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PICS; tokio hotel – Singfest Festival

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SCANS; tokio hotel special – Gossips Magazine

Post by The band Tokio Hotel came from Germany which is surper famous in U.S and Europe made a clear goal of having a performance in Tokyo. The guitar Tom said “Having performance in Tokyo and around the world is our goal!” This is the dream of the band. By the way, they also […]

NEWS; Tokio Hotel Moving – Goodbye Germany, hallo America!

Post by Bill and Tom Kaulitz of Germany’s most succesfull international rockband “Tokio Hotel” are leaving Germany and are moving to the USA. As Bild found out, the famous twins will be moving to Los Angeles in the Fall already. Together with their manager and producer David Jost, who has been living in Beverly […]

VIDEO; Tokio Hotel – 28.04.10 Focusity Interview

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GOODIES; Lovely Bill Kaulitz Siggies

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PICS; Tokio Hotel – 19.02.10 San Remo

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VIDEO; Tokio Hotel greets MTV Spain

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NEWS; Bill and Tom Kaulitz donate for DAA’s Education Center

Post by   Last month we announced a new upcoming initiative from Tokio Hotel to help raise funds for Designers against AIDS and their new International HIV/AIDS Awareness Education Center (IHAEC) in Antwerp, Belgium. Today I can reveal the project: at the end of this year, an English written book will be published by […]

SUPER PHOTOSHOOT; Tom and bill kaulitz – Taiwan

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SCANS; tokio hotel special – Bravo 36/10

Post by Bill Kaulitz – TOP Professional styling: The Tokio Hotel-Frontman (20) has coordinated the colors of shoes, pants, beanie and shirt perfectly! And the wild fur-jacket is a real eye-catcher: cozy and cool!