GOODIES; tokio hotel avatars

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GOODIES; tokio hotel avatars GOODIES; tokio hotel avatars GOODIES; tokio hotel avatars GOODIES; tokio hotel avatars GOODIES; tokio hotel avatars GOODIES; tokio hotel avatars GOODIES; tokio hotel avatars GOODIES; tokio hotel avatars GOODIES; tokio hotel avatars GOODIES; tokio hotel avatars GOODIES; tokio hotel avatars GOODIES; tokio hotel avatars

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Comment by victorya
2010-06-19 11:12:08

;D i love you tokio hotel <3 :*

Comment by lexy
2010-06-21 02:48:13

i love you too! this pic are so amazing and the last i funny…

Comment by Emily
2010-08-06 13:45:24

Ich auchh c[:

Comment by hawaii01
2010-06-19 11:33:07

ooh la la i’m likin number 5 & 6 😀 and the last one, rofl i love it XD

i’m gonna ask a stupid question but how do u get the avatars as ur pic? =/

Comment by iiStar☆
2010-06-19 12:26:37

oh no, its not a stupid question. I asked that before too. Well you have to go to this website:

Comment by hawaii01
2010-06-19 17:06:23

Sweet thanks so much 🙂

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Comment by Rocky Rachelle
2010-06-19 19:04:22

The pics r great they would be even better if they were bigger. I do agree with the other comments, these r only bill and tom avatars where r the ones for Gustav and Georg they’re part of Tokio Hotel the last time i checked.

Comment by Sarah
2010-06-21 13:32:18

Haha, I agree that Gustav and Georg are part of Tokio Hotel as well, but these pictures are so very hot.

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Comment by Popstar15
2010-06-22 19:18:23

i know! the G’s are my favorite!!!!

(Comments wont nest below this level)
Comment by iiStar☆
2010-06-19 12:24:27


Comment by Mana
2010-06-19 12:34:14

Bahaha, I love Bill’s face in the last one. <3

Comment by Iselin Wamstad
2010-06-19 12:41:11

I taught it was “Tokio Hotel avatars” not “Kaulitz twins avatars”… Just saying…

Comment by alicen
2010-06-19 13:17:51

i know 🙁

Comment by DIana
2010-06-19 13:18:16

true, but it’s still great!

Comment by MagaKaulitz
2010-06-19 13:10:33

Gosh!!!!!!!!!! I love this pics!!!!!!!!! My BILL!!!!!!!!!!!! Awwwwwwwwwww…………… <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 xD

Comment by Illiha
2010-06-19 13:33:55

1, 3, 4, and 10 = lots and lots of <3 <3 <3 <3 =D

Comment by perla kaulitz
2010-06-19 13:53:43

awwww, i love the first & last picture 😀

Comment by romana
2010-06-19 14:05:38

great pics – thank you !

but i also miss the other guys !

Comment by Mz. Schäfer
2010-06-20 18:44:43

Amen to that hun!

Comment by darkcheeko
2010-06-19 14:46:04

i like 3 and 4

Comment by T.T.
2010-06-19 14:54:01

……………………….( no answer)………….



Comment by Lisa
2010-06-19 16:53:20

those are some tasty pics ;p

Comment by Savana
2010-06-19 19:18:30

I love 4,5,6 and 12. WAY too cute!!!

Comment by twizzy
2010-06-19 19:21:10

r these soposed to move??? why r they called avatars?? there jus pictures

Comment by :D_HUMANO!D:+Geisha!*
2010-06-19 20:08:27

i love the last one!!

Comment by ichliebeBillKaulitz
2010-06-20 19:45:10

these are amazingg(:
i love all of Bills <3

Comment by lain
2010-06-20 21:58:16

i love tokio hotel!!! very much!!!

Comment by Nikki =]
2010-06-21 06:46:00

Is it just me or does the third one look like a mash up of Bill and Michael jackson?

Comment by hawaii01
2010-06-21 12:17:30

that’s what i thought too! i love it 😀

Comment by ohdearrr;D
2010-06-24 22:02:32

love the last pic! ;DD

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