PHOTO; Bill Kaulitz

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PHOTO; Bill Kaulitz

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Comment by hawaii01
2010-10-24 13:03:43

he looks really good here, i love his smile πŸ™‚ what exactly is it for tho? i was thinking saturn the car…?

Comment by Rocky Rachelle
2010-10-26 13:53:24

he looks healthy and soooooooooo hot!!!!!!!

Comment by You dont need to know me
2010-10-25 12:06:15

Ya…idk u have a good idea tho

Comment by shannon
2010-10-25 13:11:25

omg this is the best bill pic i have sen in a long time. he looks like he is in his element like he is actuly enjoying him slef. not posed or fake. what ia the word i am looking for?…yah yes this is a non automatic bill picture. lol
he actuly looks happy. good for bill have fun in leima!!

Comment by Sully666
2010-10-25 13:41:12

aww happy bill ^_^
AND OMFG!! THE HAIR!! THE HAIR IS PERFECT!! like always, but still….how is he so perfect?!
oh you beautiful man…your perfection is stunning V_V

Comment by mara
2010-10-25 13:51:06

uhmmmm, what did he do with his hair????

Comment by Emmakxxx
2010-10-25 16:50:04

I love his smile so much :’)

Comment by Madison
2010-10-25 19:02:48

Omg he looks good looking in this picture….But his hair! πŸ™ I miss Lion King D: <3 I still luuv him tho hes so cute!

Comment by Amanda
2010-10-25 19:10:00

Bill looks so cute in this picture. He just looks like he is in the cantina bar on the planet tatooine in Star Wars. ahah

Comment by Chrissie Ribotti
2010-10-25 21:19:24

thatss some madd hair πŸ™‚
annnd wtttf , im so lost in life haha , is this forr a movie er something .. ??
I love tokio hotel <3
and bill , and TOM ,and gustav and geog, there all cool ;P

Comment by Me
2010-10-25 22:31:49

The Saturn commercial rocks–what CAN’T Bill do? PLUS Alice Cooper is in it, which is pretty swell (yeah, I’m old-school). BTW, Saturn happens to be a German electronics company if you were unsure. No, it’s not the car nor the planet that he’s advertising. And finally, this isn’t a scene from a movie either, although that would be pretty neat!

Comment by DIana
2010-10-26 16:26:36


Comment by lexy
2010-10-26 07:27:04

he look soo cute…

Comment by Angel Namerah
2010-10-26 07:35:44

he looks so cute here !!!!!!!!!!!!

Comment by WoRoD~Kaulitz
2010-10-26 12:06:20

so perfecto! *-* an angel

Comment by AileenM483
2010-10-26 15:20:02


Comment by Mina
2010-10-26 17:01:33

Is Saturn going to be a movie? Im not sure what it is πŸ˜‰

Comment by T.T.
2010-10-27 10:20:48

Bill K. looks so ADORIABLE CUTE!
can ne body tells me wat is saturn????????!!!!!!!!

Comment by Virginia Ryan
2010-10-27 13:20:14

bill looks so much happier than i have seen him in a while:) makes me happy to see him smile. he always make me smile:)

Comment by veronique lacroix
2010-10-28 13:19:00

ohh i like his smile on this picture he looks verry happr :)…but wtf are those things at the back lmfao!

Comment by Britter
2010-11-13 20:30:01

the commercials are so funny

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