PICS; A Little Tokio Hotel Interview – Taiwan Play Nr. 146

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PICS; A Little Tokio Hotel Interview - Taiwan Play Nr. 146 PICS; A Little Tokio Hotel Interview - Taiwan Play Nr. 146 PICS; A Little Tokio Hotel Interview - Taiwan Play Nr. 146

PICS; A Little Tokio Hotel Interview - Taiwan Play Nr. 146 PICS; A Little Tokio Hotel Interview - Taiwan Play Nr. 146 PICS; A Little Tokio Hotel Interview - Taiwan Play Nr. 146 PICS; A Little Tokio Hotel Interview - Taiwan Play Nr. 146 PICS; A Little Tokio Hotel Interview - Taiwan Play Nr. 146

Humanoid – Tokio Hotel

Although they were only 16 years old on average when debuted, they had already won an Echo Award for Best New Comer, which is the highest honour of the German music circle, in a short period of time. Tokio Hotel is formed by Visual Vocal Bill Kaulitz, Hip Hop Guitarist Tom who has dreadlocks and is the elder twin, Bassist Georg Listing and drummer Gustav Schaefer. Since they debuted, they have got 3 NO.1 albums, 4 NO.1 singles, 10 platinum records and 40 different awards from various countries including “Best New Comer” of VMA 2008 and “Best Band” of the European Music Awards 2009. They are very popular, a hundred percent! This is their first time to visit Taiwan, they will occupy your vision and raid your hearing.

P: Did you google “Taiwan” before you came?
TH: Not really (laughter). This is the first time of us to visit Asia and we think this place is very mysterious. We come from another part of the world so we felt really warm when we knew that we had so many fans here.

P: Have you ever listened to any music of Taiwan singers?
TH: No, we still haven’t had this chance but we do want to know more about the kinds of music that Taiwan people are listening to.

P: What is the first Chinese word that you learnt?
TH: Our band name “Tokio Hotel”. On the press conference, there were children who wore shirts with our band name on them and the host told us about it. Ha, those children are really cute! (the editor: those 4 children, good job! If anyone has photos of them please provide them to us.)

P: What is your first impression of Taiwan fans?
TH: We don’t think they are crazy, but they are beautiful (Woahh). We saw a lot of fans welcoming us at the airport and they had made some posters with German on them. There were also fans who drew portraits of us which was very touching. Taiwan fans always follow the rules and are polite, we think that they are one of the best group of our fans. (Is it true?)

P: Why are you so obsessed with Tokyo?
TH: We came from a small town of Germany so we always want to see the outside world. We knew there was a city called “Tokyo” when we were small and it sounded like it had many amazing stuff there. Although we still haven’t been to Tokyo, we hope we can have this chance soon so we can perform for our fans there.

P: Please list your favourite top 5 hotels.
TH: The ones that we have deepest impressions are the hotels in Madrid, Moscow, Paris and Berlin. Of course the Taiwan hotel that we are staying in is great too! (editor: graceful answer.)

P: When did you start to be vegetarians?
TH: We can’t remember, but the reason is very simple that we don’t want to kill animals. We humans should not take away animals’ lives because of our desires and nothing bad would happen even if we didn’t eat meat! (laughter)

P: You have 4 dogs, Do you mind telling us their names? Could you share their photos with us? Who is responsible for taking care of them when you are on tour?
TH: Sorry we can’t tell their names as this is our little secret(laughter). Our parents are also dog lovers so they will take care of our dogs when we are not at home. We have to thank them! (laughter)

P: Have you ever think of having other jobs besides singers and rock stars? Such as a professional make up artist?
TH: Frankly I have never thought about it because we were a band when we were small and it feels like we are always doing things related to music. I never think of other jobs like policeman or fireman, music is the most important thing to us.

P: Lastly, can you use the songs in your new album <<Humanoid>> to describe yourselves?
TH: It is very hard to use the songs to describe our looks or feelings because every song is about different aspect and they are like our kids. I don’t have a favourite one but if I must choose one, I will choose “Automatic” because this song tells about the advanced technologies and their impacts on human relationships.

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Comment by noussa
2010-06-06 10:57:03

and nice photoshoot too

Comment by Rocky Rachelle
2010-06-06 20:08:44

Ko0l pics/interview

Comment by samiiii
2010-06-06 12:17:45

tom <3<3

Comment by patti
2010-06-06 12:24:38

omg tom looks so hawt in tht purple jacket..hes so smexyyy.. but is it just me cuz doesnt it look like hes wearing tighter outfits then his usual gangsta look???//he still looks hawt as hell!!! luv tokio hotel!!!!!

Comment by MJ
2010-06-06 21:20:27

Nice photoshoot!
And nice colour 🙂

Comment by Tatianna
2010-06-06 23:56:31

Gustav needs to smile more he has such a BEAUTIFUL smile!!!

Comment by veronique lacroix
2010-06-07 12:53:59

I had a dream bout bill last night it was weird we were hunting down zombies like wtf haha anws love the pics xxx

Comment by jfgjlk
2010-06-08 12:38:20

will be…..
maybe it will be kind of shocking
warten :))))))))))))))

big secret


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