dog is so cute. just leave him some privacy, please.

Comment by Lydia
2010-06-01 14:31:59

WOOW …. imagin seeing Tom strolling down your road.. I would have to run away to provent myself running over too emm… but that still might not work haahha…. i deffo wouldnt take pics of him though!! xxxxxxxxx

Comment by Laurel
2010-06-01 15:32:14

Feels so personal looking in on their intruded life.I feel so rude,so paparazzi should be ashamed of themselves…
Poor Tom,pissed off.=(

Comment by Rosa Maria Gonzales
2010-06-01 21:32:49

OMTK! Oh My Tomi Kaulitz! So hawt & sexay. Poor, Tomi. Take a pic of sumthin else, peoples! A tree or grass! Let him b

Comment by ade
2010-06-02 14:05:25


Comment by Eri
2010-06-04 08:14:01

sigh, this picture proves that gods do walk the earth. if he looks like that OUTSIDE of a photo shoot, imagine what he looks like in real life?shiversquigglemelt…

Comment by marie
2010-06-04 20:26:08

He saw the devil dancing in bikini! jjajaja

Comment by Nikki
2010-06-05 07:24:39

He looks hot in these pics, but the paparazzi should just leave him alone… HE’S WALKING HIS DOG FOR BLOODY SAKES!!! Just leave him alone, he needs some space…

Comment by paola
2010-06-05 12:41:06

mmmm….welll he is so beautiful!!! hahahaha!!! i love him

Comment by shaghayegh
2010-06-06 08:44:08

tank you,tom is verry beutifull

Comment by Emily
2010-08-08 06:23:08

Aww. It’s so sweet that they love their dogs so much.

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