SCANS; Tokio hotel- “I am so lonely”

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“I am so lonely”
He already had myriads of romances! But deep in his heart the Tokio Hotel-star wishes for love

Everyone would immediately sign this sentence: “I would love to find the big love.” But when Tom from Tokio Hotel says this, then it’s a total surprise. After all the 20-year-old skip any opportunity in the past to show off with his one-night-stands! But the rocker doesn’t enjoy the quick pleasures for one night anymore: “It doesn’t fulfill me anymore, I notice that more and more”, he said to Bravo. “There are sometimes one or two beautiful nights. But in the end I feel empty as before again. I’m as lonely as Bill.” Also his twin brother noticed that Tom isn’t happy: “He leads a sad life. Therefore I’d never ask him for a love-advice.”, Bill tells. “Quite the contrary: He actually learns by watching me. Because now he noticed that, what I already knew with 15: He shouldn’t waste his little free time with some brief relationships, but spend it with people, who really mean something to him!” Does Tom even still have hope to find THE girl? “I firmly believe that it could happen – at least I hope so.” We keep our fingers crossed for you, Tom!

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Comment by Penpey
2010-08-25 09:52:52

I really feel so bad for them both
I think its good that tom has noticed that what hes doing isnt great
But describing themselfs as lonly is horrible i really really do hope that theyl find there true love i also hope that someone will te them that they have a whole life ahead of them and maby they will have to wait a while . I feel so crap that they are feeling like this but they will both find true love how can two funny georgeous(cant spell) guys like them not?

Comment by Nyaa
2010-08-25 20:25:45

Maybe they cannot find the girls they are searching for because they are always travelling. You know they say that the music comes first. Plus, it’s hard for them to trust other people because they are so famous. But yes I hope that they do find the right one. <3
I just can’t believe Tom would finally come around so soon! 😮

Comment by Rocky Rachelle
2010-08-25 21:01:28


-Rocky Rachelle

Comment by Savannah
2010-08-26 19:04:06

I soo really their only 20! They can’t really expect to find their true love now? Still sooo young, but at least Tom is realizing the nights are empty and pointless..He could have already passed by his love by now for all the worthless ones..

Comment by sunniva
2010-08-25 14:47:26

Because there are people out there that are screwed up so much they want to hurt them. And if some people do that how can Bill and Tom trust anyone?

Comment by RebekahKaulitz
2010-08-25 15:29:04

Is it just me or have people started to go off TH and the twins since they changed their looks? I know I personally dont find Bill as hot as I always did with all those extra piercings and new clothing and hair etc etc….correct me if im wrong :/

Comment by Anon
2010-08-25 17:58:07

No I was a large fan of every thing about tokio hotel (like the start of this year) but now the looks have changed I could live with just the music.
Like dont get me wrong there music is insane and Tom and Bill are still FIT! But …. for me I dont know. Hard to put my finger on it.

Also since I found out Bill like had to talk Tom into getting his dreads off and pursuade him and make him do it.

I have a thing for dreads though so may just be me who wants the dreads back and the raven haired Bill back!
Also missing the heavy make-up.

Comment by Kelli
2010-08-29 12:26:45

I agree with you, sadly 🙁

Comment by Candice
2010-08-25 15:36:56

Aww Tom, I love you!

Comment by Bethany
2010-08-25 16:02:58

I still love Tokio Hotel as much as ever : D And I really hope the twins find their true love one day ♥

Comment by Alex
2010-08-25 17:03:22

I really like tokio hotel looks dont matter . I am tired of people saying they dont like tokio hotel anymore b/c they changed. what is wrong with change they have been with the same style for a long time and played the same thing over nad over again that it is time for change. A true fan would love them no matter what and just be proud of them. B/c they are still the same sweet and funny guys. And for them to find love is hard b/c it is hard to find someone to love for they are. people are so judgmental and are hard to trust.

Comment by Alex
2010-08-25 17:04:03

I really like tokio hotel looks dont matter . I am tired of people saying they dont like tokio hotel anymore b/c they changed. what is wrong with change they have been with the same style for a long time and played the same thing over and over again that it is time for change. A true fan would love them no matter what and just be proud of them. B/c they are still the same sweet and funny guys. And for them to find love is hard b/c it is hard to find someone to love for they are. people are so judgmental and are hard to trust.

Comment by Silje
2010-08-25 17:28:30

In fear of sounding like a complete shit, I am sad to say I don’t think either of the twins will find their true… what is that hideous expression?.. significant other while they are still so dependant on each other. Don’t get me wrong, I love how close they are, and understand it has to be like that(trying to change it would be like asking a minister to choose between his/her wife/husband and god) Still knowing their closeness, as well as the usual dose of attention most woman want – it would be difficult for many girls to accept coming in second.

Furthermore, the way the world has become now, something as rare and sweet as true love, seems to be excluded for those successfull in other areas. Trust, as well as honesty is an issue, but more than anything being yourself.
Once you’ve sold your sold to the devil, be it intentional or unconsiously, he still ownes the copyright.

Comment by Popstar15
2010-08-25 19:04:13


Comment by :D_HUMANO!D:+Geisha!*
2010-08-25 17:40:50

aww! that is so sweet!! i knew Tom was going to change into some what his brother because i was getting tired of people saying that Tom is a man-whore i do believe that both will find true love someday

Comment by Nex
2010-08-25 18:24:44

i’m here tom! LOOOOOVE MEEEEEE! he should have a cinderella contest! that would be awesome

Comment by tinky
2010-08-25 19:23:30

Finally he realizes that he has to stop being a player and look for the right person. Both of them will find that special someone but it takes time to find. Don’t rush learn to have friends and then take the next step. You are only 20 enjoy life and then you will find that one special girl. I wish you both the best. Remember it will be harder to find someone since you are both famous. BE CAREFUL. LOVE YOU GUYS. PARTY SAFELY.

Comment by Sarah
2010-08-25 19:31:10

I will not hate their true loves, I will seriously LOVE those girls for making them happy. So.

Comment by Savana
2010-08-25 20:20:01

I want BOTH of them to find love, that one special one, the kind of love that will mesmerize you.

Comment by Alicia
2010-08-25 22:20:03

I am so happy to hear Tom, our little Tommy boy! Is growing up and wants to find love…I really am! :3

Comment by Ivyanna
2010-08-25 22:20:23

oh and by the way i said this about another band and i will say this about this band because i truely found this band on my own and they have be come one of my favorite bands ever.


sorry, im not trying to say anything mean but if you really did like the band for the music you wouldnt give a shit if bill ended up looking like flavor flav and tom end up looking like Ice T. fair weather fans are what i call people who only stick around with a band for an album or two. only stick around for when the band is hot. Im not going to lie i have my fair weather moments, but i let it be known “hey that song was awesome but the band is really not my style” i mean just admit that “hey the band was my style for a sec but now isnt.” that is cool, i mean no one is puting a gun to your head and saying you have to like them.

kinda like katy perry, i love her songs (most anyways) but she is a snob and has self-entitelment issues she needs to work out but that dont change the fact her music is pleasent to my ears. sometime you need to seperate personality from the music you hear.

i hope i didnt sound too preachy or bitchy! 🙂 have a nice day all!!

Comment by Emily
2010-08-26 01:38:52

Aww. It breaks my heart to know that both of them feel this way.

Comment by Melody
2010-08-26 03:14:11

I’ve hear this story before…Whenever Tom gets in trouble he comes up with the true love thing for sympathy. Sorry, but it’s true.
If Tom is alone it’s because he wants to!

Comment by tina
2010-08-26 04:35:30

Poor Tomi 🙁

2010-08-26 07:27:47

does anybody remember when they first started doing promotions for the Humanoid album, he also came out with this attitude(at first) then he started being same old tom meaning “true love for one night” Tom lol
oh well I’ll believe it when I see it! =)~

Comment by Angel Namerah
2010-08-26 07:52:04

awwwwwww i knew he’d turn around one day just knew it and am so happy to hear his say but still sad at the lonliness the boys face i feel the same lols been single since infancy thats too much for me =/

Comment by Allie
2010-08-26 16:23:11

I have faith they will someday find their true love–hopefully sooner rather than later. To those who say they can’t because most girls wont accept coming in second…then they can do better than most girls. They are twin brothers/best friends, etc. Of course the gf will be second, accept that or you don’t deserve to be with either of them!

Comment by Cristal
2010-08-27 15:03:02

aww, 🙁 poor Tom.

Comment by NaKi ㋖ Kaulitz
2010-08-28 10:06:17

i am so lonely too…lets be lonely together…….♥♥♥☻☻☻

Comment by Vampira89
2010-08-30 14:27:53

you want to know something about Tom Kaulitz? Don’t be surprise though…

after all the time he has spent with cheap sluts, he’ll end up tying the knot with the humblest girl (89%virgin) you can ever imagine.. don’t trust me? Let’s just wait and see… I can see that he’ll probably fall in love with his long time/childhood friend or his hometown girl.

Bad boys always end up like that.

Comment by veronique lacroix
2010-09-18 13:40:14

That is really surprising but we all new it was gonna hapen eventualy…yeah one night stands are pretty good but after a while its just the same old thing and then u start wondering what iff…then u open ur eyes and spend time with the poeple u love and realise that mayby it wouldnt be so baad to find this one person to share everything with and trust ….i know this because im going threu the same thing right now and there is so much ore to it then poeple think but i wont start to explain everything are else it might be a really long page haha well i wish the bestest luck to tom and bill and i hope they will find there love one soon xoxoxo<3

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