INTERVIEW; Exclusive Interview with Tokio Hotel – Kanwanku

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Just like meeting good friends!
Kawanku was so lucky to listen to these 4 German boys spill out their feelings. From their school stories, favorite food to their love life.

Kawanku: Hi guys! How are you? Tell us about you latest album’s tour promo!
Bill: We feel great! We just finish our European tour. So, we’ve been on the road for three months and we had a lot of great concerts in Europe. We’ve always wanted to go to Asia and were so excited to see our Asian fans for the first time. It’s really fun!

Kawanku: Before Malaysia, where did you guys have a concert?
Tom: We just performed an acoustic set in Singapore and we saw our fans there for the first time. That’s really good. Even though we were only there for three days, we were really happy.

Kawanku: Is there a difference between you European and Asian fans?
Bill: We’ve performed in Europe and have performed in many European countries. Every time we meet new fans from any country for the first time, we’re so happy, but there isn’t a difference. Especially when we see them laughing and crying. It’s a magic moment.

Kawanku: You guys have lots of Indonesian fans, you know!
Tom: Really? Wow, great.
Bill: Yeah, it’s really cool! When we go places far from home and have fans singing along with us there know all about us, it shocks us. We’re really happy to hear it.

Kawanku: You get lots of tweets from you fans in Indonesia?
Bill: We heard about that, we’ve got a lot of support from the internet. But we had no idea we have so many fans there. It’s really great.

Kawanku: Have you ever heard of Indonesia?
Tom: Of course! But we don’t really know much about it. It’s our first time in Asia. Umm.. You know, it’s a big surprise for us.

Kawanku: Who doesn’t have a girlfriend yet?
Bill: We’re all single, except for Georg.

Kawanku: What kind of girls do you like?
Bill: I haven’t had a girlfriend for five years, because I haven’t found my soulmate yet. I don’t have a specific type of girl, but I can see it at first sight. I believe in that, so I’m still waiting.
Gustav: I agree with Bill, I don’t have a specific type of girl. As long as it works out when I meet her.
Georg: There are so many beautiful girls in this world.
Tom: Georg is right! It’s really hard to say for me. We see beautiful girls everywhere, like in Singapore and at the airport when we just got to Malaysia. Beautiful girls are everywhere in the world, so it’s hard to say. I don’t care whether the girls is blond or brunette, as long as when I meet her, I can really feel the love. It’s not physical, it’s all about love. I can feel it.

Kawanku: Do you have any interesting stories to tell from your school days?
Bill: We had a really bad time in school. Since we grew up in a small village, we felt like aliens on a foreign planet. We always thought about music, unlike the other kids. I had a lot of troubles with the teachers and other school members. We were really bad in school! Ha ha ha.

Kawanku: How was the process of making you second English album, Humanoid?
Bill: For almost a year we were in our studio working on this album. We didn’t get any pressure from the record company or anyone else. So we had time to relax, and create our new sound. We tried lots of new things while making this album. For our previous albums, we did them in one studio in Germany, but this time, we did it in different studios in Germany and America, like in Los Angeles and Miami, so we got inspiration from lots of countries. I think Humanoid sounds a lot more electronic than our previous album.
Tom: It’s like adding new sound to the old sound
Bill: It was a big challenge for us to make this album different than our other ones.
Tom: My biggest challenge was teaching Georg how to play the bass hahaha.

Kawanku: Ha ha ha! Tom, why do you always make fun of Georg?
Georg: That’s a good question.
Tom: I don’t know why. Georg’s a funny guy.

Kawanku: Have you guys tried any Asian food? What do you like?
Tom: Of course we have! I like noodles and vegetarian sushi.
Georg: I like fried rice.
Tom: Oh, yeah, me too.

Kawanku: So, when will you come to Indonesia? For a holiday maybe?
Tom: That sounds good, yeah, we’ll see. Last year we went to the Maldives, a good place for vacation.
Bill: We really want to go all around Asia. That would be cool. We want to have all the people who help us with the concerts in Europe to plan some concerts in Asia.

Kawanku: We have some letters and presents from your fans in Indonesia!
Bill: What’s that? Oh, letters and dolls that look like us!
Georg: Wow, that’s great.
Gustav: Yeah, great!

Kawanku: Well, we’re out of time now, is there anything you’d like to say to your Indonesian fans?
Bill: We wanna say thank you for your support so far, and we hope you can come with the show. We definitely wanna see all of our fans an play live for them. Thank you very much!

Upper left hand corner photo (3rd page): Jade, the winner of the Tokio Hotel quiz waits anxiously in the seconds before meeting Tokio Hotel.

Bottom right hand corner photo (3rd page): Gustav always wears this skull ring.

4th page (bottom photo): Jade finally gets a photo with Tokio Hotel!

Tokio Hotel – Causing hysteria, cries and shock
The enthusiasm of hundreds of Tokio Hotel fans just never ends. Since the day was bright, till night time, they never stopped their screams and cries. Especially when they actually met them, they got even crazier!

Waiting in line from morning:
Since 9 AM, Tokio Hotel fans were already hanging out in 1 Utama Shopping Center, Kuala Lumpur, where the signing session was held on May 1st. The signing session didn’t even start until 11.30. “We came early so we could be the first ones to get their signatures” say Joyce and Panda from Hong Kong. To be able to join the signing session was easy. All we had to do was have a Humanoid CD and bring it along with us.

At exactly 11.30, these four German boys appeared on the small stage, where they would sign hundreds of their fans’ CDs, accompanied by their screams. For the whole session, Bill and the boys had a smile on their faces and even answered some of their fans’ questions. Their friendliness must have shocked their fans. Some were shouting hysterically, crying uncontrollably and calling people to tell them what happened.

One hour later, the signing session was over. After waving good-bye to their fans, they went back to the hotel through the emergency exit. Kawanku and other fans fought to chase Bill, Tom, Gustav and Georg until the security and bodyguards were so overwhelmed. Sadly we couldn’t chase the,, but luckily, Kawanku and some other lucky fans still had the chance to meet Tokio Hotel during a meet and greet after the showcase.

Meet & Greet – Happy but sad
After the showcase was over, at about 11.30 PM, Kawanku and Jade, the winner of our Tokio Hotel quiz and over 50 other meet and greet winners gathered at the Universal music booth to meet Tokio Hotel and get a photo with them backstage. All of the winners seemed happy yet intense at the same time. For almost an hour, Kawanku and Jade waited for teir turn to get a photo. Tired, sweaty, hungry, those feelings were all mixed up. But as we were called to see Bill, Tom, Georg and Gustav, it all went away. Unfortunately, the security was pretty tight. We only had three minutes to take a photo, and we weren’t allowed to bring our own cameras. That wasn’t a problem since they had a professional photographer ready to take our pictures. We felt so happy, yet sad at the same time to be parting with Tokio Hotel. Till we meet again, we’re waiting for you in Indonesia!

Upper right hand corner photo (7th page): Jade meets some of her friends from the Singapore Tokio Hotel fanclub.

Lower left hand corner photo (7th page): Sitting down while waiting for their turns to get their photos.

Lower right hand corner photo (7th page): Touch-up before meeting their idols.

The Winner of the Tokio Hotel quiz
Non-stop shock!

Sweating, a queasy stomach and a racing heart was what Jade felt when she met her four idols.

“I was buying ice cream, and I suddenly got the call saying I won the Tokio hotel quiz. I sat down and cancelled my order. I was so shocked. After I hung up, I felt like screaming, but I held it in. When I got home, I screamed in my room and jumped on my bed. Luckily, I had permission from my parent before sending in my Tokio hotel artwork, so I was allowed to go to Kuala Lumpur.

It was so intense meeting Tokio Hotel for the first time, wen Kawanku had an interview with them. I kept thinking it was a dream, I was so shocked! I couldn’t even say anything, even though there were so many things I wanted to ask them. I was so nervous that Bill and Tom laughed at me, ha ha ha! From the beginning till the end of the interview, I paid close attention to everything they did and every part of their body.

I came with Kawanku to all the Tokio Hotel events. From the interview, press conference, signing session, showcase, to the very last event, which was the meet and greet that made me cry. I was so sad to part with them and not see them again. I couldn’t sleep that night, thinking about all the moments when I met Bill, Tom, Georg and Gustav. I can’t even explain the feeling. Thanks, Kawanku, for making my dreams come true.”

Upper right hand corner photo (8th page): Jade’s Tokio Hotel artwork that won her a chance to meet Tokio Hotel!

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Comment by perla kaulitz
2010-06-11 13:20:39

awww, the part were bill & tom are taling about love !!! <33

Comment by Savana
2010-06-11 17:37:52

I know!!!! I said aww for every sentance!!! my mom looked at me weird.

Comment by Betnay
2010-06-11 13:46:00

Aww, so sweet – I wish that would happen to me. Scratch that, I wish Tokio Hotel would come to England – they have fans over here too : )

Comment by :D_HUMANO!D:+Geisha!*
2010-06-11 13:50:11

all i want to say is…..BILL I LOVE YOU!!!! 😀 lol random comment 🙂

Comment by Popstar15
2010-06-11 17:20:21

too ccuutteee!!!!!

Comment by Kaela
2010-06-11 17:57:41

When Tom was answering the question about true love that really suprised me! I thought he was going to say something… Not like that! 🙂 It was good suprise though…. I guess Tom is done with the “One night stands” and is ready to find some true love! <3

Overall, I loved the interveiw!

Comment by Maddie
2010-06-12 09:19:41

I tottay agree with u O_o lol I hope Tom isoverone night stands lol xD well i hope he finds his tru love soon enough




Comment by Xxx
2010-06-12 07:27:29

I’m half Indonesian so plz come there but I hope they would come in June or July or august so that I could be there in my summer holiday :p!!!

Comment by tinky
2010-06-12 12:21:32

tom talks about love as bill but his actions that are on the media sometimes say otherwise when he goes sleeping with any girl as a one night stand. Hopefully he has changed his beileve on a relationship and thinks like bill soulmate when you least expected. Great interview. I would like one of those reporters to ask when they are touring in the USA. Can’t wait for them to come.

Comment by W K R
2010-06-12 14:48:48

GOD what a boring interview. Suppose it could be because they don’t really know the band over there but the same old questions and same old boring boring answers.

Why the hell does Bill keep saying he wants to meet a soul mate but not “the perfect girl for me” and it’s NOT physical???@!!!!
SO he’s NOT physically attracted to women/

It could just be me but me thinks this guy is going to come out soon!

Comment by Don't hate me but...
2010-06-13 17:17:34

I agreee! Isn’t it obvious? Even though Bill is the most talkative of the four, he never seems to have anything to say about women apart from all that ‘soulmate’crap! I love him, but I think he’s gay.

Comment by Ravyn
2010-06-14 13:31:00

hes saying he doesnt have a “type”.
hes not saying he prefers blondes to brunettes or red heads to black hair. Or average height to monstrously tall people.

Comment by merci
2010-06-13 01:56:56

yay another indonesian magazine!! i wish they’ll come to indonesia soon 😀
they’re popular in indonesia you know

Comment by Ravyn
2010-06-14 13:00:26

ok, does anyone else realize they’ve practically been everywhere this year except the US (well other than NY and LA)??????!?!

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