VIDEO; Tokio Hotel – 28.03.10 Meet & Greet Belgrad

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Comment by River
2010-06-02 15:10:15

I would be hyperventilating

Comment by Rocky Rachelle
2010-06-02 18:27:50

me too, but they look like robots they need a chnage intheir lives a good change! THROCKS!!!

-Rocky Rachelle

Comment by rose
2010-06-02 17:37:46

i would jump all over bill if i could!!!

Comment by patti
2010-06-02 17:44:12

seriously if tom were tht close 2 me id literally start making out with tom a.k.a sex god….. *_*

Comment by MzKaulitz
2010-06-02 20:12:59

Ha, ha! Now that’s what I call a “meet and greet.” If Bill were that close to me, it would be hard for me to refrain from sexually harassing him. XD

Comment by rose
2010-06-02 17:48:07

omg what does bill say to the girl at 1:53????

Comment by rose
2010-06-02 17:48:32

0:53 *

Comment by BILLisMine
2010-06-03 23:37:25

oh yes….

Comment by Vicky
2010-06-02 19:50:50

They are so cute, but I do wish the Meet and Greet was like it used to be for the fans, where the fans used to be able to mingle and talk with them. Hey, is it me or does Tom look like he has some eye shadow and mascara on in this Meet and Greet? It could be maybe because this was before a show and he puts on some makeup also. Take a good look at his eye lids and eye lashes. I wish Gustav would look at and talk with the fans more.

Comment by Anna K.
2010-06-02 19:53:18

I think he says: What was the name? and the girls says Angela, and he repeats it. <3<3

Comment by samiiii
2010-06-03 14:22:14

tom<3 so hot, she’s lucky 🙂

Comment by Maggie
2010-06-03 16:57:13

I would probably faint right there, I would be hyperventilating, I would be speechless, I would probably squeak if I tried to talk, oh my god…OH MY GOD!!!!!

Comment by BILLisMine
2010-06-03 23:36:27

i would jump on tom first… yuuuummmmm*

Comment by BILLisMine
2010-06-03 23:37:02


Comment by Ashley
2010-06-05 05:42:39

They look really uncomfortable..

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