MUST WATCH; bill kaulitz – piercings – 23.07.10 – Star Mag

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Comment by Nyaa
2010-07-26 09:44:55

Need English subies, xD
I love Bill’s piercings.
He still looks gorgeous no matter what. <3

Comment by HerMajesty
2010-07-26 14:11:02

yes indeed.and i second that subtitles part too!

Comment by Sara
2010-07-26 22:30:58

I totally agree with you

Comment by alicen
2010-07-26 12:33:05

i do think bill did go overboard a bit…

Comment by Hannah_Kaulitz97
2010-07-28 17:20:40

Same even though it suites him I don’t like it!!

Comment by Madison
2010-09-05 22:37:22

I totally agree with you =/

Comment by Aidee Duran
2010-07-26 12:35:30



Comment by patti
2010-07-26 13:12:47

i seriously hpe those r bills last percings

Comment by Sarah
2010-07-27 17:17:14

Me too, me too.

Comment by sisi
2010-07-26 13:40:01

bill looks damn hot with these pircings .i love you bill.bill you’re my favorite drug just keep on rocking my world.

Comment by GAILL :D
2010-07-26 13:56:53

wish there were english subbies-bill looks gorgeous no matter what he does. i love the piercings

Comment by MrsxBillxKaulitz
2010-07-26 15:01:35

I love them. <3 I have my eyebrow, snakebites, labret, tongue and bellybutton. I hav my ears done, my helix and a sweet custom piercing in my
ear, too. Bill needed a septum ring. I dreampt of him
havin one since forever. Haha.

Comment by :D_HUMANO!D:+Geisha!*
2010-07-26 15:08:29

i was shocked when saw this, i dont think its the best piercing on him but i respect his descion he can do what he wants but maybe he would look better with a lip pierce insted

Comment by Jumper
2010-07-26 15:56:35

As much as I hate the newly added bullring, Bill still looks great. I mean, seriously though…a bullring?

Comment by Amie
2010-07-26 16:50:57

I like ’em!!!!!! And I think that if he likes what he looks like then those who don’t lie ’em should suck it up and not Contradict that!!!!

Comment by aky
2010-07-26 17:54:43

i don’t like the nose ring not at all let people just tell him the the truth they are not good at all

Comment by shannon
2010-07-26 18:31:21

i would never get my nose persied but if bill want to i don’t care. we should like tokio hotel persinig or not. just because they make awsome music. only part i dont like about this vidoe is bill holding the ciggaret. (i know i misspelled that )

Comment by shannon
2010-07-26 18:31:46

oh they should come to america!!!

Comment by Angel Namerah
2010-07-26 18:48:36

i love his new piercings except the one in the septum other ones in the ears looks funky so totally him love em =D

Comment by MzKaulitz
2010-07-26 19:15:21

I don’t really care about the ear piercings, though he could do without them. And I despise the nose piercing. But I love the fact that Bill is such a fearless individual who stays true to himself. I love him for who he is as a person. Besides, what really freaked me out was those pierced titties! I didn’t even know females could do that… o_O

Comment by Darkcheeko
2010-07-27 10:40:41

anyone can pierce anything if you put your mind to it, you can pierce you back, your neck anywhere really. but if your a girl i wouldn’t recommend the nipple piercing

Comment by Nats!
2010-07-26 21:15:43

That one year of german has really paid off i cought like every other word ahh I love Bills piercing Ich Liebe TH<3

Comment by Imogen
2010-07-26 21:52:51

arrhhh, this needs english subs!
love the new piercings!
i think he would sooo hot with a medusa.

Comment by Sara
2010-07-26 22:36:15

I love Bill’s septum piercing. And I’ve always wanted to see what Bill would look like with his earrings in. I guess I got my wish lol.

He looks great no matter what and I think that people should stop ragging on him about it. It looks like it makes him happy and besides, he’s not gonna take it out just because people on the internet don’t like it

Comment by emily
2010-07-26 23:42:35

i wish it was in english.
i have to say bill pulled off the septum ring damn well.
but i still want to know about georg’s piercings too lol

Comment by Darkcheeko
2010-07-27 10:37:34

it needs english subs i could only understand some of it

Comment by Merna
2010-07-27 12:13:43

I got used to the piercing, i don’t like the septum that much but if he keeps the ring that small i can tolerate it, what i really didn’t like is Bill with the cigarette…drop the damn thing now!!

Comment by Tanya M
2010-07-27 13:08:02

My nose piercing started to stink like dead skin. Maybe I wasn’t taken care of it right.
Honestly love all the peircings on him except the nose one.

Comment by Savana
2010-07-27 14:45:04


Comment by twizzy
2010-07-27 13:58:10

WAIT…SO BILL really did get a prince william??

Comment by Yanelhy
2010-07-27 20:46:25

mmmm there’s no comparation but i don’t like so much nw bill’s piercings but any way he still looks georgous very very cute is a great person and that’s his personality i love them any way.

Comment by MzKaulitz
2010-07-29 16:43:24

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Comment by Asholayy
2010-08-03 18:21:19

I am so glad I’m not a fan any more. Tokio Hotel is embarrassing.(:

Comment by Emily
2010-08-04 09:41:36

I don’t like septum piercings, but it’s Bill, it’s not so noticable, and I think I could get used to it 🙂

Comment by mary
2010-10-28 08:47:46

I love bill with piercings. although i’m kind of like him and covered in tats and piercings so its nothing to me. i think he looks sexy no matter what. he just has way to big of an ego and thats what turns me off of him

Comment by MexicanTHfan
2011-06-05 13:28:39

haha he got one

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