GOSSIP; Justin Bieber likes TOkio hotel…kinda! :D

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Comment by Marnie
2010-06-06 08:36:47

Gahh you can’t even hear what he’s saying cause of the stupid voiceover -.-

Comment by Alicia
2010-06-06 09:54:54

Can’t hear a thing Teeny beiber is frikkin saying!! >_< Geez! Even celebrities who speak english when they get invited to do a foreign show get dubbed! why the hell couldn’t they just put subtitles in like the SOMETIMES do for Tokio Hotel!

I mean come on! When TH does an interview they dont put subs but they put the long written subtitles in with the blog which makes it harder for us to follow the video and READ at the same time! So when an english star comes to Germany they go a head and dub him over so we STILL can’t understand him!

I don’t have a problem with the language barriers it’s just unfair I think… 🙁

Comment by patti
2010-06-06 12:19:30

omg i kno it was hard 2 hear but JB acutally admit..he actually likes tokiohotel!!!!!!!!!!!!
luv tokio hotel and JB 4ever!!!!!!!!!!

Comment by SmolderingAshes
2010-06-06 12:35:34

I couldn’t hear a thing the little Beiber said – but I’ll trust you that he said he likes TH. How about some written sub-titles?? Oh well, the moonwalk was cute.

Comment by Sophia
2010-06-06 13:14:32

yea he said that he likes them
that he just heard of them
i just tried to listen to jb admit he likes TH
and tried to blocked the other voice out of my head it acutally works

Comment by Alice
2010-06-06 13:02:04

lol I’m german and their talk is not even interesting..

(btw… lots of greetings to andysixhands <3)

Comment by Sully666
2010-06-06 13:02:48

couldnt hear him…
great that he likes them, but ehh…

Comment by Alice
2010-06-06 13:03:53

lol I’m german and their talk is not even interesting..

(btw lots of greetings to andysixhands <3)

Comment by Illiha
2010-06-06 13:17:36

dont get over excited! lol
he didnt really admit to anything. wat he said was that he heard OF them and fine he may have heard some music but watever! u never really know what someone says until they really say it! like gaga for example – she said it and meant it whereas Bieber was asked the question and didnt know how to answer coz he heard OF them and may not even be into the music at all! who knows!
so i’m not really gonna make a direct judgement till i have more accurate info =]

Comment by :D_HUMANO!D:+Geisha!*
2010-06-06 14:29:29

umm..translation por fa-please!! this beaner dont know german! AHHH!! lol

Comment by Celia
2010-06-06 15:46:59

Fuck this Kid.

Comment by Jamie
2010-06-06 18:34:41

the tokio hotel part is like this:
interviewer:do you know tokio hotel? they do homework in the internet.(they were talking about school and homework)
justin:Uhm, yes. i do it a little bit, I do it online a little bit.
interviewer:Do you know of tokio hotel in america?
justin:yes. a little bit, I just heard of them, but… yeah.
interviewer:do you like their music?
justin: Uhm, yeah. I actually havent gotten to hear alot but, yeah.

Comment by Jayna
2010-06-06 23:11:48

o.O Never thought the day would come D: let’s suck him up into the trap xD

Comment by Iselin from Norway
2010-06-07 00:44:03

Interviewer: You like their music? (No pressure at all, it’s just that you should say that you like them because… well you’re in Germany!)
Justin: Ehm… Yeah, sure. (I don’t really like them, I haven’t even heard their music, its just that it’s so much pressure, so I just say that I like them…)

Someone else that feels the same way when they watch it?… Because I do…

Comment by Vic
2010-06-07 05:33:55

OMG. IT’S BIEBER EVERYBODY RUN. Sweet of him to like Tokio Hotel (: 3 thumbs up for this vid, even if I’m clueless about what they’re sayin’.

Comment by cutie156
2010-06-07 12:31:18

koolz,that sounds awesome wat i could understand cauz i like justin bieber and tokio hotel so…yeah sound kool.

Comment by noussa
2010-06-07 15:17:35

who cares??lol

Comment by michelle
2010-06-07 23:49:46

was this like last year?

Comment by MrsxBillxKaulitz
2010-06-08 08:16:58

I hate justin bieber…. -.-“

Comment by maria jenessa
2010-06-08 11:50:48

it seams that tokio hotel are famous 🙂
every one love TK 😀

Comment by Jayna
2010-06-08 18:35:00

can you imagine Justin Bieber at a Tokio Hotel concert jamming out. I can’t. -.-

Comment by ☆iiStar
2010-06-08 20:14:37

ugh Justin Bieber, all he needs to know about Tokio Hotel is awesomer than him lolz

Comment by perla kaulitz
2010-06-08 22:11:09


Comment by PaolaCecilia
2010-06-10 14:46:23

Lol, he looked so confused in the begining xD

Comment by Celina
2010-06-20 15:40:42

its bad enough with the Jonas Brothers..I’m tired of seeing this kid everywhere

Comment by mewich
2010-06-23 06:34:37

i so hate himmmmmmmmmmm

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