VIDEO; Tokio Hotel – 05.06.10 Asia Plus

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Comment by noussa
2010-06-06 10:56:34

totally loved this interview
so much fun to watch

Comment by Rocky Rachelle
2010-06-06 21:09:44

OMg they looked happy . Haven’t seem them like this in a while. I think this is the best interview they have done so far in 2010. Hope to more of them. LOve u guys(TH)!!!!!!!!!!

-Rocky Rachelle

Comment by Ashleyzxx
2010-06-06 11:02:21

Cutest interview EVER! <333333
And Bill complimented the girl!
That was so precious for me to see my Boys flirting with a pretty girl like that. ^β€’^

Comment by soew
2010-06-06 12:07:55

that was the best interview EVER–the hostess was so kind, entertaining and engaging, and the boys participated a lot:) I think the most fun they had in awhile:)

Awesome, Taiwan!!!!!!!!

Comment by SmolderingAshes
2010-06-06 13:00:01

Awesome interview……the background music made it hard to concentrate on what was being said, but the guys seemed to be enjoying themsleves and looked relaxed and happy … the way we like them! Kudos for the Taiwanese for being so courteous and kind in their welcome to TH!!

Comment by patti
2010-06-06 13:19:07

adorable!!!!!!i luv tht gustav talks in this interview lol so cutee!! and i luv the first part to how tom and bill talk at the same time!!!! awwwwwww

Comment by Danelly
2010-06-06 15:48:22

This was prolly one of the most fun tokio hotel interviews it looked so cool and it seemed like they had a blast πŸ™‚

Comment by Emmakxxx
2010-06-06 16:13:02

this is sooooo amazing πŸ™‚ xx

Comment by emily
2010-06-06 18:50:23

haha i love this interview. they are so much fun, even if its just watching them. the interviewer was awesome, they reallly “clicked”. hahah tom i love big eyes. i would ask do you really like big eyes, or the hand boob gesture”big eyes” lol. see is reaction. they all look good. love them!!

Comment by emily
2010-06-06 18:51:41

love this interview!!! they all clicked with the interviewer, loved her she was awesome.

Comment by glenda
2010-06-06 19:14:14

that was like an hour and a half. but it was freakin cool!

Comment by Lily
2010-06-07 04:01:09

I watched the whole thing and I must say…this is one of their BEST interviews ever. The whole mood was uplifting and the host was very very polite. She kept things alive and going for 30 minutes. Very cute and her English is really good.

The Tapioca thing with Bill and Tom is hilarious!
I’m not entirely sure if Bill really * truly* liked the tapioca drink since Tom was like….”I think he’s lying just to be nice.” LOL

&&& UM. did Georg said Tom and Bill were fighting over a bed last night?!

Comment by humanoid
2010-06-07 05:48:54

I LOVE bubble tea but it is definitely not for everyone. I think Bill really liked it! Remember, this is the same guy who spit candy out on the floor during an interview because it was too sour, lol!

Or in that interview where they made him try freeze-dried food, he took a bite and said it was good but quickly put down the food and didn’t try anymore. I think he was lying that time, lol!

Bill is very polite, but he kept drinking and drinking. I don’t think he would go that far if he didn’t like it.

I think Tom didn’t believe him only because of their ~magical twin bond~. Tom can’t believe that Bill can like a food that Tom doesn’t like, lol. Right after Bill first says he likes it, Tom says “REALLY??” and immediately picks up his cup and tries it again. And after Tom says they usually like the same things, Bill says Tom will have to try it again later.

In general, Tom always seems reluctant to try strange foods. Bill is much more open to at least giving it a chance.

Georg said they will fight over bed, but I assumed he meant how they will fight over who got worse sleep, like during the filming of Automatic. Who knows, though. Anything is possible with those two.

Comment by humanoid
2010-06-07 05:37:48

This is definitely amongst my FAVORITE TH interviews ever! They were hilarious and adorable. The interviewer was so cute and they obviously liked her. She asked good questions and was very silly and kind.

There were too many good moments in this to even start to name them! They were all acting nuts (in a good way) including Gustav! I wish every interview was like this~

Comment by kaylie
2010-06-07 15:59:12

so adorable. this is why i love asia! they keep everything fun and interesting and respectful!! i can imagine the boys must quite enjoy fans who stay the required distance away without a fight and respect their boundaries. the interviewer woman was so cute and nice and funny! i loved the questions she asked, after the obligatory standard. and playing games etc.

Boba Milk Tea is so fattening that she must only drink it on holidays??? no wonder asians are skinny!! here i thought it was light….xD but id drink it anyway cuz its amazing. im glad that bill seemed to like it somewhat. heyy!! someone should get him one everyday, if theyre so fattening xD

best interview in so long, maybe my favorite ever! i love asians XD i loved how they had the little sound effect and put the bold words over them and a crown on georg etc. she was a really good sport πŸ™‚

Comment by jana
2010-06-07 20:23:25

best interview i’ve seen in a while! glad the boys seemed to be happy and having fun! <3

Comment by maria jenessa
2010-06-08 11:48:28

they have really good time in taipe πŸ™‚
taipe hotel :p
sounds funny..
gustav is good when playing target ballons..
geoug is always get bully by tom and bill πŸ˜€

Comment by m00se
2010-06-09 22:45:57

lol all the sex faces when they were trying the chewing gum!!! XD
bills face <333

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