THTV; BRAND New Tokio Hotel TV Episode !

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Comment by heidi
2010-07-19 10:10:31

why does bill says “keep looking honey’

Comment by heidi
2010-07-19 10:11:29

why does Bill says “keep looking honey”

Comment by bee
2010-07-19 11:29:59

Shameless advert for Audi marketed as a THTV to keep fans happy! I hate to say it but i’m quickly losing faith in the band. Didn’t enjoy Bill being all “jock” shouting at that woman either o_o The humour (if there was any) was lost!

Sigh. What has happened to my lovely guys


Comment by sami
2010-07-19 13:34:31

Hmmmm, I can not watch this, can you tell me what was happen there?:(

Comment by Trina
2010-07-19 12:59:25

did i miss something, when did that happen??!!??

Comment by DENISE
2010-07-19 13:18:52


Comment by bee
2010-07-19 13:47:14

Hi sami
It’s just Bill & Tom driving about in the new Audi giving a running audio that sounds like a script selling the car and pointing out all it’s features like the stop/start technology and its crumple zone!!!!! Seriously guys please stop selling yourselves and trying to pass it off as fan videos.

Not all your fans are CFF that will lap up any old footage. Have some respect for the fans and release something interesting that doesn’t get you a reduced rate car!

Comment by aky
2010-07-20 04:26:45

i think they are just having fun they are human for heaven sake i love it when they act like an average/normal people

Comment by noussa
2010-07-20 05:23:06

so what they have like very few brands they work with compared to other artists
selling CDs is not enough nowadays especially with all the people illegal downloads
it’s audi, nokia their partners nothing to be ashamed of, very respectful brands
so if you got to see the guys plus a good car it’s not problem

I enjoyed the episode, it was fun to watch

Comment by sami
2010-07-20 15:04:41

Oh thanks my friend, Because i can not watch it so i don’t have any idea! again thanks bee:)

Comment by Merna
2010-07-19 13:57:03


Why did tokio hotel do that? i hate all the shameless advertising! what happened to you boys? that was so lame.

On other news love Bill’s piercing!

Comment by Angel Namerah
2010-07-19 13:57:38

I never felt anything different =S I liked to see them all normal for once and we have to admit they are guys we dont know tyhem personally thats how they might rlly be u know joking around most of the time I found it cute and funny and plus the twins looked Smoking HOT but didn’t like the new piercing =/

Comment by aky
2010-07-20 04:27:56

yes i hate the piercing to be sincere i think i like Tom better now

Comment by patti
2010-07-19 13:58:26

omg ppl the lady tom an bill were talkin 2 was bills girlfriend

Comment by :D_HUMANO!D:+Geisha!*
2010-07-19 16:56:34

was like ex?! or current??!! please oh please tell me its ex!!

Comment by Ali
2010-07-19 22:13:21

Bill was talking to some random old lady, NOT his girlfriend. Tom just said that on his blog to be funny. And if he did have a girlfriend, we all should just relax because then he could finally be happy.

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Comment by Shahnoor
2010-07-20 00:38:28

omg, i was so scared he had a girlfriend!

Comment by Maddie
2010-07-19 19:18:25

Was it his ex or his gf now ?!

Comment by tinky
2010-07-19 14:06:33

love the video but what is up bill where did you get your dye done need to clean up better than that. You need a new hair dresser . Tom needs a new hair do bill has done so many new looks but tom is the same. Love that they had their dog there.

Comment by aky
2010-07-20 04:32:05

Tom does not need any new hair he is cool just the why he is what do you what him to go for skin cut of flip his hair down or park his hair just let Tom be

Comment by kenia
2010-07-19 15:20:19

eu amo o bill ele e tΓ£o fofo

Comment by Laurel Lujan
2010-07-19 15:26:42

I thought I was paraniod at first when I saw the piercing thinking I was imagining it,lol=).

Comment by Maria Barrera
2010-07-19 15:27:15

i love tokio hotel…. but everyone does realize that ALL ARTIST, SINGERS, ACTORS, FAMOUS PEOPLE are told how to act or what to say in public. its not their fault. they just follow what their managers tell them. thy are an image, we are never going to get to know tokio hotel unless we become friends. still love bill and tom though lol <3

Comment by aky
2010-07-20 04:24:55

yes you are correct they are thought what to do and say to avoid any mistakes just like that of Kristen Steward needs to be thought how to speak in public

Comment by MzKaulitz
2010-07-20 16:02:14

Well, whoever “told” Kristen to compare herself to a rape victim is not that intelligent. Yeah, I’m pretty sure she came up with that one on her own. Nice excuse, though.

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Comment by MzKaulitz
2010-07-20 16:01:07

No, they’ve always asserted that they are independent thinkers. I’m pretty sure this is their genuine opinions about the car, but they probably signed a contract with Audi as well. I wish they didn’t use a TH TV epi to promote Audi, but at least they had fun.

Comment by patti
2010-07-19 18:59:44

its bills current girlfriend sryy damn no fair!!!hmph but toms still single ans gustav:)

Comment by maria jenessa
2010-07-19 21:42:53

who is the lucky girl???
oh man bill get girl friend πŸ™

Comment by Maddie
2010-07-19 19:22:41

Did Bill get his nose pierced??

Comment by maria jenessa
2010-07-19 21:41:57

yes πŸ™
actually i dont like it..
how about you?

Comment by sarah
2010-07-19 20:09:59

bills got his nose and ears pierced wow he looks weird

Comment by my_yen16
2010-07-19 20:54:33

I don’t see any problem with this video.

Hot boys in a hot car! I don’t know why you girls complain.

About the woman, I see no one. Can someone show me exactly where in video to look for her? Is it really Bill’ girlfriend or just another staff? I’ve heard enough rumors about Bill’s girlfriend. If he had one, he would tell us. Since when, we- TH fans stop believing them?????

Comment by maria jenessa
2010-07-19 21:40:52

awsome car!!! A1 audi πŸ˜€
bill no make up..absolutely hansome but i hate earring in his nose πŸ™

Comment by Sam
2010-07-19 22:33:35

Guys they already both drive Audi’s of course they are gonna behind Audi and do a little advertising, besides it was most likely Bill’s Audi that saved him when he wrecked his a while back. And I really dont think it was scripted. I’m sure the people from Audi told them all about the car before they drove it and they decided to tell everyone about it. I mean if you were giving a run down of a car wouldn’t you pick up stuff that sounds smart to say while you are doing it? besides I’m fairly sure the crumple zone has nothing to do with whether the car shakes or not. So Tom just seems to be talking at that point. and as for Bill’s new piercing, who cares? It’s tiny. Just think, it could be worse, he could have a huge bull ring in it.

Comment by Sara
2010-07-19 22:40:30

Bill doesn’t have a girlfriend. He was saying that to an old woman.

Comment by heidi
2010-07-20 00:38:37

why did Bill shout that?

Comment by Sara
2010-07-20 23:22:22

he was probably trying to be funny. which he was lol

Comment by Shahnoor
2010-07-20 00:38:54


Comment by Shahnoor
2010-07-20 00:39:40


Comment by aky
2010-07-20 04:33:55

the boys are just been normal please leave them alone i love em all

Comment by noussa
2010-07-20 05:26:54

I love seeing Bill without any makeup on, very handsome

relax people, they were being themselves, funny and interested in cars just like any normal 20 years old guy is
the only difference is that they were talking about a particular brand of cars, which is very normal, it’s a partner of the band, just like Nokia, you all remember they planned events and stuff with them

Comment by perla kaulitz
2010-07-20 09:48:30

i was so scared bill had a girlfriend ! woah , lol

Comment by Maggetator
2010-07-20 16:13:37

They’re too serious now! Ahh…what happened to the Bill that threw the private party in Geneve (spelling)? Or the one throwing skittles at Georg on the plane? *Sigheth* Oh well. And I really don’t like his new piercing. I’m happy that he’s not wearing such heavy makeup, though. He looks so much better. Still love him, I just don’t like how he’s changed…

Comment by Kelli Lynn
2010-07-22 15:31:37

OMFG! Tom is soooo fucking hot when hes behind the wheel of that makes me wanna fuck him at a really long stoplight hehe πŸ˜‰ but what i saw was that Bill has i think 2 more peircings i believe cause hes got his nose peirced and that on spider bite and then hes got the 2 original peircings. hehe hes pretty hott too πŸ˜‰

Comment by Vampira89
2010-07-23 08:48:03

Gee, you guys spot everything on the boys…

I didnt even realize Bill had new piercing, just after I read some of your comments here… Kudos… Spot the differences… LOL…

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