PHOTOSHOOT; Tokio Hotel – Tom Bill Kaulitz – Vogue photoshoot 2010

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Blog de tokio-hotel2 : Tokio Hotel   //    •  Le Fan Club Officiel Français de Tokio Hotel •, Italie - Vogue photoshoot twins - 10.2010 - Part 2 Blog de tokio-hotel2 : Tokio Hotel   //    •  Le Fan Club Officiel Français de Tokio Hotel •, Italie - Vogue photoshoot twins - 10.2010 - Part 2 Blog de tokio-hotel2 : Tokio Hotel   //    •  Le Fan Club Officiel Français de Tokio Hotel •, Italie - Vogue photoshoot twins - 10.2010 - Part 2 Blog de tokio-hotel2 : Tokio Hotel   //    •  Le Fan Club Officiel Français de Tokio Hotel •, Italie - Vogue photoshoot twins - 10.2010 - Part 2 Blog de tokio-hotel2 : Tokio Hotel   //    •  Le Fan Club Officiel Français de Tokio Hotel •, Italie - Vogue photoshoot twins - 10.2010 - Part 2 Blog de tokio-hotel2 : Tokio Hotel   //    •  Le Fan Club Officiel Français de Tokio Hotel •, Italie - Vogue photoshoot twins - 10.2010 - Part 2 Blog de tokio-hotel2 : Tokio Hotel   //    •  Le Fan Club Officiel Français de Tokio Hotel •, Italie - Vogue photoshoot twins - 10.2010 - Part 2

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Comment by Rocky Rachelle
2010-10-09 09:42:28

Wow aren’t the clothes Bill is wearing a bit too feminine. They are really into modeling. Well kudos to them i want to see more gustav and georg pics.

Comment by Dawne
2010-10-09 10:29:32

A little bit way to feminine. ^.^
Sorry for the fans who actually like these outfits. I apologize if I made you mad with me, but …He’s an adult, and he has to look like and adult too, right? Why doesn’t he wear normal [and by normal I mean sneakers, shirts, t-shirts, jeans, converse and so on] clothes? ://
I mean…He’d look absolutely gorgeous. And if he still wants to be elegant, well…There are elegant clothes for men, too. *-)

Rachelle, I totally agree with you. I wanna see more pics of Gustav and Georg. It’s like they’re always in the shadow of the twins, and nobody actually gets to meet them. 😐

Comment by Bronwen
2010-10-11 16:30:02

I agree 100% with both of you.
Don’t get me wrong, these are amazing shots! but maybe Bill’s style for this shoot was a little over the top.

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Comment by taylor
2010-10-10 09:03:02

ilove bill and tom but it would be nice to see a gustav and georg picture.

Comment by Allie
2010-10-09 10:42:02

Well, that’s probably one of the reasons he dresses differently,because he’s an adult! and can choose how he wants to dress. I think they look beautiful,handsome, classy. etc. Maybe Georg and Gustav don’t want to model, maybe they want to be less aggressive in participating in other things and projects and want to spend more time with family or something. Who knows, the G’s could be hanging out together all the time while Bill and Tom do things together, I am sure they’re all still best friends, still close, and everythings fine 😉
These are great photos!!!!!

Comment by Riley
2010-11-06 16:45:24

I 100% agree with you allie (: I mean Bill just wants to be different and that’s probably why he does dress differently! And agree with the G’s and the whole looking beautiful, handsome, classy etc. You rock ! (:

Comment by Dawne
2010-10-09 15:34:59

The 4th and the 6th pics are…I don’t wanna say it here. Really. I don’t like them. ://
But the 2nd, 3rd and 7th photos are just perfect! <33
At least the 2nd pic looks like normal to me. ^.^
Once again, TH fans, please don’t kill me for my comments.
Please…I don’t wanna die young! :'((

Comment by sami
2010-10-09 15:50:24

No reason for killing you:p Somehow I’m agree with you and I respect your idea, I want see bill in more manly clothes because when he has this heavy makeup he should be more careful about clothes, Sometimes he looks like feminine.I prefer to see bill with heavy makeup but in manly clothes:)
Anyway, this is his style and i respect:)

Comment by Bonn
2010-10-09 17:03:20

I agree with Dawne and Rachelle, Bill’s outfits are steadily getting more and more feminine. With as skinny as he is, he can’t pull it off. I’m sorry, but he looks like a fucking girl.

Comment by Kelli
2010-10-09 19:36:50

I agree with you guys. Wow I’m so sad because I used to love them both and now they’re just… Strange to me, especially Bill. I miss the days when he used to wear jeans, t-shirts, and just a little eye-liner. He looked great back then! Of course, I understand that people change and he has the right to dress however he wants, but I miss the old days 🙁

Comment by Dawne
2010-10-10 03:28:01

Totally agree with you…

Comment by Purpslore
2010-10-11 09:45:18

I totally have that same feeling. I miss his lion maneeee!!! 🙁

Comment by HannahKaulitz
2010-10-22 19:54:36

OMG! I KNO! I Rlly Miss The Way He Used To Dress…But Its Still The Same Bill Kaulitz We Kno And He Still Has The Same Personality And Hes Still As Kewt As Evr ^-^…And If Hes Happy Im Happy!..

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Comment by Jamie
2010-10-09 20:15:20

-sigh- Im agreeing with all the comments above. I get that Bill and Tom want to, I guess, expand their talents, but this is just too much for me. I remember back in like 2007 when the twins were on the JB Kerner show, I melted when I saw Bill and Tom. Bill with his striped shirt and casual hair and reeboks, and Tom with his cap and baggy pants. What happened to those twins? Tom is just unimaginably different, in 2008 I would’ve never predicted this. and Bill… its like another person.

And its like its not Tokio Hotel as a whole anymore. Its like Bill and Tom Kaulitz! (and Gustav schafer and Georg listing). I get that all bands change with time, but you know, this is a lot of change in a little time. Ill stick with them through it all because I love them, but you know…

Comment by Dawne
2010-10-10 03:33:34

Exactly what I think.
If they’ll continue like this longer, they’ll separate soon.
I’m sorry to tell you this, really. Maybe you’ll think I’m a bitch who wants them to separate. Well…It’s not true. Because I love their music, but I feel it’s not a band anymore…
I took 6 months of psychology lessons, everyday in 6 months, and now I can almost read people’s minds.
I’m not too old, but I’m not stupid. And I really think this won’t work out anymore! T.T

Comment by Ashley
2010-10-09 23:40:09

I like that they’re modeling, but I don’t particularly like what they’re wearing…
Meh, Tom’s Reebok shoot was AWesome. ^_^

Comment by Melody
2010-10-10 00:54:41

Bill tries too hard.

The posing, clothing, everything is just over the top. I’m not sure if this is flamboyant modeling or actually wearing female clothes.
He has always been like this, but now more than ever! After some backlash he tries to tone down – like it happened when they released the new album -, but after a while he comes back to what he likes.
This is him, this is what he likes. Period.
He is now looking rather weird, not attractive at all! He should at least dress what looks better in his body, which I don’t think he even cares about at all, it’s all about being thin and fabulous!

I still love their music, just don’t identify myself with them anymore!

Comment by Dawne
2010-10-10 03:36:07

I saw on a site several of his outfits. There were written the designer and the price. And more than half of the clothes where for women…

Comment by Melody
2010-10-10 03:50:12

Oh dear…Had no idea.

Though once I saw something strange in some site, that he and Natalie had the same bag!
There’re men bags, but apparently he got one made for women…

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Comment by Bei
2010-10-10 01:22:04

bill make up getting heavier, hmmm…but it’s his style and identity. What i dont like is the clothes bill wearing in 3rd pic…too feminine, even the way he pose..2nd pic is nice!

Comment by Bei
2010-10-10 01:24:13

bill looks feminine in 3rd pic..hmm, 2nd is the best!

Comment by romana
2010-10-10 07:01:00

agree – VERY feminine – thought its Victoria Beckham ~winks~

Yes, were are the other guys ?

Comment by Dawne
2010-10-10 08:16:52

@ Melody
I could give you the photos if you want 😉

Comment by taylor
2010-10-10 09:06:46

i love tom and bill but i would be nice to see a picture of gustav and georg.

Comment by Angel Namerah
2010-10-10 13:29:07

i loved this shoot honestly speaking specialy with bill he looked so elegant here i fell in love again i guess lols XD

Comment by THFF
2010-10-10 14:53:30

Oh my GOOD tom looks soo sexy on the fifth pic .. AAaaAa I love him.. !!

Comment by Merna
2010-10-10 19:15:39

Bill’s precious hair! what have become of it?! *cries loudly* he looks odd here, Tom however looks like he’s 12 for some reason…..

Comment by Tammy
2010-10-10 19:44:03


Comment by sami
2010-10-11 15:23:11

No one kill you!be sure:p
Somehow I’m agree with you, I think when bill has heavy makeup he shouldn’t dress in feminine way, I love bill with makeup(or not)but in manly way,You know what I mean?! but he is Bill and i respect his ideas:)

Comment by Magenta
2010-10-11 20:05:21

i am so going to get bill to eat like ….. alot of food i am not going to make him fat i just want him to look like a regular guy sorry if i sound like a bitch here but i think it is very disgusting when people are like very thin. Again sorry if i sound like a bitch and i do respect Bill but i just can’t take the super skininess anymore. i will still support tokio hotel and listen to their music and watch everything on youtube about them but seriously. again sorry if i sound like a bitch, not trying to

Comment by Memphis Eve
2010-10-12 01:11:56

You don’t sound like a bitch. That’s actually my plan, too! xD
But of course, if you just eat and do any sport, you’ll just get fat and look worser [talking generally not about you, Magenta! xD]
I was that thin once, and then I was fat like hell!
But only because I didn’t work out. So…He’ll need to do some exercise too. ;;)
Okay now…I’ll be honest. I hate his shape! Really! Only when I see those skinny legs I think “Wtf?! Doesn’t he have a mom? Doesn’t he have somebody to tell him all those things?! :|”
And now…I have to apologize if I sounded like a little bitch. xD
[Dawne here. :D]

Comment by OLIVAROSE
2010-10-12 23:14:21

okay guys, lets cut to the brass tacks. i’m pretty sure bill has found his second love in fashion. his first love being music. his fame allows him to drift into this world frequently, e.g. karl lagerfeld photoshoot, dsquared2 stage outfits, opening dsquared2 show, and now this. he loves it, and he’s doing this. perhaps he loves fashion more than music. tom loves attention.

in this particular case, the shoot was styled by someone else, bill didn’t pick those awful womens shoes, though i’ll admit he did willingly wear them.

Comment by sinead
2010-10-13 09:51:46

On the first picture, his collarbones really stick out. Yes, he is definitely underweight. These bones shouldn’t be visible like that on a guy.

Comment by shannon
2010-10-14 23:56:50

i realy think bill is poseing but there good pics. people are saying that soon TH wont be TH it will just be bill and tom but realy even back in 07 it was mostly bill and tom lets face it they are the faces of tokio hotel. and why would georg and gustave pay to fly around for stuff when they dont do any thing or say any thing

Comment by violet
2010-10-21 00:49:30

I agree with Oliviarose. This was a Vogue photo shoot, super high fashion, and the clothes are not picked by either boy. i do like that they are growing up and changing. I may have liked some of their earlier styles, but if they were still wearing those styles, I think we would find them too young for them. The vogue stuff isn’t my favorite, but I figure I wouldn’t really like or appreciate much high fashion. =)

Comment by violet
2010-10-21 01:05:15

PS anyone know how we can buy the german vogue?

Comment by Riley
2010-11-06 16:57:19

I miss Bill’s old hair! I don’t like how it looks like it has that big…curler in it. I miss his dreads, and how it wasn’t so “gelly” (: But in my opinion I think bill is just dressing at how Bill wants. I mean at first i thought it was wayyyy too feminine for a guy, but now, I see its how BILL wants to dress. I respect his way for dressing like he is. But I’m not judging at what you all say about him dressing to feminingly. I totally understand (: But in my opinion, I just think he’s dressing the way he wants to (:

And next, I would LOVE to see more of Georg and Gustav in photo shoots. I miss how it was all of them as a band, I mean, that’s what it is right, a band? And now, I feel like the people are more focused on Bill and Tom, Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE Bill and Tom, but i would love to see them as more a group again xD

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