SCANS; Tokio Hotel Special – Bravo 29/10

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Listen closely!
Actually we know the Tokio-Hotel-twins only as rockers on stage. But here Bill (20) and Tom (20) are fans for once! The Super-Twins attended the only Germany-concert of the american pop-legend Prince (52) in Berlin. Bill enthused about it afterwards: “It was really great!”

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Comment by Ali
2010-07-16 10:49:26

yay first comment!!!!
haha i luved when they called them the super twins!!!! thats something ill use from now on!!!!! 🙂

Comment by Ravyn
2010-07-16 12:19:32

*sigh* Really, have you people nothing better to do than expose them doing normal-day stuff? It’s sad really, how you have to make them suffer just so you get paid…really, its pathetic.

Comment by Savana
2010-07-16 16:13:14

I agree. They need privacy or they’re just gonna go crazy. I honestly feel horrible for them. It’s also sad they had to hire a body-guard for their mom!!

Comment by Yana
2010-07-17 10:54:01

Bill said in VF that he loved the idea of being followed by camera’s all the time. Besides, what do they have to hide?

Comment by patti
2010-07-16 12:29:11

tht is so true pppl get a life

Comment by hotnspicy
2010-07-16 14:11:54

If he liked it that much, why does he look so miserable in the photos?? Looked like he couldnt get away fast enough if you ask me… lolol

Comment by shannon
2010-07-17 22:17:37

u people suck just lay off there people they need a privet life to!!!!!! we don’t stalk u press people them come up with head lines like this is what sleazly paper people do in there free time……….some ramdom news people hanging out with there fimily totly unrecnoised for the scum they are lets point it out to the world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i feel bad for them lets all agree not to buy that!!!!!
if it is an interview it is most likely stolen or did not happen

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