SCANS; Tokio Hotel Special – Blue Jean 08/10

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Comment by twizzy
2010-08-03 14:21:06

i no longer like this band…bill’s looks are really starting to freak mr out T-T i miss the old them…they are completely oposet from what they used to be..there is nothing the same…anyone looking for a new band to enjoy look up this brand new band called black veil brides they are extremly awesome! and there very conected with there fans…just last week they did everyones make up at the meet and greet then the fans were in a huge photoshoot…not only that but they have a beastly sexy lead singer named andy sixx….i used to be obsessed with tokio hotel and thought bill was the most beautiful man alive…but this change is just way to much for me…i salute u goodbye TH *mwah* *mwah*

Comment by mara
2010-08-03 15:34:53

I agree with u, and also has great interest in your new band.
what is the name?

Comment by Kelli
2010-08-03 15:55:21

I sadly, very sadly, agree. I used to love TH SO much, but I guess it’s just a little too eccentric for me now.

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Comment by dead
2010-08-03 23:30:43

Yes Twizzy, i agree, Bill is creeping me out as well. However, my ex-guitarist is the cousin of Andy Sixx. While i have never met Andy myself, Scotty has said that Andy is a total jackass…which is saying so much because Scotty himself is a jackass. So just saying.

Comment by soew
2010-08-06 14:34:13

No one cares! Bands change! They evole! If you’re a real fan, your in for the long haul and you like the music! Not their looks! Stop being superfical! Andy Sixx will change his style too, and whadya gonna do? Be a groupie and move on to the next adonis?

Jeez, you’re shallow >:
And quite spaming!

Comment by MzKaulitz
2010-08-06 17:45:37

What is wrong with you people? It’s shallow, fickle fans like you that make us all look immature. You’re no better than those immature Justin Bieber fans. If you only like Bill for his looks, then you were never true fans to begin with. But it doesn’t even matter. He’s gonna continue to be true to himself because narrow-minded people like you don’t faze him.
And if you all want to talk about a “hotter” band, then take it somewhere else! This is a site for true fans who support TH for their talent and for who they are as individuals. So don’t even come here anymore if that’s how you really feel. We’ll be better off without a bunch of fakes. U_U

Comment by Emily
2010-08-03 16:34:46

I totally DISagree. I’m a fan til the end. <3

Comment by tokio hotel
2010-08-03 17:06:32

i agree with u.they were never true TH fans that’s y they dont like them any more.btw black veil brides are not a new band.they been around a little while.but i do love them 2.

Comment by tokio hotel
2010-08-03 17:07:07


Comment by jana
2010-08-03 19:03:47

still love them! changing is a part of growing up and finding yourself, and we couldn’t expect them to stay the same forever! <3

Comment by tinky
2010-08-03 19:41:41

people change because they are growing up and i still love them and their music will always be the best to listen to.

Comment by Ami
2010-08-04 00:31:40

Well… I am still a huge fan, I think what TH are doing is amazing, they are changing to be different, to do something interestng. If they didn’t change I think people (fans) would grow board. If you think that they are weird/bad/whatever now that is your choice but the way Bill looks is his choice and I, personly think he looks hot.. but thats me.

The way the are, and look is up to them. And as Bill has said often, he choses to be weird.. otherwise he would be ‘normal’ he wants to shock people… Clearly he does this.

I think people need to remember that it is the music that we love… the boys are just a really good looking bonus.

Comment by Amie
2010-08-04 10:38:19

DUDE!! If you were all fans you wouldn’t be saying this!!!
People can change alot. Dude I used to be a chav, like last year! Now I hate it! I’m me! I wear rocker and hip-hop style but still mix that with other styles!
And people didn’t say to me that they didn’t like it! They said ‘You’re changing, you’re maturing. Thats a good thing!’ I just don’t understand that people don’t understand and are saying that they dislike them now because of their LOOKS! Thats mean! And cruel! How do you think they feel when they see comments from their fans (I’m not saying that they read this because I don’t know) saying that they don’t like them anymore because ‘Bill got his septum pierced’ Or ‘Oh my god! I can’t believe they said that’ Or ‘They changed. I wish they stayed the way they were with Scream!’
It’s mean and low. If you were real fans you wouldn’t care for that because you would know that they were maturing and that they are being themselves! And thats good for them! They can’t stay the same as they were before just for their fans!!! And ‘fans’ saying this is selfish!

Comment by Vicky
2010-08-04 10:50:23

I can’t believe some of these girls comments saying they don’t like Tokio Hotel, because Bill is creeping them out. Are you guys crazy! You say Black Veil Brides is hot, did you look at them!!!! Their looks scare me! You should not base being a fan on looks alone or style. It should be about the music, and Tokio Hotel is one of the best bands out there who plays LIVE and sound fantastic!!!! Just like Matrix said here in the states, “The music business need more bands like Tokio Hotel, who play their own instruments and know what they want when recording, so many bands don’t these days!!!!! That says it all!!! So you little girls who are saying this about Tokio Hotel, go on and leave the fandom Tokio Hotel does not need fans who are superfical!!!

Comment by Amie
2010-08-04 12:34:30

*jumps up and nods vigirously* THATS WHAT I’M SAYING!!!!
Don’t like a band becuase they are ‘hot’ LIKE THEM BECAUSE THEIR SSOOUUNNDD IS ‘HOT’!!

Comment by MzKaulitz
2010-08-06 17:53:55

I agree with you guys. When I read those shallow comments, I was totally disgusted. But hey, the band will be better off without them. It’s better to be disliked for who you are, then liked for who you are not.

Comment by MuscGrl0403
2010-08-05 03:19:21

That is brilliantly said! Music changes so why can’t Tokio Hotel? Basing a band off of their looks is just shallow. Music is about quality not looks! And Tokio Hotel delivers everything that displays real musical talent.

Comment by Gloria
2010-08-07 19:40:53

These scans are my new desktop background. They’re just so awesome! =)

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