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PICS; tokio hotel tom and bill TRL pictures

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MUST WATCH; bill kaulitz – piercings – 23.07.10 – Star Mag

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GOODIES; tokio hotel avatars

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PICS; tokio hotel pictures 16.07.10 Signing Session

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PICS; Tokio Hotel – TRL 16.07.10 Meet & Greet pictures

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PICS; Tokio hotel – Bill and Tom Kaulitz – 16.07.10 TRL pictures

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SCANS; Tokio Hotel Special – Bravo 30/10

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NEWSPAPER; The New Paper 16.07.10 – Tokio hotel

Post by No bust-up with DSquared – From The Newspaper TOKIO HOTEL REFUTES RUMOURS ABOUT PREVIOUS TRIP HERE It was German pop-rock band Tokio Hotel’s first trip to Asia, after being invited here as guest performers for the Audi Fashion Festival in April. Naturally, the four young men who had grown up in the […]

PICS; Tom and Bill kaulitz pictures from 16.07.10 TRL

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PICS; Tom and Bill Kaulitz – 16.07.10 TRL – At the Hotel

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