PICS; Tokio Hotel – bill kaulitz

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PICS; Tokio Hotel - bill kaulitz PICS; Tokio Hotel - bill kaulitz PICS; Tokio Hotel - bill kaulitz

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Comment by Hannah_Kaulitz97
2010-10-10 13:16:10

First comment!!

I love pics of Bill smoking. I know it is wrong to some people, but it is part of who he is.

Comment by rose
2010-10-13 19:01:29

its not a part of who he is. Its just a thing he does.

Comment by Penpey
2010-10-10 13:18:48

Hmm i personally don’t like it , sure it can look good and i agree it is his body but its a real turn off for me , i love im with my heart and sole but smoking is just so bad for everyone

Comment by Angel Namerah
2010-10-10 13:52:31

I agree that he looks amazingly hot when he smokes but it kills me at the same time that hes just ruining himself =(

Comment by fay
2010-10-12 12:24:26

i really agree with you
i find him hot when he smokes but i worry about him too

Comment by Nex
2010-10-10 17:09:27

dear gooood! he makes smoking look like sex! and idc if he does smoke. i smoke. yeah its bad but hell, our bodies our choice. Not the smartest choice for a singer thou. my voice is shot to shit when i wake up. still LOOOOOOOOOVE BILL

Comment by Abby
2010-10-10 17:15:09

I agree with Nex–Bill makes smoking look incredibly sexy! Dangerous.

Comment by Ashley
2010-10-10 18:03:02

I REALLY, miss the old Bill.. :(. I love him now just as I loved him before, but it’s just, to different, he doesn’t seem like himself.

Comment by Savannah
2010-10-10 18:16:09

I like his nails..
but god I wish he wouldn’t smoke..Why on earth would a singer smoke? Just hope he gives it up someday..:l

Comment by tinky
2010-10-11 00:28:55

its hard to hit a habit that one has for years maybe when he is ready he will quit its all about willpower.

Comment by mimi
2010-10-11 11:46:19

BILL is the most attractive guy in the world!

Comment by Magenta
2010-10-11 20:12:30

okay who is with me we are going to tell bill to stop smoking and help him get out of the habbit then we won’t have to worry about Bill dying of lung cancer cause that would just be baaaaaaad.

Comment by mary
2010-10-11 23:19:16

Ich bin mit dir zusammen hun!

Comment by Anonymouse
2010-10-11 23:10:12

I think smoking is a gross habit. It’s killing you slowly!
One of the best singers in my country died of lung cancer nd it’s caused by smoking! He needs to quit smoking..

Comment by mary
2010-10-11 23:23:13

Rauchen ist widerlich. niemand kann es so aussehen sexy … niemand. Aufgewachsen bin ich mit dem Rauchen und habe immer gedacht, es war die unangenehmste Sache der Welt

Comment by OLIVAROSE
2010-10-12 13:52:52


Comment by april zoy
2010-10-13 02:32:26

is bill kaulitz’s gay?

Comment by shannon
2010-10-14 23:50:02

No he says he is not

Comment by shannon
2010-10-14 23:49:32

honstly i wish he wouldent somke but whetever not a key point. nice jacket by the way bill

Comment by kaulitzable14
2010-11-06 03:41:00

gray nails huh!:D

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