VIDEO; Viva line – tokio hotel – 30.06.10

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Comment by Sophia
2010-07-06 08:44:20

i didnt get all of it
but it was so cute how at the end tom and bill that that at the same time <3
luv them

Comment by Rocky Rachelle
2010-07-07 10:44:51

haha, i this vid was good. I saw the same video with enlish translations so that was good. I have 3 sisters and we r always fighting..We are four girls. We fight 24/7

Comment by romana
2010-07-06 12:08:15

haha, i wanna see skinny Bill hitting Tom with a chair or even a table .

They say they know how to provocate each other 🙂

Comment by Samiira
2010-07-06 12:27:59

tom <3

Comment by perla kaulitz
2010-07-06 15:18:12

ughh, they should of put sub titles 😀

Comment by Trina
2010-07-06 18:47:39

yo there is subtitles at the end of the video , when they give you options what to whatch

Comment by lexy
2010-07-07 02:05:31

eng pls!

Comment by twizzy
2010-07-07 16:00:38

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! I LUHV THIS!! I WANNA SEE THEM FIGHT WITH TABLES!! JA! THAT WOULD BE AWESOME!! and omg i love when bill weres that out fit he looks amazing as usual!!

Comment by Lily
2010-07-08 22:45:44

Isn’t that a type of sibling abuse?

Sibling rivalry and to throwing chairs at each other are worlds apart……

Comment by Kourtney-Anne
2010-07-10 21:28:09

at 0:13 Tom is staring at Bills crotch LOLZ

and then at the end Tom says: until it comes to blows.

I could help but LOL

thats what she said… 😀

Comment by tina
2010-07-11 11:16:00
Comment by Emily
2010-08-04 09:53:04


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