PICS; Ready for some more sexyness? – Bill Kaulitz pictures

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PICS; Ready for some more sexyness?  - Bill Kaulitz pictures

PICS; Ready for some more sexyness?  - Bill Kaulitz pictures

PICS; Ready for some more sexyness?  - Bill Kaulitz pictures

PICS; Ready for some more sexyness?  - Bill Kaulitz pictures

PICS; Ready for some more sexyness?  - Bill Kaulitz pictures

PICS; Ready for some more sexyness?  - Bill Kaulitz pictures

PICS; Ready for some more sexyness?  - Bill Kaulitz pictures

PICS; Ready for some more sexyness?  - Bill Kaulitz pictures

PICS; Ready for some more sexyness?  - Bill Kaulitz pictures

PICS; Ready for some more sexyness?  - Bill Kaulitz pictures

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Comment by hawaii01
2010-11-21 10:16:04

what’re they doing in the last one? Bill looks so focused lol

Comment by Aroz
2010-11-21 10:30:16

In my opinion…
Joop was flirting with Bill…
The thing is clear…

Comment by Flor
2010-11-21 11:29:36

Changing hand to hand a cigarette (:

Comment by Bill ist mein lieben
2010-11-21 13:15:54

Is Joop flirting with Bill?
Bill looks so unhealthy):
so small.
I love him tho

Comment by Tanya M
2010-11-21 13:29:51

Don’t think there was flirting. Just talking and chatting, from my view anyway.

Agree with you on unhealthy though. Bill’s gained some weight but still looks pale to me.
Fashionable as hell and still sexy mind you- but a good 10-20lbs added to his frame wouldn’t hurt.

Comment by Tori
2010-11-21 13:36:25

Looks like he borrowed Tom’s watch.

Comment by sisi
2010-11-21 13:40:58

i love you bill.

Comment by ghada
2010-11-21 13:45:45

In my opinion…
Joop was flirting with Bill…
The thing is clea

Comment by rose
2010-11-21 14:14:07

well, why were they holding hands? although i believe what bill says about being straight, something is just not right.
maybe bill’s sexuality is something we will never understand. Its gonna be a mystery forever.

Comment by Angel Namerah
2010-11-21 14:16:47

haha not rlly i heard Joop rlly felt like he and Bill had alot in common his say that they were twins seperated at birth thats how strongly Joop feel they have in common and honestly speaking people in fashion industry tend to act a little gay even if they r straight and i said fashion not music so it doesnt go for Bill love him lots so effin HOT

Comment by kaylie
2010-11-21 14:19:17

i think maybe sharing a cigarette?

Comment by michaela park
2010-11-21 14:33:44

OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i died after i saw those pics. its too hot. *-*

Comment by Mara
2010-11-21 14:33:53

One thing is for sure……Bill let no one intimidate him.
So he looks so natural and confident.
Look at his face and the confident he has in him self when Joop
put a hand on his shoulder and holding his hand.

I would be freaked, for someone touching me like that!

Good work Bill!

Comment by Mrz Kaulitz
2010-11-21 14:43:48

joop was so totally flirting

Comment by Blonde_Bangs
2010-11-21 15:04:19

eew why are they holding hands in some pictures :S Creepyy ;L But anyways Bill – Breathe taking <3

Comment by River
2010-11-21 15:35:17

I miss casual dress Bill. Stylish as he is, kinda awkward looking in all that gaudy mess of clothing. :\

Comment by prittykitty
2010-11-21 16:31:26

Me too….just can’t get used to all the glam and glitter…I miss his long hair too 🙁

Comment by xdest1ny
2010-11-21 17:01:39

HAHAH they’re high five-ing!!! <3

Comment by Mrs. Burns
2010-11-21 17:47:33

I miss bill’s long hair n he needs more colo to him hes like so pale when u look at him now n before hes gotten sooo pale n skinny he needs some more weight n color go out in the sun n tan i’ll go with you 🙂

Comment by HUMANO!D+:Geisha!*
2010-11-21 18:10:09

oh my gosh Bill really really really IS the sexiest man alive!! whoooo!!!

Comment by CeCe
2010-11-21 19:06:36

Bill looks incredibly gorgeous! I think the one where it looks like they are “holding hands” is really Joop saying goodbye and the camera catches the last second of his shaking Bill’s hand goodbye. Yes, Bill always looks confident with whoever he is with. He’s definately a some kind of wonderment. The 12th wonder of the world!

Comment by nan
2010-11-21 19:08:03

lighting a cigarrette

Comment by hawaii01
2010-11-21 19:12:20

my thoughts exactly. as much as i absolutely love bill however he is, i miss the 2008-09 bill. {feels odd “categorizing” him like that but u get my point lol}

Comment by hawaii01
2010-11-21 19:14:35

that was s’posed to be @Tanya M. my phone’s not cooperating tonight.

Comment by Tammy
2010-11-21 19:20:32


Comment by Val
2010-11-21 20:02:33

For those of you whom are claiming the conspiracy to Joop and Bill, you’re all ignorant. They were clearly meeting up for something, and it was also clearly nothing personal. As for all of the comments about the gaudy clothing, though???? I agree a hundred and ten percent with you guys…I miss the good ol’ 2008-09 Bill…=/

Comment by Cassie
2010-11-21 20:19:07

honestly, i was thinking the same thing

Comment by Mel
2010-11-21 21:08:42

i’m not sure i like these pictures obvs i like bill lol but idk bout the pictures something seems a bit….. yeah am jus gonna go with am not sure i ike these pictures

Comment by diana
2010-11-21 22:58:40

yeah i dont think i like them either, i havent been liking bills pictures for awhile now, he looks anorexic and really gay, i mean its not bad that hes gay or anything, but he’s just not admitting it and that bothers me idk why. its like he passed that line of being a feminine guy and now he’s just gay :S

Comment by jamee
2010-11-21 23:46:26

who’s the old guy??

Comment by shaz
2010-11-22 01:10:20

OMG!!! billie!, um whos the guy?

Comment by Memphis
2010-11-22 03:01:36

Diana, my guru.
Those were the words I’ve been thinking of all the morning.
And you…You found them before me! :O
So…I’m not saying either he’s gay, but…Man, grow up. 😐 u’re 21, what the heck?! Be normal! :O
Nope…Normal is not the word, because there isn’t anything normal in this world anymore, but being too much of a feminine guy just breaks the picture. 😐

Comment by starlightic
2010-11-22 04:10:56

his laugh is as stunning as it has always been
but he’s soooooo skinny!!! what’s holding him together?!!

Comment by romana
2010-11-22 07:28:19

agree – i liked the porcupine, too.

Well Bill and Wolfi look great together ^^___^^

Comment by sara
2010-11-22 07:33:21

hummmmm I defenetly don’t like that Joop….he might be gay:S
Poor Bill…..

Comment by perla kaulitz
2010-11-22 10:51:58

was that guy flirting with bill!?

Comment by Xxx
2010-11-22 11:33:53

Bill is Soo CUTE >_<!! I LOVE HIM!! Ooh and has anyone heard Tokio Hotel's new song "hurricanes and Suns"??!! I just heard it now on the radio!!!!!! But actually half of it 🙁 but it's better than nthn! And anyway they said that they'll keep on repeating it the whole day soo… 😀

Comment by Alison
2010-11-22 12:48:03

It’s good Bill has other friends besides the guys in the band. He knows Tom’s not going anywhere so he probably wanted to see around different places and go eat with a friend. Doesn’t mean he’s gay or has a thing for the guy, Geez, chill!

Comment by Lia
2010-11-22 14:20:02

Joop was flirting with Bill…It’s crystal clear!!! Bill obviously tried to be kind and I think that he tries to ”avoid” and not to offend with his actions Joop! He is really passive to all this! On the other side the old man tries always to touch his hand, his shoulder!!!
Thank you God though, Bill is straight! So kein Bock!!!!!!
He is gorgeous and the new Song ”Hurricanes and Suns” is perfect!!! Tokio Hotel is a religion and Bill is our God

Comment by leah
2010-11-22 23:55:28

Ol’ Joop probably felt a long forgotten tickle in his pants laying eyes on Gorgeous Bill lol

Comment by MzKaulitz
2010-11-23 00:05:08

I’m really tired of people getting all butt-hurt because Bill isn’t who they want him to be. He’s too girly, he’s too gay, and he’s too gaudy. Get used to it. Anyway… Bill is fantabulous, Joop seems nice, and I’m glad they had a good time together. As always, Bill’s smile puts a smile on my face. =)

Comment by Memphis
2010-11-23 01:58:58

Amen, sistah.

Comment by hayls
2010-11-23 13:24:01

why and HOW did bill get sooooo fucking skinny?????!!!!!!?????

Comment by veronique lacroix
2010-11-23 19:05:22

well he looks grate as usual :P…cant wait to finaly meet them

Comment by lexy
2010-11-24 10:36:01

Why does everyone want old Bill? 2008-09 OK – I really like the new style of Bill. And I liked it before, but now these pictures and earlier with Tom – he became my idol!

Comment by alicia
2010-11-25 12:44:43

i love bill hes awesome. i would really love to meet him!

Comment by Ashley
2010-11-25 17:36:26

Like Michael Jackson.And he says that he likes David Bowie and David bowie is gay.

Comment by katze
2010-11-25 23:32:41

I want to let everyone know that yes Bill is very skinny, and if you know this he is vegetarian, he was skinny before he became veg and people always get skinny when they go vegetarian. so he got skinnier.I tried going vegetarian and I was also skinny to start with, I also got skinnier, way too skinny, thats why I regretfully had to stop. He is healthy, hez just a veg.

Comment by worod :D
2010-11-26 07:52:40

they look like a grandpa n his grand sun 😀

Comment by melody
2010-12-02 00:22:12

Let’s face it…gay men love bill!

I remember an year ago a picture taken to Bill and Tom in a party, where a guy, who’s famous in German, and is gay too, took a picture with them and had his hand on Bill’s leg.
Creepy, since this guy could be Bill’s father…

Then there were the D squad guys who were fascinated by Bill, and invited him to model for them, etc.

And now this guy who shows a lot of complicity with him.

I don’t know maybe they know, or see, something that we don’t, or want to…:/

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