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Because of his resemblance to North Korea’s dictator Kim Jong il, Bill Kaulitz from Tokio Hotel got restrained from entering the USA. The singer could not get by the security check.
True or false??

Liz Baffoe: I read it in the newspaper. He really looks like him. But…no….I don’t believe it. He looks so much younger and is much more beautiful. I don’t believe it.

Jeanette Biedermann: I think he looks more crazy.

Cindy aus Marzahn: False, false.
Host: But there are similarities, aren’t there?
Cindy aus Marzahn: I think he looks a little like Victoria Beckham.

Bill Kaulitz and the dictator from North Korea apparently have the same stylist, but so far it didn’t have any consequences for Bill’s freedom to travel.
The news that the TH singer was not allowed to enter the USA is FALSE.

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Comment by hawaii01
2010-10-14 07:51:02

good thing. i woulda shot someone if our Billa wasnt allowed over here 🙂 <3

Comment by MexicanTHfan
2010-11-12 23:20:38


Comment by Allie
2010-10-14 08:51:41

Umm, how can he be mistaken for THAT guy? I do not see the resemblance at ALL!

Comment by Shay
2010-10-14 12:10:08

Seriously!! Why would they think that Bill looks like that dude? I mean he’s like what at least 50 and Bill has much… umm how do I put this nicely… Smoother skin! Gah ppl are just not all there in the head anymore!!!

Comment by Angel Namerah
2010-10-14 12:27:20

weird hahahahaha lols and no wayyyyyyyy Bill is so much more better =D

Comment by romana
2010-10-14 13:27:52

I agree – if they mistake him with Vicky Beckham i would understand -lol ( by the way I like her ! )

Comment by Hannah_Kaulitz97
2010-10-14 13:47:03

He has changed too much :/
I miss the old Bill 🙁

Comment by MexicanTHfan
2010-11-12 23:21:17

me 2

Comment by Prittykitty
2010-10-14 16:15:48

I agree with you Hannah….i miss old Bill too. His hair loooks awful so short. I still love him but not his new look….

Comment by Eb
2010-10-15 05:36:49

I agree with you both, I HATE his super short hair …. it makes his face look too thin and … it’s just a no ….

Comment by Memphis Eve
2010-10-15 15:27:40

I agree with all of you!
First, to be ‘on trend’ with his topic, he DOESN’T spelled D-O-E-S-N-T, look like KimoLimoShimo or whoever he is. 😐
I’ve learned about him at History and Wtf?! I might be stupid, but…The ones who said this shit were the supreme stupids of this world. xD
Now…Bill is not…Bill…with that short hair. Maybe if his haid would be more…stylish, he’d look normal. I’d like to be his hairstylist…I’d make him look better. ://
And all that make up…Why doesn’t he understand that he’s just perfect without it?! :O I love him without make-up. Maybe you’ll think I’m crazy. But I really do…
And God! I hate so much that he is so thin! Something’s gotta be wrong with him and I don’t like it! 🙁
And for an ending…I miss the old Bill! :'(

Speech ended.

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Comment by Vanessa D.
2010-10-14 17:13:50

How does he look like an old man.

Comment by glenda
2010-10-14 17:15:07

that was a dumbass acussation. who the hell made this up. this should not have been worth the answer of FALSE!

Comment by shannon
2010-10-15 00:15:57

ur right it deserves a FUCK NO

Comment by kaylie
2010-10-14 17:31:15

lol what is this crap?

Comment by Savannah
2010-10-14 17:38:21

Lol wtf..that’s ridiculous.
One of the worse rumors about him.

Comment by Samantha
2010-10-14 18:08:26

Oh my God, hahahaha. This is so ridiculous. Yeah, I definitely don’t think of Kim Jong Il when I see Bill, and vice versa.

Comment by Alicia
2010-10-14 21:48:01

what the fuck is up with this shit???

WHAT the fuck…Seriously…that’s…not even funny.

Comment by Jamie
2010-10-14 22:45:55

Man, when I saw this I was like sheesh, my fellow americans are getting stupider by the minute.

How does Bill look like KIM JONG IL!?!??

Thank god this was false.

Comment by shannon
2010-10-15 00:15:07

i am fucking lost are they here on tour or some thing are they moving what the hell help me!!!!

oh yah
no resemblace at all
none don’t bring it up again

i would die if he wernt aloud here. also all of the band needs to play a tour here i would love to see thi=em live

Comment by Allie
2010-10-15 12:05:00


Bill and Tom are moving to LA, for awhile…I think. For music and stuff. But I think they’ll still have their permanent home be Germany, and Georg and Gustav are staying behind for their family/girlfriends, is what I’ve heard anyways!!! 🙂

Comment by jessica
2010-10-15 12:34:53

wow seriously he doesn’t look anything like that guy i mean he is asian bill is german they have nothing a like at all && if bill looks like him them tom does too that’s just stupid.

Comment by Cristal
2010-10-15 21:16:35

Yay for “Falsch” 😀

Comment by Vampira89
2010-11-01 14:32:47

He looks nothing like the Kim Jong Il… Bill’s hot and the dictator is the opposite of that.

By the way, FALSE FALSE FALSE… who made this stupid rumor? Even my blind grandmother can differentiate between the two of them.. Geez..

Comment by Memphis Eve
2010-11-02 12:12:33

Bill’s hot and Kim’s not! xD
Or…Bill’s hot and Kim’s cold! xDDDD
Lol…I shouldn’t read so many fan fictions…They twist my mind! 😐

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